Maintenance: 3/29 8-11pm CST

Campsite will be down for maintenance Friday, March 29th starting at 8pm. We estimate at least a few hours where the admin will be unavailable. Your Campsite will still be functional and working while this maintenance is being done. Thanks for your patience as we make some improvements to Campsite!

Payment Failed Emails

We've fixed an issue with failed payment emails not always being sent. This could have happened if your Card was expired. If your card charge failed for some reason, you would always receive an email about the failure. There is a fix in place to remedy this issue.

Let us know what features you want

Is there something you wished Campsite would do? Now is the time to be heard! We have various posts on social media that you can comment your feature request on or you can DM us on Instagram.

Check out the Instagram post.

Campsite Links Pagination

We noticed on certain Campsite pages that when attempting to load more links (this happens when you have more than 20 enabled) there was an error that prevented them from loading. We've put a fix in place for this and it is resolved.

This issue would effect a very small amount of Campsite pages. Let us know if you have any questions.

Instagram Android Issues

Recently we began receiving reports of issues clicking links on the Instagram Android app. This appears to only effect certain Android devices and only in the Instagram app browser. All other platforms aren't effected by this.

We've put in place a workaround that a few Campsite users have confirmed works.

Campsite Pro: Site Analytics

Ever wonder who is visiting your Campsite? With our newest release, you can view detailed analytics for the last 7 days that includes, page views, page views by country, referrals and demographic data. This provides you with powerful information about your Campsite. Let us know what you think!

To show the analytics, select the button next to the "Add New Link" button on your links page.

Screenshot_2019-01-06 Your Links - Campsite.png

Email Signup Link Tracking Fix

Tracking for clicks on an email signup link wasn't working properly. This would make it appear as if no one had clicked on your link, even if visitors had. This has been fixed and is working as intended now. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please reach out to us if you have questions.

Performance Updates

This release includes performance updates for a slightly faster load time when coming to Campsite. Also, our emoji picker will show up a lot faster with the recent update!

Campsite Pro: Google Analytics Integration

Have you ever wondered how many users have visited your Campsite? Or where your traffic is coming from? Now you can harness the power of Google Analytics with our new integration! Just add your GA Tracking ID and you can start tracking all your Campsite traffic in a few steps.

Learn how to set up tracking for your Campsite.

Campsite Pro: Google Sheets in Beta

You can now get email signups sent straight to a Google Sheet! Each email signup link has the option to either store your signups in a Mailchimp list or a Google Sheet. This is a great alternative if you don't have a Mailchimp account or are using another email service.

See how to set up your email signup with Google Sheets here.



No published changelogs yet.

Surely Campsite will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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