Campsite changelog
Campsite changelog

Today, Yesterday, and Last Week - Advanced Analytics




Our analytics page just got even better for our Pro users. Select from several periods for the data you would like to view on your profile, including the new Today, Yesterday, and Last Week options.

It's even easier to get insights into more specific periods!


Form Integration With Typeform - Campsite Pro Feature




Collect information right on your profile with our new form link. Connect with Typeform, a powerful tool that lets you create anything from a survey to forms with conditionally shown form fields.

Learn how to add one ->


Support for Discord, Strava, and Telegram in Social Accounts




We've added icons for both Discord, Strava, and Telegram in the social account section on the appearance page.

Screenshot 2021-10-08 at 09-54-21 Appearance - Campsite.png

Email Signup Link - Improvements




We've made some improvements to the Email Signup link! Take a look at it in action:


UI Updates

The signup link now looks like our embed links. It expands a form section after clicking your button.

New Settings

  • You now have control of the email label text
  • You can update the button text
  • Add a link to your privacy policy to be compliant with GDPR

Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 15-14-03 Your Links - Campsite.png

Link loading issue




For around 10-15 minutes (2:00PM-2:15PM) there was issues loading links in the admin app. This has been resolved. The issue was caused by an error in an new version of the application that only occurred in the production environment. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Image Suggestions - Campsite Pro Feature





When your editing a links URL, we'll now offer image suggestions to use. These suggestions are only offered after you've made a change to your link URL.

See it in action below:


Image Error





9/30 12:05PM CST - We've updated the library and images are working again as normal.

9/30 10:00AM CST - The issue stems from an expired SSL certificate being used by the image compression library. We're working on updating the library to a newer version.

We're looking into an error with an image compression library we use in several places on Campsite. This will effect Instagram images, custom background images, and feed links and prevent them from being uploaded.

Background Patterns - New Feature





Further customize your Campsite Pro theme with background patterns. Select from over 500 different patterns to add some flair to your profile and make it stick out.

See how here ->

We've also added four new themes that anyone can use on Campsite. This lets you take the background patterns for a spin without having to upgrade.

Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 15-58-10 Appearance - Campsite.png

Top Links, Click Referrals, Link Types, and More Analytics Insights





We've added some more insights onto your analytics page.

In the highlights section, there is now Total Reach, Sessions, and Sessions Per User.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 07-55-25 Your Analytics - Campsite.png

In the clicks section, we've added three new graphs. You can now see your top links, top referrals, and a breakdown of the link types.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 07-57-04 Your Analytics - Campsite.png

Updates 9/24





Here is a list of recent fixes we've made

  • Fix a setup issue with Feed links
  • Fix an issue where pinned links would cause other links to shuffle around on reload
  • Fix an issue with the styles of the button when uploading custom media