Removing the pinned link feature

On 7/25, the pinned link feature will be removed from Campsite. This was not an easy decision, but we've had a lot of issues that have been hard to solve since it's introduction.

In it's place, you can use our add link in place button. This can accomplish the same thing as pinning your links, by avoiding having to shift things around when adding a new one.


Let us know if you have any questions and thanks for your understanding.

Broken Instagram Images

We've just put a fix in for an issue with images from Instagram. From time to time the images would appear to be broken. This was caused by us storing them temporarily to speed up load times. The issue is that Instagram moves their images around quite frequently and this caused the images to break after a period of time.

Custom Background Images - User Requested Feature

A long requested feature is now available! You can upload your own background images and use them on your Campsite profile. The minimum dimensions needed for an image are 1920x1200px. Take a look at our updated support article for help getting everything setup!

Facebook Pixel Tracking - Campsite Pro

Our Facebook pixel integration has been updated to track link clicks as a custom event linkClick. This will make our integration more useful and help you define custom audiences in Facebook.

Embedded Profile Carousel Issue

We've just put a fix in for Carousels links not opening when a profile is embedded. This was related a previous issue where links weren't working when trying to open links. This has been corrected and is working normally.

Embedded Profiles Issue

Around 1:30PM CST after a release to fix and android link issue a bug was introduced that caused embedded profile links to not work anymore. When someone would select a button it would appear as if it wouldn't work or you would get an error. This has been fixed and is now working normally. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Button Image Size & Style - User Requested Feature

New feature! Easily change the size and style of the images on your buttons on custom themes. You may have noticed when you add an image to your links, it makes your button larger than if you didn't have one. Now you can keep the same height by changing the image size in the button section of your custom theme settings. Also, if you're looking for circular images, that can now be done in the same place!

Screenshot_2020-04-26 Settings - Campsite.png

Multi-image carousels

We've just put in a fix for carousels not swiping correctly. This only happened if you had more than 20 links. On your Campsite profile, we paginate links so no more than 20 loads at a time. After the second page of links are loaded it would cause an issue with the carousel that wouldn't allow them to be swiped anymore. This has been fixed and is working correctly now.

Images from Instagram breaking

We noticed that the Instagram API has changed where images are located on their servers. This has broken some logic we had in place to upload those images to our own servers. Those images will break and not load after a period of time. We've corrected the issue and removed any broken images from your links. We tried to save as many images as possible, but most were already broken.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Please reach out to us with any questions.

Social Account Ordering

You may have experienced an issue sorting your social accounts. If you tried to re-order, it would appear as if nothing had happened. This has been fixed and is working again as expected.