CallPage changelog
CallPage changelog

Release 3.2.3





Hello! We've introduced next bugfixes and improvements for you.


  • Added the widget in Finnish language
    Now our widget is available in Finnish

  • Extension of integration with Hubspot:
    Make calls using Call via CallPage without even leaving Hubspot or switching screens 12.png Get call recordings straight to your contact’s activity 13.png Log all your statistics and data connected with phone calls 14.png Automatically create new contacts associated with comments and critical information

  • Add more prefix number for Vietnam

  • New option for the Admin panel: adding photos


  • Incompatibility of call statistics
  • Correct calls calculation
  • Connection algorithms
  • Bug in the Partner Panel with refferal links
  • Change of time zone for Sao Paulo
  • Editing the data of Owner editors
  • Accounts downgrade
  • Access to caller id from Premium plan
  • Access to on/off voice messages for all plans
  • Inadequate message when verifying the numbers