Buffer updates
Buffer updates

Complying with new Twitter rules





Twitter recently announced changes to their platform to prevent people from misusing multiple accounts to artificially amplify a message. Specifically, their changes mean you can no longer post to multiple Twitter profiles at once from any third-party tool, including Buffer.

To comply with Twitter’s terms of service, we’ve made an adjustment to Buffer so that you will only be able to schedule content to one Twitter profile at a time. You will still be able to schedule content to multiple Twitter profiles with one Buffer account, just not the same message to multiple Twitter profiles simultaneously.

This message will appear any time you try to share to multiple Twitter profiles:

twitter change.png

Although these kinds of changes can be a little disruptive at first, we think this is great news for the Twitter ecosystem, and we believe that our new composer experience is a small step towards helping marketers create authentic content.

Learn more about the new rules.

We’re currently exploring solutions to make posting unique content to multiple accounts easier and streamlined while doing the right thing by the Twitter community. For example, we have plans to help you create unique content for multiple Twitter posts in the same composer session and are exploring ways to help you easily schedule retweets for related accounts.

We’re keen to be very mindful of how a change like this might impact you and, as always, we’ll be listening to your feedback about how we can best serve your needs moving forward.