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Upload multiple images to Facebook


You can now upload up to four images to a Facebook post using Buffer. Wahoo! 📷 👌

We're excited to share Buffer enhancements big and small with you!


Hi there!

Thank you so much for inviting Buffer to be part of your social media success. We'd love to commit to building the very best social media marketing product for you!

This page is one small way to let you see our progress toward a more dependable, more innovative, more better Buffer. 😛

From this point forward, we'll be excited to share any and all Buffer enhancements on this page so that you can follow along with us.

If you have any specific jobs that Buffer can help you do better, we'd love to hear your ideas on Uservoice.

If you're curious about what's being built next, we'd love to invite you to peek at our transparent product roadmap.

Thanks for the love and support!

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Buffer will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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