Emoji in email signatures 😀

We enable support to add Emoji on all HTML email signatures and data fields. That way, you can have happy email signatures like this.


App Bybrand is on in G Suite Marketplace

To make it easier to install the Bybrand integration for G Suite, we are now available on the G Suite Marketplace.

See more detail in the blog: Bybrand is now available in the G Suite Marketplace

Departments: import from G Suite

You can now import user's information from G Suite to Bybrand Departments. This way, you can save time on the task of deploying email signatures for all users in your organization.

See the full tutorial: Departments: Import users from G Suite.

Show the QR Code of the signature link shared.

You can now see the QR Code of the email signature link shared. With this feature, it becomes easier to access the public link of the signature, via mobile phone.


Product Update October 2019

What's new at Bybrand in October? The Departments feature now supports dynamic images, was added new functionality to the email signature editor, and Bybrand Assets moved to the top menu.

Read more in the blog post Product Update October 2019.

Added support for update email signatures at alias addresses in G Suite

Bybrand started offering the resource to update the email signatures in alias addresses to G Suite users, the application bundle from Google.

Read more in the blog: Updates email signatures for alias addresses in G Suite.

Product Update July 2019

What's new at Bybrand in July? The integration with Zoho Desk now supports connections with multi-DC, has also been enabled Zoho Desk in the Departments. Added the functionality to export the list of current employees (CSV file) again in Departments.

Read more in the blog post Product Update July 2019.

Announcing Bybrand Team

Now, in any Business plan, you can invite users to access your account, and help create and manage your company’s email signatures.

Let creative members of your team help you create email signatures


Access the feature on the page Bybrand Team or read more in the blog post Introducing Bybrand Team.

Product Update June 2019

What's new at Bybrand in June? You can now share an employee email signature in Bybrand Departments, and extra features of email signature opened on Sidebar.

Other changes:

  • Removed LinkedIn social login;
  • In test signature by email, we removed Google ReCaptcha and add image Captcha;

Product Update May 2019

What's new in Bybrand this month: G Suite integration supports multiple domains; you can now also add secondary email accounts in Gmail integration; new terminology for the description of plans; fixed the CSV import error in Departments;

More in the blog Product Update May 2019: multiple domains for G Suite, Gmail and more