Support Ticket Enhancement - Secure Details field for passwords / secure data

We have now added a new field to our support ticket system, which is available when raising new tickets.

Clipboard - June 14, 2020 1_08 AM.png

This field will be encrypted to ensure the data entered in the field is secure, so is ideal for passwords, private SSH keys or login credentials. Please note that the contents of this field are also automatically purged / removed when a ticket is marked as resolved / closed.

DNSSEC Support - Nameserver Upgrade

We have now upgraded our nameserver clusters in both the UK, and the USA to support DNSSEC.

We have changed our DNS clusters to use PowerDNS as opposed to BIND, which also has some performance benefits on the resolution of domains.

DNSSEC strengthens authentication in DNS using digital signatures based on public key cryptography. With DNSSEC, it's not DNS queries and responses themselves that are cryptographically signed, but rather DNS data itself is signed by the owner of the data.

Every DNS zone has a public/private key pair. The zone owner uses the zone's private key to sign DNS data in the zone and generate digital signatures over that data. As the name "private key" implies, this key material is kept secret by the zone owner. The zone's public key, however, is published in the zone itself for anyone to retrieve. Any recursive resolver that looks up data in the zone also retrieves the zone's public key, which it uses to validate the authenticity of the DNS data. The resolver confirms that the digital signature over the DNS data it retrieved is valid. If so, the DNS data is legitimate and is returned to the user. If the signature does not validate, the resolver assumes an attack, discards the data, and returns an error to the user.

DNSSEC adds two important features to the DNS protocol:

  • Data origin authentication allows a resolver to cryptographically verify that the data it received actually came from the zone where it believes the data originated.
  • Data integrity protection allows the resolver to know that the data hasn't been modified in transit since it was originally signed by the zone owner with the zone's private key.

cPanel users can create, manage, or delete their domains’ DNSSEC keys in cPanel’s Zone Editor interface (cPanel >> Home >> Domains >> Zone Editor).

To validate the DNSSEC configuration for a domain, use Verisign’s DNSSEC Anaylzer website -

Migration Center - Dedicated IP Address Handling

We are pleased to introduce an enhancement to our Migration Centre, which now ensures that all accounts which are migrated through the facility will automatically have the IP addresses of the migrated accounts updated to the IP address of the reseller account.

AutoSSL - Patch Fix

We have received a number of reports from clients, where SSL certificates have not been installed, or have stalled through the AutoSSL procedure.

We have an extensive conversation earlier today with one of the Senior Techs at cPanel, who have confirmed a bug. This bug only takes place when AutoSSL attempts to enqueue larger quantities of subdomain / domains through their daily cron, which eventually hangs / never completes.

The expected release time for the patch was 100 days, which of course wasn't acceptable in our case.

Given their delay in terms of releasing a patch fix, we have decided to write a fix in-house for this, which after thorough testing resolves the issue.

Once cPanel release an official patch for this, or release in an upcoming version our patch-fix will be removed, in place of their own solution.

For now, AutoSSL is now working again as expected.

R1Soft - https Now Enabled

We had a number of reports that R1Soft was redirecting to a non-secure port / port 80 from the cPanel plugin.

We have now installed SSL certificates on all backup servers, and have enabled redirection to 8443, the new https:// port.

Website Preview - Plugin Changes

We have made some changes to the way our 'Website Preview' option works in cPanel.

Previously, this plugin would generate a temporary URL, and would patch any WordPress installations with a 'fix' which allowed the domain to be previewed through any domain (including the preview URL).

The option though was fairly basic, and only supported preview of the 'primary' domain on an account. It also didn't work where a site has a dedicated IP address.

We have changed this functionality, to leverage the '' service, and now generate a link automatically for any site through the plugin.

This option is still available through cPanel -> Website Preview

Migration Centre - Minor Enhancements

  • NEW FEATURE - Email Alert on Migration Completion. A new option has been added to the Migration Centre, allowing you to 'opt in' to receiving emails when a migration process completes
  • Checking logs for transfers sometimes caused the browser to hang, because of an issue retrieving the log data - FIXED
  • The 'Hostname' field has been made clearer, and now automatically formats the URL. Now, the field can accept with / without https:// and also with or without the cPanel ports (which previously caused this to fail) - FIXED

cPanel USA - New Server Deployed

Due to high demand, we have now deployed another US based cPanel server. This is available immediately for new orders.

Resource Boost - Increase Resources for an account in your Reseller

We are pleased to inform you that our 'Resource Boost' option is now available in our client area.

This option will only appear for cPanel or DirectAdmin reseller accounts, and will allow you to 'Boost' any cPanel account for just £3.95 per month.

To add this to any account, you can navigate to 'Services -> Select your Reseller Service -> Scroll to 'Boost an Account'.

VPS Reseller - Important Changes

For a number of years, we have offered clients the ability to sell VPS servers through a 'Virtualizor' module. However, we are looking to phase this product out very shortly.

We have recently undergone an overhaul of our virtualization / cloud infrastructure, with the long term goal to improve both platform efficiency / redundancy and performance even further for VPS clients.

As part of that change, we have migrated many VM's already to a single larger cluster of servers powered by Proxmox, which gives us far greater control over the infrastructure itself (along with a number of other advantages).

For VPS resellers, we will be changing the offering entirely.

Due to the recent release of our 'Elite Reseller' module for WHMCS, our intention is to use this one module to also allow our resellers to sell VPS Servers, providing your end-users full control over their VPS servers through your own WHMCS. This means that with a single module, we will give you and your business the ability to sell Reseller Hosting, Elastic Cloud products, and VPS / Cloud servers with no up-front costs.

For those clients using the VPS Reseller module powered by Virtualizor, we will be phasing out the integration that allows this to work within the next week or so. We will then be introducing a process that allows you to switch those VPS clients to the new module (Reseller Elite).

Further information will be provided within the coming days.