Campsite Pro: Site Analytics

Ever wonder who is visiting your Campsite? With our newest release, you can view detailed analytics for the last 7 days that includes, page views, page views by country, referrals and demographic data. This provides you with powerful information about your Campsite. Let us know what you think!

To show the analytics, select the button next to the "Add New Link" button on your links page.

Screenshot_2019-01-06 Your Links - Campsite.png

Email Signup Link Tracking Fix

Tracking for clicks on an email signup link wasn't working properly. This would make it appear as if no one had clicked on your link, even if visitors had. This has been fixed and is working as intended now. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please reach out to us if you have questions.

Performance Updates

This release includes performance updates for a slightly faster load time when coming to Campsite. Also, our emoji picker will show up a lot faster with the recent update!

Campsite Pro: Google Analytics Integration

Have you ever wondered how many users have visited your Campsite? Or where your traffic is coming from? Now you can harness the power of Google Analytics with our new integration! Just add your GA Tracking ID and you can start tracking all your Campsite traffic in a few steps.

Learn how to set up tracking for your Campsite.

Campsite Pro: Google Sheets in Beta

You can now get email signups sent straight to a Google Sheet! Each email signup link has the option to either store your signups in a Mailchimp list or a Google Sheet. This is a great alternative if you don't have a Mailchimp account or are using another email service.

See how to set up your email signup with Google Sheets here.



Campsite Pro: Media Folders

Is your custom media getting out of hand? Now you can start adding folders to better organize new media that you add! Folders make it easy to put your custom images exactly where they belong.

Screenshot_2018-11-26 Your Links - Campsite.png

New Settings and Font Selector

We've introduced a few more settings for custom themes to give you more control of your branding.

  • You can now set a font family for your buttons that is separate from your title and intro
  • You can control the color of the border of your profile image or hide it

Along with those updates, the font family selector has been updated to make it easy to preview what each font will look like.

Updated Color Picker

One thing that was missing from our old color picker was the ability to change the opacity/alpha of a color. Well, not anymore! We've updated the color picker on the settings page to be more flexible and allow for even more control.

Screenshot_2018-11-11 Settings - Campsite.png

Settings UX Improvement

We're constantly looking for ways to improve the usability of Campsite. We've taken some time to make the settings page easier to use for all campers by adding a sidebar that lets you quickly move between sections! Now at a glance, you can see all available sections for modifying your Campsite.

Screenshot_2018-11-04 Settings - Campsite.png

Pro Feature - Custom Domain

New feature!! You can now use your own domain with your Campsite Pro account. We've decided that the custom domain feature should be available to all of our Pro users at no extra cost. Now you can use a domain like as your Campsite link! Check out a few accounts already using this feature below:

Learn how to setup your domain here

No published changelogs yet.

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