CallPage changelog
CallPage changelog

Release 4.02





Hello! We've introduced new Call Queuing feature and Call Schedluling feature for our Numbers Product, some improvements and bugfixes for You!

Psst. Our Facebook Lead Ads integration is back!!

New Call Queuing feature - how it works in 5 steps?

Call queuing is important for good customer service. Set up call queuing to provide a better customer experience.

  1. Customer is on a website with Individual Number offered by CallPage.
  2. Customer wants to find out more about the product he is looking for - he calls on the given Individual Number.
  3. Unfortunately, all consultants are busy at the moment.
  4. Customer receives a "Stay on the line to get a connection" message.
  5. Customer wait in the queue until an available consultant appears who will be able to handle the call.

Make more calls - do not lose customers!!

New Call Scheduling feature - how it works in 2 steps?

Call Scheduling feature is the extension of queuing calls.

  1. While waiting for an available consultant, customer receives an additional message "Press 0 to order a call when the consultant will be available"
  2. When consultant has finished his conversation and he is ready to handle next call, the system will automatically call back to the customer.

Your client does not have to wait in the queue - we will call him back once the consultant finishes the ongoing conversation!

What benefits You gain by using Call Queuing feature and Call Schedluling feature in Your company?

I will show You only a few:

  • More calls received - Your clients can not hear the busy signal and can wait for a call.
  • Fast service - Everything happens automatically.
  • No need to wait - Customer can order a call if he does not want to wait in the queue.
  • Custome messages during waiting time - You can set different types of recordings for customers who are waiting in the queue, eg music or advertisement.
  • Personalized IVR - When connecting with IVR queuing, you can direct the call to the right people and departments.

Other improvements

  1. Facebook Lead Ads integration is back :)


  1. Problem with downloading reports