Release 3.2.1

Hello! Last 2 weeks we have introduced some bugfixes:

  • Wrong placeholder displaying
  • Logging in to partner panel through Google
  • Calls quality
  • Inadequate calls statuses
  • Wrong error description while adding IP to blacklist
  • Inactive withdraw money button in Partner panel
  • Invisible info tooltip in Preview section image (13).png

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.1.9

Hey! We have next improvements and bugfixes for you!


  • Close CallPage button options in Preview >> Button close button.png

  • Status Sender ID in SMS settings status.png


  • Reset button in Pop-up text edition
  • Tooltip language doesn't change
  • Suggest correct number format
  • SMS after call
  • GA integration
  • Voice message "manager.start"
  • Prefix required when option Flags is on

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.1.8

Hello! We've introduced next bugfixes and improvements for you :)

  • Reports downloading - fixed
  • Rating and issue description not visible on contact card - fixed image (12).png
  • Inability to switch on/off consultants in My team tab - fixed
  • Auto show - fixed
  • Partner panel - adding packages for clients - fixed
  • Number of available consultants moved to Preview section image image.png

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.1.7

Hey! We've introduced some bugfixes and imporvements for you:


  • Invoice sent on e-mail
  • UTM filters in Leads tab image (12).png
  • Agreement on register form for partners


  • Partner panel - paying by credit card
  • Custom fields - adding two equal fields
  • Password change request
  • Rating not loaded to contact card

We have released new version of our mobile app for Android and iOS! Update your app to see what the new we've prepared for you :)

Release 3.1.6


we've introduced next bugfixes and improvements:

  • Inadequate call statuses
  • Desktop notifications - fixed
  • New widget language added - Catalan
  • Widget displaying on IE - fixed
  • Calls dropped after 20 minutes - fixed
  • Number of available consultants in View settings >> Advanced

image (12).png

Stay tuned for next release!!

Release 3.1.5


last two weeks we've introduced a lot of improvements for you! :)

  • Adding checkbox on Agreement
  • Adding several users with same phone number - extension required
  • Date range filter in Leads tab - fixed
  • Eyecatcher drag&drop - fixed
  • Widget displaying on iPhone 5 - fixed
  • Wrong languages in E-mail notifications - fixed
  • Inadequate call statuses - fixed
  • Partners panel (server error while logging in) - fixed

Stay tuned for next updates!

Release 3.1.4


we introduced next improvements for you:

  • Additional filters in Dashboard, Leads and My team tabs
  • SMS in Russian
  • Webhooks - fixed

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.1.3


As every week we've introduced some bugfixes and improvements:

  • Payments via panel - fixed
  • Mobile app - administrator access - fixed
  • Downloading of recordings - fixed
  • Language of Agreement - fixed

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.1.2


This week we have introduced the following imporvements and bugfixes:

  • New Feature: Tooltip!

image (11).png

  • New status icons


  • Editing Company name on Starter plan - fixed
  • Timer - fixed
  • Partner panel - fixed
  • Referral links - fixed
  • Forgot password feature - fixed

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.1.1


this week we have introduced the following improvements:

  • New feature in partners panel - changing customer's password by partner
  • Filtering related calls
  • Adjusting background opacity
  • Mixed languages on widget - fixed
  • Polish characters in SMS

Stay tuned for next updates!

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