Release 2.9.2

For past 2 months our dev team mainly focused on the next big release CallPage 3.0. Meanwhile we added some features and did improvements to our system.

Calls quality

From some time our calls processing system experienced a high load due to constantly growing number of our customers. During the rush hour we have 300-500 calls at the same time. Our old architecture wasn't capable of to handle this traffic. That's why we upgrade our platform. We totally changed the way calls are handled, created system which is scalable and is able to handle much more calls per second. According to our tests and customers feedback this have great impact on quality.

Caller Ids

We added Portuguese and Brazlil caller ids to our list, so customer are able to present with this numbers.

Secured registration

We secured our registration with CAPTCHA to protect it from spam attacks

Secured verification

We secured Caller ID verification with CAPTCHA to protect it from spam attacks

Internation number fixes

We updated international number formats to the newest version, because some countries are constantly adding new numbers formats.

Custom fields REST API

We added a new endpoint to Custom fields which allow to update custom fields values it via REST API.


CallPage continues to expand internationally. That's why we added a lot of translations to most popular languages according to CallPage usage.


New features:

  • Transition to Lead details screen after clicking on notification
  • Notes feature
  • Call from app feature
  • Send feedback feature
  • Button "Call again" in Lead details screen
  • Dashboard screen
  • Force update feature for old versions
  • Filters: Added users filter


  • Correct displaying of tags on old devices
  • Fixed translations and status icons
  • Server error scenario

Improvements and fixes

Recently we experienced a lot of issues with scalability and performance as CallPage is growing very fast. That's why we added a lot of under-the-hood improvements to handle additional traffic.

The rest time we spent on developing CallPage 3.0 milestone. Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 2.9.1

The next batch with new features is released. What we've added in this release:

Phone verification

We've added a new extra security layer - obligatory phone verification. In order to register account, one need to verify the number before using CallPage. It allows us to discard fake accounts and call frauds at early stage.

New languages

We just added new extra languages to our dashboard.

  • [br] Português - Brasil
  • [es] Español
  • [it] Italiano
  • [fr] Français
  • [cz] Český

Direct payments

We added a possibility to proceed custom payments for Enterprise customers with credits cards using Stripe system.

Bug fixes & optimizations

We are constantly fixing bugs and already reduced our opened support tickets number from 100 to 30. Also we did a lot of under-the-hood optimizations which will make CallPage app faster, more scalable and fault resistance.

Call from forms

Call from forms feature allow to initiate automatically calls when client submit any form on website. It's very useful feature for those who are unfamiliar with JS API. Feature right now is in BETA version.

Release 2.9.2

At CallPage we love to deploy new features and changes to our application. That's why we are trying to do release at least twice monthly. And in this release we had one very important change!

What we've added in this release:

Visa / MasterCard payments

From now we are receiving payments from Visa / MasterCard Cards through popular payments processor Stripe! Must have for expanding to foreign markets. Feel free to try it!

Portuguese language

We are expanding worldwide, that's we started to localize our application. At this moment we added Portuguese language to our app. Stay tuned, soon we will add at least 10 new languages to make our application more comfortable for worldwide customers.

SalesManago Integration improvements

Advanced users activity

Enterprise customers require to be able to track all users activity on account. That's why we added detailed activity tracking which is available at "Settings" > "Users activity" tabs. We log all users log in, widget edit, notifications edit, user edit.


As we are going global, the load on our servers is constantly increasing. We are working a lot to make application as fast and reliable as possible. Take a look at our Status page to get information about issues and downtime.

Improvements and fixes

As usual a lot UI/UX fixes and under-the-hood improvements which affect the user experience.

Stay tuned, very soon we will release CallPage 3.0 with massive features stack!

Release 2.9.1

The next small release with some new features and improvements. The most important breaking change of this release is:

Working hours with breaks

Our customers wanted to be able to add lunch breaks to working hours. We implemented a feature which solves this problem

Playback for "Press digit mode"

We created a separate playback for managers where widget is in "Press digit mode".

Text direction

Implemented a right to left text direction for some languages which require it - Hebrew.

Custom roles

Implemented a Custom roles feature which gives our Enterprise customers to create custom roles for their users.

Bugs & improvements

As always, fixed a lot of bugs and implemented under-the-hood improvements.

Release 2.9

Hi, you already know that, at CallPage, we like to stay fresh – and so do our app! Because of that, the new version of our web app was released!

