CallPage changelog
CallPage changelog

Release 4.11





Hello! We've introduced new Payment method - Credit Card and our new product in Beta: Static Call Tracking

Static Call Tracking

By using Static CallTracking you can assign an individual number to each offline and online channels such as Google Adwords, newsletter, social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) or other offline display campaigns and measure the number of generated calls.

In short, Call tracking allows you to save money not only on advertising, but also improve the efficiency of marketing activities.

What you will gain?

  1. Confirm the effectiveness of your marketing campaign from both offline and online sources by measuring the number of phone conversations (and not only ad views),
  2. Check if ads with CallPage Numbers result in more sales calls and bring new customers,
  3. Analyze which keywords influence the highest amount of generated calls

and many other features that you can read at

New payment method - Credit Card

From now on, you don’t need to manually send in your payments for CallPage products each - quotes will be automatically debited from your credit card.

What our new payment method means for you:

  1. You don’t have to bother anymore about monthly payments, sending e-mail confirmations, bank transfer. The system does it all for you.

  2. You can switch to recurring payments at any time, you decide.

  3. Using recurring payments guarantees that all dues are paid on time and you continue to enjoy uninterrupted CallPage services.

  4. You may cancel the subscription whenever you want. Using recurring payments simplifies your workflow, but once you decide to leave, you’re free to go. However, it will break our hearts.

  5. You provide your credit card data only once. After giving a one-time consent to debit your credit card or bank account, you don’t have to worry about subsequent deposits and filling in data.

  6. Recurring payments mean security. All card payments are insured. Stripe guarantees top of the line security for all your monthly transfers and is compliant with all financial regulations.

Recurring payments are one of the solutions that simplify our everyday life. Paying for your favorite lead generation tool has never been easier, so do not wait and switch to our new payment method by clicking this link