Request inspector & filters

Got some failed pings or tests? See what was exactly wrong by using the request inspector. You can see the exact output and headers for all uptime and api tests.

The browser, api and uptime editors also show the latest request output to allow easier creation and debugging of failing checks!

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Custom Server Metrics

Want to go a leap further and monitor more than only your server's basic resources? Great news! You can now add any custom metric to your Bolstat server agent! Monitor the size of your queues, memcached health, Elastic Search or anything else you can think of!

Check out the documentation page on how to collect the metrics and send them to Bolstat.

Heartbeat Checks

Running background processes and cronjobs? Bolstat now offers Heartbeat checks! Make sure your processes never fail silently anymore.

Heartbeat checks are a perfect way to monitor your database backups or scheduled emails. Learn more in our documentation.

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Phone Call Alerts

Want to make sure you never miss an incident? You can now add phone calls to your notification rules. Bolstat will call you when an incident occurs. You can even acknowledge the incident via the call itself.

Server Processes

Your server monitors now show the processes running on your server. This gives you more insights into why your server may be running slow or is low on memory.

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New Sydney checkpoint

We just added a new checkpoint in Sydney. From now on your uptime and API checks will also be performed from Australia. This gives you a better understanding of your platform's performance in Oceania.

Incident Severity Levels

Don't want to get notifications for every incident? We added several levels of severity for incidents. For every check you can define how important or severe the incident should be. Read more about them in our documentation.

Automatic server provisioning

It is now possible to install the server monitor agent while automatically provisoning servers. Check out the documentation to learn more.

Onboarding improvements

The onboarding wizzard has been improved to make it even more easier to get started with Bolstat.

Bolstat Documentation

Our new documentation pages are live. You can find all relevant information necessary to get started with Bolstat on