Support for new payment methods

We've updated our payments integrations to add support for Apple Pay and 3D Secure 2, which is a new card authentication standard that introduces an improved user experience and frictionless authentication flows.

The 3D Secure standard, often known by its branded names like “Visa Secure” or “Mastercard Identity Check” aims to reduce fraud and provide added security to online payments.

Amazon S3 Upload Settings

Finally we've added Amazon S3 integration settings to the dashboard. You can now enable S3 upload with just a click!

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon s3 is a scalable storage system offered by Amazon Web Services. S3 is purpose-built to store any amount of data, anywhere. Through our current integration with Amazon S3 you can upload Screenshots and PDFs directly to your Amazon S3 buckets.

How to activate Amazon S3 integration?

To activate the integration you have to generate a Secret Key and an Access Key ID using AWS IAM that enables Capture to authenticate as a user on your AWS account for the purposes of writing data to your bucket.

Having trouble with S3 integration? Contact our support.

Fast-loading Landing Page

We've just updated the landing page primarily focusing on the performance. We're proud to announce a 5x faster loading speed compared to our previous version.

Have feedback on the new looks? Let us know.

Auto-recharge Feature

Auto-recharge adds Capture Credit to your account credits balance when it falls below 250 credits. Once you have auto-recharge enabled you don't have to worry about service disruption due to low credits balance. We believe this feature will offer more peace of mind to our users.

New Payment Process

We're deprecating PayPal checkout in favour of an easier card based payment process powered by Stripe. In future all payments will be processed using credit / debit cards and PayPal will not be available from today onwards.

Please contact our support if you face any issues with payment.

Updates to our API

We're continuously working on improving the overall API performance as well as rendering quality. Apart from bug fixes and improvements we've also added few new options for the screenshot API. One of the latest addition is scaleFactor options which lets to render images at higher resolution / dpi. We've also made improvements to the batch image and pdf API.

New Landing Page, Improved Analytics

Our latest dashboard version bring in several changes to our landing page, and most importantly we've improved the analytics in console.

Previously we had metrics for past 10 days, now we have changed that to two sections, Last 7 days and Last 30 days. We're also showing an aggregated value for both these periods.

New UI & Improved APIs

For the past few months we having been working hard on improving our API performance as well as rendering quality and finally we're doing a rollout today. Our servers will now be faster and better than ever before. We will soon be adding more features to API, stay tuned!

We had also made some changed to our landing page UI, its more cleaner and minimal now.

S3 Upload Support

We now support directly uploading captured content to S3. This feature is currently not enabled for all accounts, please contact our support to know more.

We've also introduced two new APIs, a batch image processing and batch pdf processing API for users who want to process huge number of requests.

Email Login Support

We now support login via Email, also we have added the changelog link to the footer of the page.