Tiktok Issue

You may notice that TikTok says our site may be unsafe when clicking on your profile link. We're investigating and have reached out to them.

Please help us by reaching out to TikTok and letting them know you use Campsite and want that message removed - https://www.tiktok.com/legal/report/feedback?lang=en. It can also be done from inside the app.

Link Click Tracking

For around 51 minutes, link clicks weren't being processed correctly. This has caused it to appear as if no link clicks were registered. No clicks were lost. We're working on processing the missing 51 minutes so the click show up on your profiles.

Social Link Clicks

UPDATE - 1/7 8PM CST - We've figured out the issue and have the social account clicks working as normal again.

We're currently investigating an issue with social link clicks not being incremented correctly after someone clicks a link. We'll provide an update here when we have a fix in.

Social Accounts Positioning - User Requested Feature

A highly requested feature is now available! Easily change the position of your social accounts to either be below your links, or above them. Instead of your social account being lost below a long list of links, they can be front and center on your profile.

To make this update, head to the Social Accounts section on the Appearance page.

Screenshot_2021-01-01 Appearance - Campsite.png

Here is how it looks!

Screenshot_2021-01-01 Campsite - Your bio link outfitter.png

Bug Fixes

Here are some various bug fixes and improvements we've made recently

  • We fixed an issue with scheduled links not appearing after they where scheduled to go live.
  • We now reload your links and profile data after coming back to the page. This is to help keep things up to date after leaving the Campsite website for longer periods of time.
  • Fix an issue with multiple toast notifications showing right after one another. Only the most recent notification will be shown.
  • Carousel slides didn't have the correct image in some cases and weren't in the correct order
  • Email signup links sometimes had broken styling
  • Fix an issue in the admin where when changing themes, the correct font wasn't loading

Billing details

Do you need specific copy on your receipt PDFs when you download them from Campsite? Or are you looking to send your billing related emails to a specific email address other the one listed on your account? You can do all of that on our billing page if your on the Pro account.

Screenshot_2020-12-05 Billing - Campsite.png

An example of how the description is displayed on a receipt PDF

Screenshot_2020-12-05 Receipt-2687-0658 pdf.png

Support for sms links

Did you know you could have someone email or call you directly from a Campsite link using emailto: or tel:? We've added the ability to help your followers send you an SMS message as well!

Clicking on a link with the sms: protocol will open the default messaging app on your followers phone.


A faster and more reliable Campsite

We've been working for weeks on a big change to our website behind the scenes! Here is a breakdown of what has changed.


  • Any update to your profile could take up to two minutes to show in every browser and location around the world. Changes need to propagate across our network of servers. This allows our profiles to be faster and more reliable.
  • High traffic won't impact performance of Campsite because we've split our profiles and the admin where you manage them into separate applications. This doesn't apply to subdomains or custom domains yet. We're still working on moving those over.


Support for Tumblr and WhatsApp in social accounts

You can now add an icon for Tumblr and WhatsApp to your social accounts. Simply go to the appearance page, scroll down to the Social accounts section and select one of the new options.

Screenshot_2020-11-29 Appearance - Campsite.png

11/24 - Post Mortem

Today we updated our app to handle our growing traffic. This worked great for the first 15 minutes, but soon performance deteriorated. This eventually brought down our site as we tried to pinpoint the issue. The culprit was our database which couldn't handle some of the changes we made. Things stabilized after we upgraded our database to better handle the new load.

We spent a good part of the day resolving a few different issues that cropped up. We fixed some of our users embedded Campsites, and then worked on a performance issue with loading links on a profiles with large sets of links.

We know how easy it is to break the trust of our users by the site being unavailable. We thank you for your patience with us. We think that even though this update was bumpy, it will improve our stability moving forward.

As always, please reach out with any concerns.

-- Jon and Josh, Co-founders