Carrot changes
Carrot changes

Carrot 3.0 launches 🚀





More control over what you’ll see and when you see it.

Carrot 3.0 homepage_screenshot@3x.png

What's New

  • Personalized news feed: Now there’s only one news feed to pay attention to, making it easier than ever to stay in sync with your team.

  • Noise filters: Subscribe to the topics you want to follow, and filter out the rest to keep your news feed relevant and less noisy.

  • Scheduled digests: Choose when and how often you’d like to receive a batch of updates from your team.

  • Custom colors and branding: Make Carrot match your team’s brand.

New pricing plans

In a few weeks, we will migrate all teams to either the free plan or the premium plan based on your current subscription choices. No action is required on your part.

Our new Free plan includes unlimited users and unlimited updates. Premium plans include private/public topics, view-only users, custom digest scheduling, analytics for team admins, and custom colors and branding.

If you’d like to discuss the new premium features, please let us know. Or, if you’d like to customize Carrot in some way, feel free to ask because we now offer professional services, too.

End of year roadmap

Our roadmap between now and end of year is packed with several new features, as well. You'll be hearing about them very soon. But please let us know if there's something in particular your team is looking for.

Enjoy the new Carrot 3.0!

The Carrot Team

Survey your team with Polls





You've always been able to add an image, video, or GIF to your post, but we often get requests for an ability to add a quick poll as well.

Choose the new poll icon when creating your post.

Add a poll

It's easy to add choices, and you can preview the poll before you post.

Post view: Hover@2x.png

Your team can then vote when they read your post. Vote totals are displayed in the post.

Voting results

Stay tuned for more updates. We're on a roll, and have much more to come. And as always, let us know how we're doing or what you'd like to see in the app.

Thanks for all your support!

Code blocks





When adding a new post, you'll also see a new icon for inserting a code block.

Code block

Or, in the style of markdown, you can use single back ticks ` in for an inline code snippet, or triple back ticks ``` for a code block.

Code snippet

This is a first step for code blocks, and we'd like to enhance it in the future with syntax highlighting.

Code block

Remind everyone at once





You can now remind everyone that hasn't yet read a post about it with a single click, rather than having to remind everyone individually clicking one-by-one.

Remind everyone

H2 and highlight formatting





The formatting options have been expanded with secondary headings and inline highlighting.

Formatting options

Find the new stuff faster!





We've worked hard to streamline the reading experience and highlight just the new parts of the posts you've already read.

New comments and replies are now at the top and highlighted in green. Older comments you've already read are collapsed.

In addition, a large post you've already read is collapsed when you revisit it to read new comments. You can always expand it with a single click if you need to.

These are small things, but everyone needs to save time where they can. We hope this helps you do that!

Start new discussions faster





We want to make sure when you've got something to say that it's always quick and easy to just start typing.

We've had the "quick post" at the top for some time now, but it can scroll up and away when you're scrolling down the page to read posts.

Now there's always a button in the top right to start a new discussion, no matter where you might be scrolled.

new discussion.png

Able to rotate images you add to Carrot





It's the little details that make a thing.

For the night owls 🦉 who don’t want to strain their eyes…





Dark mode! 👻👻

In your user preferences you’ll see a new option to turn it on or off, or you can choose to have it follow your system preferences automatically.

Dark mode also works in our Carrot apps for mobile and desktop, but it’s farthest along for macOS and iOS. We know there are a few things to polish for Windows and Android, but feel free to let us know if you see something specific we should address first.


Focus on what’s new with “Unread”





Staying in sync with your team just got easier.

We’ve added “Unread” so it’s easier to see new posts and discussions. This turns down the noise and helps you to stay focused on what matters.

Plus, you have handy controls to mute discussions if you don’t want to see them again.