Live Chat via


  • Admin can assign specific user to specific operator.
  • Admin can view any chat real-time.
  • Automatic closing of answered chats.
  • Automatic of bot user gender, timezone, and locale.
  • Automatic operator assignments.
  • Automatic transfer of unanswered chats.
  • Can accommodate unlimited number of operators to operate as chat support team.
  • Operator can start/stop a live chat session.
  • Sending images e.g. GIF's and Stickers.
  • Sending request for email address of bot user.
  • Sending request for phone number of bot user.

What's the use of this?

For any businesses that rely on customer service chat support team to close sales, monitor delivery, and provide after sales services.

Why do I need this?

Business owners who hire remote employees can smoothly use the platform without having to access the facebook page or chatbot dashboard that could compromise the page or the bot.