Release 3.0.9


This week, as always, we've introduced some bugfixes:

  • custom payments
  • recording of calls in threads
  • Slack integration
  • Hubspot integration

Stay tuned for more updates :)

Release 3.0.8


during last 2 weeks we've introduced next improvements and bugfixes.


  • unchecking contact types
  • manager's photo visible as avatar it the panel
  • Reset button in Voice messages
  • deactivating notifications about Custom fields
  • differences between a length of recording and actual length of a call
  • Save button in Scoring rules


  • content left by user in Message is visible in Lead's card

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.0.7


we are glad to inform that we have introduced new widget customization panel! Now you can preview all provided changes.



To customize your widget go to Widgets >> Edit widget settings (pencil icon) >> Widget view >> Customize widget view >> Preview

Release 3.0.6


we've introduced next bugfixes and improvements!


  • New events on the widget:






  • Agreement text appearance



  • VAT - wrong charge calculation
  • Call stats on widget - linguistic mistake
  • Logo size bug
  • Console errors on some websites
  • Incorrect link in e-mail notifications

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.0.5

Hello, last weeks we've implemented next corrections.

We fixed:

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Scheduled calls - inadequate hours
  • Emails with team invitations
  • Pop-up displaying on Internet Explorer
  • Night mode
  • Scheduled calls as ASAP

Stay tuned for next releases!

Release 3.0.4

Hey, last days we've introduced another improvements and bugfixes.


  • two avatars next to consultant in My team tab
  • ASAP calls
  • title in Scoring rules
  • console errors
  • size of pop-up while switching between different views
  • wrong agreement text displaying
  • working hours view
  • widget duplicate (without working hours)


  • number of available consultants (ON OFF option)
  • sortable contact types

Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.0.3


we have released new widget look!


We added buttons with descriptions, there is a possibility to switch off the timer, when you click on button close icon it does not disappear anymore – all this to make our widget even more user friendly.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Hi, this week we have introduced next improvements and bugfixes.


  • more editable texts on pop-up


  • additional options of departments displaying


  • possibility to switch off Timer



  • editing Scoring tab (as Editor)
  • changing user's role
  • custom fields after Message
  • animation "Pulsing button" - adjustment


Hi, last weeks our IT focused on improving 3.0 version and fixing some bugs.

So far we have introduced the following improvements:

  • new descriptions inside the panel
  • night mode - we have restored this feature!


  • working hours settings
  • inadequate panel language
  • wrong widgets displaying
  • widget language
  • disabled widget on mobile devices
  • disabled scoring rules
  • adding tags in Calls tab
  • inadequate prefix on pop-up
  • widget number Caller ID
  • exporting data
  • disabled SAVE button in Widgets tab -
  • images uploading
  • widget duplicate
  • scheduled calls (delays)
  • filtering by user in reports

In the immediate future we are going to introduce next improvements and fix persisting bugs. Stay tuned for more updates!

Release 3.0

Hi, it's been a while from our last update. We made a lot of small changes and fixes, mainly focused on scaling, security and improving existing customers experience. However, our main forces where focused on big release CallPage 3.0. Let me introduce what we achieved for this time.

Incoming calls

From now we allow to receive incoming calls from customers using our numbers. User could buy numbers and attach them to widgets. Widget may use more than one number. There is new Caller ID option - "Widget number" which allow to call customers from widget's attached number. All calls will be visible in "Calls" tab with "Incoming" label. All settings which apply for widget calls will also work for incoming calls.

New widget

We created totally fresh widget using newest lightweight framework Vue.js. New widget has some additional features like Feedback form, Consultants rating, One click call, etc. Also we created more intuitive design. The main advantages of new widget is lightweight - up to -90% script weight,up to 3x less loading time and up to 5x less server load. We decided to auto update our customers to new widget because of lots advantages, however we still allow to downgrade to old widget up to 1 month for backward compatibility.

Contact types

New widget allows to contact using 3 main channels. In the near future we will add more channels.

Realtime Call Quick automatic call in 28 seconds

Scheduled / ASAP call Schedule call for selected date in the future. Also we added ASAP call. When managers are busy, customer could order ASAP call and receive it as soon as managers got free.

Message Now widgets are able to collect leads which won't talk with you, but prefer email/message contact. This feature will replace old contact forms. No need to implement contact form on website, just use widget and have all leads in one place.

We payed a lot of attention to widget customization to allow users to create fully personalized solutions. That's why users are able to select only those contact types which suits for them.

Widget customization

Button image Change button image to whatever you want.

Button position Position your button using whole screen space, no more limit to corners.

Animations Customize which animations you would like to use.

Agreement Customize agreement text, link and checkbox under the form with personal data.

Social links Customize your social links, provide links to your social media resources

Call tracking

We are aiming to create a platform where you would have all calls in one single place. Receive incoming calls from your number on banners, business cards and others offline resources and be able to calculate conversion using our stats.

Call from Adwords banner

We created revolutionary solution - order a callback from Adwords banner.

Caller IDs

New Caller ID option - "Widget number".

Microservice infrastructure

The breaking change under-the-hood improvement which we made in this release. We moved from monolith infrasturcutre to microservice. This is a huge step which allow us to massive scaling for others markets and deploy new features 3x faster than previous.

Stay tuned! Next days we will create small releases with bug fixes and small changes.

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