Bolstat changelog
Bolstat changelog

Browser test updates





From today it's possible to use XPath selectors in your browser tests beside the default CSS selectors. This allows you to do more advanced queries into the DOM of the page.

We also updated our browser test servers to use the newest stable release of Chrome.

Introducing Pagespeed Checks





Always wanted to figure out the real speed of your websites or web apps? With pagespeed checks you can automatically monitor the performance of your pages and more! Backed by Google Lighthouse reports we will do a daily check of your performance from several locations in the world. Add your first check now and let us know what you think! More information can be found in our docs.


Relative Duration Alerts for Heartbeats





Frequently asked for and now available; relative duration alerts! Only get alerted when the duration of your heartbeat tasks are significantly longer compared to your previous tasks. You don't have to define a hard limit.

The relative duration alert plays nice with heartbeat checks which group by the "series" parameter. These tasks will be compared only to the previous tasks of that series.

Increased Heartbeat Alert Control





Want more fine-grained control over heartbeat alerts? We got you! It is now possible to define separate alert cases for every heartbeat check. Want a critical alert on failed pings? Check! Only want a minor one when the duration was longer than normal? No problem!

Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 08.32.00.png

Alert Aggregation





Getting crazy from alert noise? You can now aggregate alerts per project, component or check. It's also possible to override the aggregation setting per check. More information can be found in our docs.


See Alerts on the Check Page





Alerts are now shown on the related check page. This allows you to immediately have a good overview of what is currently wrong with a check, resolve it or go to the connected incident.

Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 15.50.21.png

Request inspector & filters





Got some failed pings or tests? See what was exactly wrong by using the request inspector. You can see the exact output and headers for all uptime and api tests.

The browser, api and uptime editors also show the latest request output to allow easier creation and debugging of failing checks!

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 22.20.03.png

Custom Server Metrics





Want to go a leap further and monitor more than only your server's basic resources? Great news! You can now add any custom metric to your Bolstat server agent! Monitor the size of your queues, memcached health, Elastic Search or anything else you can think of!

Check out the documentation page on how to collect the metrics and send them to Bolstat.

Heartbeat Checks





Running background processes and cronjobs? Bolstat now offers Heartbeat checks! Make sure your processes never fail silently anymore.

Heartbeat checks are a perfect way to monitor your database backups or scheduled emails. Learn more in our documentation.

Screenshot 2019-11-07 at 15.49.47.png

Phone Call Alerts





Want to make sure you never miss an incident? You can now add phone calls to your notification rules. Bolstat will call you when an incident occurs. You can even acknowledge the incident via the call itself.