With the new version, we have improved a lot of bugs and of course added new features.

From this moment we are going to add new features a little bit slow, because we are preparing a new major release - CallPage 3.0!

Voice messages

We made a lot of improvements to this section. Also we added some new voice messages which may be useful for customer. client.end_success - Message for client when call finished successfully client.end_failed - Message for client when call failed Works only with direction "Client -> Manager"

Night mode

One could now easily configure "Night mode" in Advanced settings tab. One could disabled Night mode, hide widget after working hours or enable scheduling without date.

Schedule a call through user panel

Our customers now can schedule a call through user panel, not only through widget!

Updated payment form

We totally rebuild payment form UI to make it more intuitive and simple. Enjoy!

Added new languages

CallPage recently started to make expansion to foreign markets. That's why we continuously added new languages to our widget:

  • Czech (Český)
  • Danish (Dansk)
  • Dutch (Nederlands)
  • English
  • French (Français)
  • German (Deutsch)
  • Greek (Ἑλληνικὴ)
  • Hebrew (עִבְרִית)
  • Italian (Italiano)
  • Latvian (Latvija)
  • Norwegian (Norge)
  • Polish (Polski)
  • Portuguese (Português)
  • Russian (Русский)
  • Slovak (Slovenský)
  • Slovenian (Slovenski)
  • Spanish (Español)
  • Swedish (Svenska) Turkish (Türk) Ukrainian (Українська)

New caller ids

Because of expansion we also added a lot of default caller ids.

  • +43720231275
  • +61287763195
  • +14388002137
  • +41225391840
  • +4942183679794
  • +34932201586
  • +302111988757
  • +97239786404
  • +33987675173
  • +441446688316
  • +48222922288
  • +421232784731
  • +353766805790
  • +3726682875
  • +31858885534
  • +390497360605
  • +46101388571
  • +12564856601

Custom fields

We added dynamic locales to custom fields labels. When one change widget locale, custom fields also are translated.


We made a few changes to coupons system:

  • We added a possibility to apply coupons to account to reach limits or get another bonuses
  • We added a possibility to register from special link which will automatically assign a coupon to user
  • We added a possibility to apply discounts only to specific pricing plans.


As usually we are working hard to integrate CallPage with useful apps. Recently we added 2 new integrations:

  • Livespace
  • Infusionsoft Feel free to check it!

Stay tuned!

Relase 2.8.2

The small next release. What we did through past days:

Partners program

We recently updated partners program, so our customers could earn money with it and make payouts within system.

Integration with Zendesk

We created an integration with popular Help Desk service Zendesk. Check it in tab "Widgets" -> "Widget" -> "Integrations"

Integration with Freshdesk

We created an integration with popular Help Desk service FreshDesk. Check it in tab "Widgets" -> "Widget" -> "Integrations"

Widget: new translations

We added czech (CZ) translation to our widgets. It's available from now for everyone!

Under-the-hood improvements

As usually we did a lot of under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes. Also some internal changes made for our admin team.

Release 2.8.1

Instant update of Release 2.8. In this small release we've fixed some bugs occurred in last release.

Grouping linked calls into thread

From now all linked calls, all scheduled calls are displaying in thread like gmail style. It will make Calls view much more clearly.


We've fixed small bugs of last release :)

Release 2.8

I hope you are doing well, as well as our Product Team. What we do for the last 3 weeks.

Call attempts

The power feature which will supercharge your call center. When visitor orders a call and manager didn't pick up, the system will try to do several attempts within predefined interval in "Calls settings"

Source / medium

Extra information collected from visitors data. We've got Source / Medium attribute, just like Google Analytics do. It will helps you to identify your leads source.

Edit custom fields

Edit your custom fields directly on calls page. From now you could easily create extra field and your consultants could fill it after conversation.

Call preview

We removed not important information from calls row, making it clear and put in into popover which appear on hovering.

Improvements & bug fixes

As always really a lot of under the hood improvements: bug fixes, security fixes, UI / UX improvements.

Release 2.7.2

Call again

Some companies now may take advantage of new feature - when using "Call again" button, the newly created call will be automatically linked to parent call.

Release 2.7.1

We added new feature - "Consultant" permission.

Consultant permission

Users with "Manager" permissions are able to view all calls from widgets they are assigned to. Users with "Consultant" permissions are able to see calls assigned to them or unassigned calls (scheduled, missed, etc)

No published changelogs yet.

Surely CallPage will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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