Highlight a Link: User Requested Feature

New feature alert! Pro campers can now highlight one of their links with an animation to help bring attention to it. This is great to help get more clicks on an important link you're sharing with your followers.

This can be applied to one link on your Campsite. We recommend you select one of the first links, otherwise, users may not see it.

View the support article


Link position w/ pinning

We've just put in a fix for what we believe was causing link order issues when links were pinned. You'll be prevented from adding a new link while your existing links are loading. There was also an update to how we determine the position of a new link. Let us know if you keep running into any issues with link positioning!

Invoice Receipts

We've made some fixes on the billing page with the date that is shown for your invoices. The previous date made the invoices seem older than they actually were. There is also a new receipt PDF that can be viewed and downloaded for each invoice.

Elevated error rates

UPDATE 10/30/19 We've made an infrastructure upgrade to help handle large influxes of traffic which we believe may have caused the elevated error rates.

UPDATE this appears to be resolved. We're still looking into the source of the problem.

We're seeing elevated error rates on Campsite. We are currently investigating the issue.

New Feature - Carousel

A new powerful link type is available called the Carousel! Spice up your Campsite profile with big bold images to grab your audience's attention. Your audience can swipe back and forth between an unlimited number of banners. Even free users can use the Carousel link type but are limited to a single carousel with one banner.

View an example.
Check out the support article on how to add one.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 12.11.49.png

9/9 Updates


  • A new features page to show of all the cool things Campsite can do
  • Added a Behance social icon

UX Updates

  • When signing up using Google, it is easier to cancel the signup if it was on accident
  • Added an edit button where the Campsite profile URL shows up
  • Made some FAQ updates to make a few things clearer

Bug Fixes

  • If you had more than 10 invoices, the most recent wouldn't show up. It now shows all recent invoices

Bringing back the trash (icon)

We recently introduced archiving links and with it a change in the workflow of how links are deleted. While this was a cool feature, it hid the delete function behind a few clicks. To remedy that, you can choose to either delete or archive a link right from the link editor! We think this will reduce confusion and be an overall improvement to the editing experience.


Policy Updates

We've made updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to better help you understand what we do with your data. We are committed to safeguarding your information and take it very seriously. Please review at your convenience.

Terms: https://campsite.bio/terms
Privacy Policy: https://campsite.bio/privacy
GDPR Addendum: https://campsite.bio/gdpr-addendum

New Feature - Delimiter

We have a new link type available to all! To help you organize your links we've added the "delimiter". This is a small line that can go in between a group of links. A very simple, but powerful tool to help with organization.

Screenshot_2019-08-22 Your Links - Campsite.png

Screenshot_2019-08-22 Campsite - Your bio link outfitter.png

Here is a Pro camper using it in the wild! https://honeymooners.campsite.bio/

Campsite Embed Link Fix

We've corrected a link redirect issue that effected a Campsite profile using the embed feature. This would only happen when opening a webpage that had a profile embedded on it in the in-app browser on Instagram. When clicking a link it will open correctly and not just change the iFrame url. Thanks to our users for helping us out with this one!