UI and Other Improvements

The most noticeable update is the header of the site has been re-organized. Having the ability to manage multiple Campsites forced us to rethink the location of your Campsite profile image and username. Now you can access your links by selecting the header link with your image and username, or by hovering over it and clicking the links button in the dropdown. The settings for your Campsite is also located under the same dropdown.

Other Updates

  • Improved the downgrade process so it is easier to get your settings back if you decide to upgrade again
  • Updated logic around when a failed payment email gets sent. If you didn't have a valid card on your account you wouldn't receive a notice that your payment has failed.
  • Show a loading status when updating your site's metadata
  • Add your Campsite URL to the settings page
  • Updates to multiple support articles to make them more useful
  • Go from a 10 day trial to a 14 day trial for Pro accounts
  • The escape key will now close dialogs