CallPage changelog
CallPage changelog

Release 4.11





Hello! We've introduced new Payment method - Credit Card and our new product in Beta: Static Call Tracking

Static Call Tracking

By using Static CallTracking you can assign an individual number to each offline and online channels such as Google Adwords, newsletter, social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) or other offline display campaigns and measure the number of generated calls.

In short, Call tracking allows you to save money not only on advertising, but also improve the efficiency of marketing activities.

What you will gain?

  1. Confirm the effectiveness of your marketing campaign from both offline and online sources by measuring the number of phone conversations (and not only ad views),
  2. Check if ads with CallPage Numbers result in more sales calls and bring new customers,
  3. Analyze which keywords influence the highest amount of generated calls

and many other features that you can read at

New payment method - Credit Card

From now on, you don’t need to manually send in your payments for CallPage products each - quotes will be automatically debited from your credit card.

What our new payment method means for you:

  1. You don’t have to bother anymore about monthly payments, sending e-mail confirmations, bank transfer. The system does it all for you.

  2. You can switch to recurring payments at any time, you decide.

  3. Using recurring payments guarantees that all dues are paid on time and you continue to enjoy uninterrupted CallPage services.

  4. You may cancel the subscription whenever you want. Using recurring payments simplifies your workflow, but once you decide to leave, you’re free to go. However, it will break our hearts.

  5. You provide your credit card data only once. After giving a one-time consent to debit your credit card or bank account, you don’t have to worry about subsequent deposits and filling in data.

  6. Recurring payments mean security. All card payments are insured. Stripe guarantees top of the line security for all your monthly transfers and is compliant with all financial regulations.

Recurring payments are one of the solutions that simplify our everyday life. Paying for your favorite lead generation tool has never been easier, so do not wait and switch to our new payment method by clicking this link

Release 4.1





Hello! We've introduced new CallPage widget "step by step" configuration wizard!

After analyzing thousands of widgets added by our clients, it turned out that the way of configuring the widget has a very large impact on the number of leads that it is able to acquire.

Why use the "step by step" guide?

1.Facilitates the process of adding a new widget.

  1. It helps to configure basic account settings for novice users.
  2. It guides you through the most important tabs regarding appearance, personalization and connection settings - from now on you can set everything at the beginning!
  3. The guide will not let you forget about the most important features in the widget!

Make more calls - do not lose customers!!

Sounds interesting?! Read and learn more benefits! Check how it works here

Other improvements

  1. Connection quality review


  1. Problem with status during call
  2. Problem with Call forms

Release 4.02





Hello! We've introduced new Call Queuing feature and Call Schedluling feature for our Numbers Product, some improvements and bugfixes for You!

Psst. Our Facebook Lead Ads integration is back!!

New Call Queuing feature - how it works in 5 steps?

Call queuing is important for good customer service. Set up call queuing to provide a better customer experience.

  1. Customer is on a website with Individual Number offered by CallPage.
  2. Customer wants to find out more about the product he is looking for - he calls on the given Individual Number.
  3. Unfortunately, all consultants are busy at the moment.
  4. Customer receives a "Stay on the line to get a connection" message.
  5. Customer wait in the queue until an available consultant appears who will be able to handle the call.

Make more calls - do not lose customers!!

New Call Scheduling feature - how it works in 2 steps?

Call Scheduling feature is the extension of queuing calls.

  1. While waiting for an available consultant, customer receives an additional message "Press 0 to order a call when the consultant will be available"
  2. When consultant has finished his conversation and he is ready to handle next call, the system will automatically call back to the customer.

Your client does not have to wait in the queue - we will call him back once the consultant finishes the ongoing conversation!

What benefits You gain by using Call Queuing feature and Call Schedluling feature in Your company?

I will show You only a few:

  • More calls received - Your clients can not hear the busy signal and can wait for a call.
  • Fast service - Everything happens automatically.
  • No need to wait - Customer can order a call if he does not want to wait in the queue.
  • Custome messages during waiting time - You can set different types of recordings for customers who are waiting in the queue, eg music or advertisement.
  • Personalized IVR - When connecting with IVR queuing, you can direct the call to the right people and departments.

Other improvements

  1. Facebook Lead Ads integration is back :)


  1. Problem with downloading reports

Release 4.01





Hello! We've introduced new IVR feature, some improvements and bugfixes for You!

New IVR feature

Do You have more than one person in Your company? Maybe it's a good ide to try our new feature - IVR. It's easy and fast in set-up feature.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system technology that enables the dial pad for routing and segmentation of callers to the most appropriate agent within your company team. Clients can choose it by using the touch-tone keypad selection.

What benefits You gain by using IVR in Your company? I will show You only a few:

  • Increased productivity
  • Personalized customer interactions
  • First call resolution
  • Better customer experience
  • and many many more

How to set up in 4 steps

  1. Add a number from "numbers" tab
  2. Assign a number to consultant or department
  3. Turn on IVR and record a Welcome IVR playback
  4. Set an IVR path...and You can use it!


