Bybrand release notes
Bybrand release notes

Column resize on the signature editor




We are introducing a new feature in the signature editor - Column resize. With that option, you’ll have more control over the content blocks, creating an email signature with an improved look.


This resize option is visible for signatures that have 2 or 3 columns. Read the tutorial and more:

Better control when adding line and border




You now have perfect control over line color pick and border settings when editing your perfect email signature.


Branding menu




Add a professional branding touch to email notifications sent to employees and shared email signature previews. You can add a logo, specify a color, and other interactions with your company's brand.

  • Access the feature in the Account menu and then Branding;
  • Or read the step-by-step tutorial;


Improved data sync with Google Sheets integration




We've improved data syncing with the Google Sheets integration. You can now select a unique key to compare with the existing employee list. And if the data matches, the placeholder values are updated. Previously, the sync feature was a simple dump and repopulation.

Full details in this tutorial, or view the integration landing page.


Disable image URL transform to an image tag




For each department, by disabling this option, you prevent image transformation. Thus, you can apply CSS style inline when editing the signature in HTML mode.


Sort employees by the placeholder




Now, you can sort employees by placeholder by clicking on the item in the header. The improvement can be useful to identify duplicate employees easily, for example, by listing 100 items per page.


Departments display: List or Grid




We've improved the user interface in the department section, adding new fundamental features.

Now, you can change the view within Departments using List or Grid. Also, you can set the number of items per page to 25, 50, or 100 in Employees. Available in the Signatures section too.


Added filter for icon gallery




Now, you can easily find the icons for your email signature by category in the editor. Plus, was added new official social media icons and contact us images.


Read also: How to add social media icons for email signature manually .

New option in the signature editor




You can now select an element in the email signature for easy customization. For example, this new button can be useful to change the color of a link easier. See more details in this tutorial Add a custom color to a link.


Zoho CRM integrated with Departments




Now, you can manage many email signatures for Zoho CRM users with Bybrand Departments. We've improved the integration to let you create and deploy branded email signatures for your sales team quickly.