UTM Parameters - New Feature

Track your Campsite traffic with confidence in Google analytics or other analytics with our UTM parameters feature for Campsite Pro. Once turned on, you'll start seeing traffic coming from Campsite as "Social" instead of "Referral", which is what you'd expect it to be. Each link on your profile will get a unique campaign that will be equal to the text of your link.

See more about this feature in our support article.

Screenshot_2020-09-02 Settings - Campsite.png

Settings and Appearance

You may notice a few changes when you go to update your profile settings. We've split things up to make it easier to find and update themes, social accounts, integrations, and embedding. With all of the new features we've added, the original settings page was getting long.

Your theme and social account settings will be on the appearance page. Any settings related to integrations, analytics, or embedding will be on the settings page.

Screenshot_2020-09-02 Appearance - Campsite.png

Link Click Processing

UPDATE 8/28 10PM CST - All link data from 8/27 9PM to 8/28 11AM has been filled in.

UPDATE 8/28 11:20AM CST - We've implemented a work around and have links processing again. Click data from 8/27 9PM to 8/28 11AM will be filled in throughout the day as we work through it.

UPDATE 8/28 8AM CST - We've identified the issue with the service we use to process clicks. We're working with them to get this issue resolved and processing back up. Clicks are still being tracked, but it won't be reflected in the Campsite admin until they get this issue fixed.

At around 9pm CST 8/27 link clicks have not been coming into Campsite profiles. We're looking into what is causing this issue and why. Links are being recorded correctly, but our processing of them seems to be where the issue is.

Link Tracking Processing

UPDATE - Everything is back on track and new clicks are being processed within a minute. This issue stemmed from an anomaly with the service we use to store clicks. The timestamp was incorrect and made us miss recording clicks for around an hour every night (7-8pm CST). We've modified our code to accommodate for this issue and it won't be a problem going forward. No click data was lost.

At around 7PM CST we noticed that we started to fall behind on processing new link clicks. We're working on getting things up to date and back on track. Thanks for your patience.

Link Click Tracking Fix

As we were monitoring our new process to track your link clicks, we saw a few times where they failed to update. Every minute we run a process to grab the last minute of clicks and update links with them. 58 out of 2880 minutes failed, which is 0.9% of the minutes. No click data was lost. Clicks are updated and correct as of 8 PM 8/15 CST.

Link Click Tracking

UPDATE - We've relaunched this after a little bit of rework. Our previous effort worked at first, but quickly fell behind once thousands of clicks started rolling in. Everything is up and working as normal.

To help with the large amount of traffic we've been getting we made an update to how we track link clicks behind the scenes. This will help us scale into the future and reduce the load on our servers. What this means for you isn't much, you may see a minute delay for links clicks, but that's it!

Link Click Tracking

UPDATE 8/12 - the 12 hour gap in link clicks has been filled back in. No click data was lost.

UPDATE - We've reverted our change so we can further look into the issue. Link clicks will be working again with about a 12 hour gap in data. We'll be working on filling that data back in.

We're looking into an issue with link click tracking. Clicks appear to be getting recorded correctly, but aren't making it all the way into our database. This makes it appear as if you don't have any new clicks. We'll provide an update here once this is fixed.

Canva Image Load Issue

There was an issue introduced after the custom background image update we made. When trying to view your Canva images, you would get an error message. This has been resolved and things are working again as intended.

Pinned link feature removal delayed

There where plans to remove the pinned link feature from Campsite. After some feedback from our user base, we've decided to delay removing the feature for the time being. Please send any feedback you have for us on the pinned link feature!

Custom Background Image Fix

We've put in a fix for the custom background image feature. While it would work in most cases, there were scenarios where an error would occur. Keep in mind it could take a few minutes to generate the images.