Other improvements

  1. Phone number verification - to be more safety
  2. Block unsupported country calls on widget - to improve quality of Your leads


  1. Problem with editing Consultant days off
  2. Inadequate notifications after call
  3. Problem with adding Consultants e-mail

Release 4.0





We are happy to announce to you brand new Callpage 4.0!

Hi, it's been a while from our last update. We made a lot of changes and fixes, mainly focused on new user experience and user interface. We add new features to Leads, Widgets, My team and Integrations tab. We add our new product:


You can find it in a separate tab Numbers with “new” label. Now you have ability to buy mobile and local numbers and track all information in your dashboard. Numbers help you to gain even more leads than before you can!

Want to know more?

Let me introduce what we achieved for this time.

1. Possibility to personalize the panel with statistics

The view with standard statistics will be set by default, but you will be able to add any statistics that refer to your calls and are important to your business. Among the new statistics, there will be 3 types of conversions, e.g. conversion calls/site visits and counting of all text messages.


2. The possibility of leads personalization and new lead filters

We introduced simplified filters and the ability to personalize the list of leads: displayed information, columns, saving filters, etc. There will be quite a lot of such changes to make your everyday work with leads more convenient.


3. Easier widget customization

Personalization of the widget will be faster and more user-friendly. We also added the possibility to copy department settings from one widget to another. There will be no need to set the complicated structure of connections within your company. In the new version of our system, the department settings will be automatically transferred to chosen widgets if needed.

widgets_departments (2).gif

4. Virtual landline and mobile numbers

You will be able to create any virtual phone number in a few minutes and start answering business calls using it. We created a separate tab in which you can generate a virtual phone number and add caller ID settings, voice recordings, text messages, analytics, working hours of advisors, etc.


5. More comfortable work with consultants

We moved all the settings related to consultants to a separate tab. Now you will be able to add a new consultant, assign them to a number or widget, set their working hours, add holidays, create departments or other things related to the management of consultants' work. All the most important settings in one place.


6. Easier widget integrations

We’ve created a new Integrations tab. From now on, all your integrations and information about them are in one place. Here you can view all our available integrations, select the ones you are interested in and assign widgets and numbers to them. Additionally, from this moment on, all our integrations are unlimited! 6.gif

7. More intuitiv widget settings

Personalization of the widget will be faster and more user-friendly. All settings for the widget's appearance are presented in a more intuitive way. All options are immediately visible and described in details. Check out how you can personalize your widget even more! 7.gif

It's not everything…

In addition to the above changes, you can find a lot of minor improvements and optimizations that apply to almost every element of CallPage

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.2.3





Hello! We've introduced next bugfixes and improvements for you.


  • Added the widget in Finnish language
    Now our widget is available in Finnish

  • Extension of integration with Hubspot:
    Make calls using Call via CallPage without even leaving Hubspot or switching screens 12.png Get call recordings straight to your contact’s activity 13.png Log all your statistics and data connected with phone calls 14.png Automatically create new contacts associated with comments and critical information

  • Add more prefix number for Vietnam

  • New option for the Admin panel: adding photos


  • Incompatibility of call statistics
  • Correct calls calculation
  • Connection algorithms
  • Bug in the Partner Panel with refferal links
  • Change of time zone for Sao Paulo
  • Editing the data of Owner editors
  • Accounts downgrade
  • Access to caller id from Premium plan
  • Access to on/off voice messages for all plans
  • Inadequate message when verifying the numbers

Release 3.2.2





Hello, we introduced next improvements and fixed some bugs.


  • Integrations monitor integrations monitor.png

  • Added integrations descriptions


  • Send email to Developer
  • Voice message in departments
  • Dashboard - metrics (didn't back to default settings)
  • Email notifications - inadequate language
  • Timezone based on location

Release 3.2.1





Hello! Last 2 weeks we have introduced some bugfixes:

  • Wrong placeholder displaying
  • Logging in to partner panel through Google
  • Calls quality
  • Inadequate calls statuses
  • Wrong error description while adding IP to blacklist
  • Inactive withdraw money button in Partner panel
  • Invisible info tooltip in Preview section image (13).png

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.1.9





Hey! We have next improvements and bugfixes for you!


  • Close CallPage button options in Preview >> Button close button.png

  • Status Sender ID in SMS settings status.png


  • Reset button in Pop-up text edition
  • Tooltip language doesn't change
  • Suggest correct number format
  • SMS after call
  • GA integration
  • Voice message "manager.start"
  • Prefix required when option Flags is on

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.1.8





Hello! We've introduced next bugfixes and improvements for you :)

  • Reports downloading - fixed
  • Rating and issue description not visible on contact card - fixed image (12).png
  • Inability to switch on/off consultants in My team tab - fixed
  • Auto show - fixed
  • Partner panel - adding packages for clients - fixed
  • Number of available consultants moved to Preview section image image.png

Stay tuned for more updates!