Bybrand release notes
Bybrand release notes

Move an image to trash




Move to trash is a new method in Assets; it will reduce the number of items in the image gallery when editing a signature. Now, alternately of deleting an image, you can set it as trash.


Restore an email signature




Now, you can view and restore past versions of any email signature going back 30 days. In edit signature, click on the button Changes to see all signatures versions.


More details and tutorial here. Also, see a summary that what’s new at Bybrand for October-November 2021.

Allow (or not) simple editing in the shared signature




Now, each department has the option of allowing (or not) an employee to make a simple edit to the shared email signature.


Read the full tutorial: Allow simple editing.

Click to copy a placeholder




It's now easier to copy a placeholder tag to the email signature. With just one click, you can copy the entire element together with the curly braces.


Also, see more details about the department email signature here.

New integration with Asana




Import a list of users and automatically create professional email signatures with a profile photo for them.

Product Update August 2021





What's new on Bybrand in August?

Read more in the blog post: Product Update August 2021

Bybrand + Google Sheets and more in July





This month, we are pleased to introduce Google Sheets integration. In addition, we have created Next & Previous buttons in the Signatures section, and you can now remove a placeholder in Departments.

Keep reading so you don’t miss anything: Product Update July 2021

Product Update June 2021





What's new on Bybrand in June? Some security-related updates to the product, a new action button within a department, and a new publicly shared email signature URL.

Read more in the blog post: Product Update June 2021

Introducing Create From Scratch





An advanced method that allows you to create your own HTML email signature pieces using the Bybrand editor.

Product Update April 2021





What's new on Bybrand in April? Launched the integration with Zoho CRM. Now it is possible to sync Google Workspace users' information, import an alias into a department, and new signature templates.

Read more in the blog post: Product Update April 2021