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Buffer updates

No longer showing "Potential" reach for Twitter posts





This metric is no longer the best indicator of reach and we want to give you the most reliable analytics through Twitter's API instead.

👋 We wanted to let you know that we have removed the "Potential" metric from Twitter post analytics because the number we reported there is no longer the most accurate way to report on the potential reach of a Tweet.

Screenshot 2019-06-06 15.28.19.png

The "Potential" data was generated by combining the profile's follower count and the follower counts those who retweeted the post. At the time we developed this method (many years ago) it was the best indicator we had for reach on Twitter. Nowadays, with Twitter's new native analytics and API, we have a much more robust way to determine the reach of posts.

We're eager to make sure Buffer customers are looking at reliable data anytime they are trusting us for their analytics. On our Premium and Business plans, we've added a new metric called "Impressions" that is pulled directly from the Twitter API and we hope will be more valuable and accurate for you!