Cart changelog
Cart changelog

Better, faster!




In the last days, we have refactored Cart, making it extremely better and faster. Enjoy!

Top fast-growing stores





We just shipped a new feature where you can see the top growing Shopify stores:

We also published a new blog post on Cart about the top fast-growing stores by traffic in November 2020:

Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 17.11.28.png

Top Shopify app store keywords





Ever wondered what are all the keywords you can rank for in the Shopify app store?

Now you know ➡

You can also discover low-competition keywords by seeing the average rating and number of reviews on the first page of results for each keyword.


Angage is now Cart!





We just rebranded to

All systems are operational and previous users can log-in with their existing credentials.

Read our announcement:


Rapid release





Want to get beta features as they become available? Now you can, by selecting the rapid release option inside your settings.

rapid release.png

Go to to start

Sales tracking: Net-a-porter





We now track sales of

This feature is only available on request for enterprise users.

Connect your Shopify store





You can now connect your Shopify store to Cart in 2 easy steps.

This allows Cart to discover your store competitors, based on the products you are currently selling.

We spot new competitors every day by looking at stores that are selling the exact same products you are selling, similar products you are selling as well as looking at stores using the same vendors you are.

Once you approve your competitors, our platform will email you every time your competitor starts selling a new product.

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 23.24.59.png

Blog: alternatives to our dropshipping and POD solution





We just wrote about almost all of our competitors here:

Most of them focus on one thing: delivering "winning", proven-to-sell products.

Here is the bad news: there are no winning products. They deliver the same products to everybody and they become saturated easily.

Here is the good news: Angage can facilitate the process of finding good, unique products to sell with your own research process.

Interest over time for product searches





We are showing realtime interest over time, similar keywords and top Google searches when you search a product by keyword.


Enhanced trends tracking





We partnered with

Our users, on all plans, can now:

  • Search trends right from our trends page.

  • Follow and unfollow trends in their own personal area, dedicated to this.

  • Browse high-level trends we regularly spot by tracking millions of products.

  • Easily find products related to any trend.

Read more about it at