WHMCS Module for selling Elastic Cloud and Reseller Hosting Plans!

We are pleased to announce that we have now released a module for WHMCS, which allows you to sell our most popular products - the Elastic Cloud, and our Reseller Hosting plans to your own clients on complete auto-pilot!

We are very excited about this release, however we will roll this out gradually, no doubt refining any issues we experience in its earlier phases.

If you would be interested in using this module, and would like to automate selling our reseller and elastic plans, get in touch on sales@brixly.uk today to become a Beta Tester of the 'Brixly Elite' module.

Backup Infrastructure Overhall

We are pleased to confirm that we have deployed around 350TB worth of backup infrastructure, using R1Soft as opposed to JetApps.

JetApps, whilst from a cosmetic point of view is fantastic, we have found that over time, a number of issues have occurred which is evident from just backing upon such a scale, as we do here. Given the inconsistency of those backups, we felt that block-level backups would be an ideal solution/replacement.

There are many advantages to the switch, however feel free to get in touch with support if you have any specific questions.

Restores for accounts must be handled through the R1Soft plugin in cPanel moving forward.

Please note that for resellers, you will need to login to your clients cPanel accounts directly (not via WHM), in order to be able to access the R1Soft backup facility.

Sales and Support Link on Site

We have now introduced a pre chat form to the website, to ensure you are able to receive assistance as efficiently as possible, and to make it clearer which is the most effective way of contacting us.

Sales will be directed to call or chat to us, and support will be prompted to raise a ticket from our client area.

Migration Centre - Delete Option

So far, the migration centre here at Brixly has been used to migrate 15,360 accounts and has become incredibly popular, due to its simplicity.

We are proud to see that our resellers are leveraging the Migration Centre to pull accounts over from many other hosting providers, simplifying their acquisition process when taking on new clients.

Due to its popularity, many resellers here will have a large number of migrations in their 'queue', displayed on the Migration Centre, including those which have failed for any reason, etc.

We do understand this can be a little frustrating and obtrusive, so we have added a new option allowing you to 'Delete' the item from the queue, allowing you to better organise your migration tasks.

Email Migration Facility now Live

We have built a very simple implementation of an email migration tool into our migration centre, which can be accessed via the 'Migrations' section of our client area.

This allows you to migrate emails from any remote IMAP mail server to any email account hosted on our platform within just a few clicks.

Full logs of the transfer can also be seen directly from our Migration Centre.

Internal Monitoring Changes

We were previously monitoring the 'hostname' for endpoints, however it is sometimes possible that we would disable, or 'null' the hostname / default page in cPanel from being accessed directly for attack mitigation.

As such, we have modified our monitoring solution to always monitor a Wordpress installation at a new endpoint, hosted on each machine. This provides a higher level of accuracy over the previous method.

Please note that we are not fully dependant on these monitors. We instead monitor through a server-level suite, which checks over 250 metrics every 15 seconds, so we will still be alerted to normal issues outside of the scope of an http request.

This ensures we can maintain the highest possible standard in terms of uptime monitoring and availability throughout.

As always, the statistics will be publicly available on our status.brixly.uk page.

PayPal Payments now 'Subscriptions'

PayPal have recently released new functionality, which is a step up from their previous 'recurring payment profiles'. We have now implemented 'PayPal subscriptions', which has replaced the previous functionality.

If you notice any issues with invoices being marked as paid, please get in touch with our support team for further assistance.

Elastic Cloud Pricing Reduction

We are pleased to announce some changes to our Elastic Cloud pricing.

We have reduced the pricing for all plans, making the Elastic Cloud the ideal solution for larger WordPress sites, e-commerce sites and blogs.

All plans now have the first 3 months discounted by 50%.

Reseller Storage now Unlimited

We have re-introduced unlimited storage to all reseller plans. Please note, that of course with anything 'hardware' related there is always a physical limit, and therefore fair usage of this facility applies.

Migration Centre - Improved Logs

We have improved the format of the Migration Centre 'View Logs' interface, to provide clearer status updates. We will continue to develop additional functionality for our Migration Centre over the coming weeks.