Bybrand + Freshdesk just got better

Now, the Freshdesk integration supports bulk updates of email signatures for support agents. We are also introducing three pre-created templates for the integration. And other small improvements.

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Product Update November 2020

What's new on Bybrand in November? Now, it is possible to edit the email signature in HTML mode. The Bybrand Team has a new role, and the G Suite integration has received pre-created four templates.

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Product Update October 2020

What's new on Bybrand in October? When you click to edit an email signature associated with a department, the department’s placeholder list appears on the side. Added two new email signature templates. We modified the way of adding a new domain in G Suite integration.

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Footer area changed in the editor

The method to add a "Footer area" in the editor was changed. Now, you can add a footer or header custom area to your email signature.

The improvement is part of the editor V3.(soon)

Preview: add-custom-area.gif

You can add any element in the area, such as text, icons, or images. More details in the full tutorial: How to add a best regards field.

Product Update August 2020

What's new at Bybrand in August? We add the option to purchase credits (pre-payments) with a 20% discount. If an email signature is associated with a department, you can back to the department. And Long-term session.

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July small improvements

We made improvements to the UI, the one with the most significant impact was the new way of preview email signatures.

(You can close using the ESC) new-preview.gif


  • A new way to preview email signatures;
  • In Departments, now you can preview the email signature associated;
  • Two new email signature templates created;
  • Small bugs fixed.

Pricing update for new customers

From July 2020, we are presenting the use-based pricing model.

For more information:

As promised, our new pricing will NOT affect current paying customers. Our customers are our partners on this journey. They will keep their current prices FOREVER.

Read more in the blog post - Pricing update announcement for new customers.

Leave your feedback!

Is there a feature you'd love to see in Bybrand? Please share your feature request with us through the form below:

👉 Bybrand Feature Request Form.

Padding feature improved

The Bybrand Editor now has advanced padding settings in the email signature. That way, you can add or remove space at all-sides of the signature.


Full tutorial - Working with padding;

New template gallery

We are presenting a new and completely redesigned email signature template gallery.

As before, the fixed templates based on the screen size of the email client continue. Now we have new categories, with examples of email signatures based on the type of business.


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