A clearer way to manage your Posting Schedule

You might have already spotted this in your Buffer dashboard! 👀

We’ve made a few changes to how you can manage the Posting Schedule for a social account, which we hope is clearer and easier. It’s a simplified view of your entire schedule, with the ability to turn days on or off with a single click.

We’ve also moved the Posting Schedule to the Settings tab for each social account, to help keep the dashboard neat and tidy.

You can learn more about how to set up your Posting Schedule in our knowledge base over here.

280 characters for Twitter

Hooray! You can now create Twitter updates with up to 280 characters in both the Buffer dashboard and browser extension!

For our mobile friends, the update is also available in our Android and iOS apps. 😊

Pause your queue

We've learned how important it is to mindful of how a pre-scheduled social media post might be received when breaking news and events are happening in real time around the world.

Now, you can pause your queue using a simple button in the Settings menu whenever it feels right to do so.

This will temporarily prevent any posts in that queue from being published to a social media account, giving you time to decide when it's the right to resume sending out posts. 🌏 ❤️

P.S. We're in the process of adding this feature to our mobile apps too. It's available now for Awesome and Buffer for Business customers, and will be available to all in our next mobile releases.

Read the FAQ about the pausing your queue.

We're excited to share Buffer enhancements big and small with you!

Hi there!

Thank you so much for inviting Buffer to be part of your social media success. We'd love to commit to building the very best social media marketing products for you!

This page is one small way to let you see our progress toward a more dependable, more innovative, more better Buffer. 😛

From this point forward, we'll be excited to share any and all Buffer enhancements on this page so that you can follow along with us.

If you're curious about what's being built next, we'd love to invite you to peek at our transparent product roadmap.

Thanks for the love and support!

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