CallPage changelog
CallPage changelog

Release 4.1





Hello! We've introduced new CallPage widget "step by step" configuration wizard!

After analyzing thousands of widgets added by our clients, it turned out that the way of configuring the widget has a very large impact on the number of leads that it is able to acquire.

Why use the "step by step" guide?

1.Facilitates the process of adding a new widget.

  1. It helps to configure basic account settings for novice users.
  2. It guides you through the most important tabs regarding appearance, personalization and connection settings - from now on you can set everything at the beginning!
  3. The guide will not let you forget about the most important features in the widget!

Make more calls - do not lose customers!!

Sounds interesting?! Read and learn more benefits! Check how it works here

Other improvements

  1. Connection quality review


  1. Problem with status during call
  2. Problem with Call forms