Bug Fixes

Here are some bug fixes that have happened over the past few weeks.

Pro accounts

  • A recent change from our hosting provider caused issues when setting up a custom domain
  • Email signups would fail on a custom domain because of a misconfiguration during the setup

All accounts

  • Links would randomly be out of order if you had a pinned link

All of these issues have been resolved.

Scheduled Links Bug Fix

We've implemented a fix for scheduling links on a Campsite Pro account. When trying to add a start or end date to your link, it wasn't saving correctly, but gave the impressions that it was. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Pin a Link: User Requested Feature

Our first user requested feature is live! Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!

Are you always dragging certain links to the top of your Campsite page when you create a new link? We've solved that with a new feature where you can "pin" links to the top of your list! You can easily pin up to five links that will always be at the top of your list of links, even after you add a new one. Be sure to check it out on your Campsite!

Screenshot_2019-04-30 Your Links - Campsite.png

Instagram is Down

Update: Everything appears to be back up and working normally.

Instagram is currently experiencing issues, which is effecting Campsite. Hopefully these services are all back up soon. We'll update this post when it's back.


Emails and Response Times

We've made some significant behind the scenes updates with how we deliver emails to you on Campsite. The previous way we were sending out emails was failing randomly and causing issues for users, that included errors and longer response times.

We've improved response times and failure rates by moving how we send emails to a system that works outside of the Campsite app. What this means for Campsite users is improved response times and lower failure rates! Yay!

Bug Fixes

Here are a few things that we've fixed recently.

  • Removing a social account wasn't working. You'd receive an error message when trying.

Pro accounts

  • Links that have a schedule set on them wouldn't allow you to set an image
  • Setting a custom domain was spinning after trying to save
  • Setting a custom meta image or favicon wasn't saving because of a JavaScript error

Campsite Pro: Manage Multiple Campsites

A long awaited feature is finally here! Pro users, say hello to multiple Campsites per account! We've received multiple requests for this feature and it took a whole lot of work to get it ready, but here it is. As a pro user you can manage up to 3 separate Campsites and it's included with your current plan at no extra cost. How cool is that!?

Find out how to manage multiple campsites with our support article.

Screenshot_2019-03-30 Your Links - Campsite.png

UI and Other Improvements

The most noticeable update is the header of the site has been re-organized. Having the ability to manage multiple Campsites forced us to rethink the location of your Campsite profile image and username. Now you can access your links by selecting the header link with your image and username, or by hovering over it and clicking the links button in the dropdown. The settings for your Campsite is also located under the same dropdown.

Other Updates

  • Improved the downgrade process so it is easier to get your settings back if you decide to upgrade again
  • Updated logic around when a failed payment email gets sent. If you didn't have a valid card on your account you wouldn't receive a notice that your payment has failed.
  • Show a loading status when updating your site's metadata
  • Add your Campsite URL to the settings page
  • Updates to multiple support articles to make them more useful
  • Go from a 10 day trial to a 14 day trial for Pro accounts
  • The escape key will now close dialogs

Missing Link Images

Update: This issue was resolved at 8:10AM CST

During our migration and maintenance on 3/29 we missed moving your link images. We are working on restoring those and they will be back up soon. None of your link images will be lost. Thanks for your patience.

Maintenance: 3/29 8-11pm CST

Campsite will be down for maintenance Friday, March 29th starting at 8pm. We estimate at least a few hours where the admin will be unavailable. Your Campsite will still be functional and working while this maintenance is being done. Thanks for your patience as we make some improvements to Campsite!

No published changelogs yet.

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