Boatim updates
Boatim updates

New feature - Boat History Report





To help the boat buyers make a confident choice when buying their next boat, we've integrated a new feature. In a collaboration with we now offer our visitors a way to check a History Report for any US-based boat listed on BOATIM.

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New year, new homepage!





We've been working on this for quite some time, but it's finally here! We've launched our new homepage which better reflects BOATIM's mission of Everything Boat. You will now find much more valuable information and a much improved user experience.


New and improved inquiry emails





After receiving feedback from our network of dealers, we've made some big changes to the inquiry emails that you will receive. More info, more context, more of what you asked for!

From now on, you will see much more info about what the lead, directly from your email. There's no need to log in to read and reply to messages. What's more, this now makes it even easier to parse your emails and add them into your CRM workflows.

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Listing inquiries—now easier than ever!





For those interested in reaching out to a dealer or private seller will no longer need to register to make an inquiry. We've also made it easier to make inquiries about common things like:

  • Requesting additional details
  • Arranging viewings
  • Checking availability

For dealers, you can now expect even more listing inquiries than before with this reduced-friction improvement. It's a win-win.


Won't miss a beat with improved Message Centre





Your Message Centre just got an organizational upgrade! With the improved filtering system, you can manage messages that are only relevant to you and your listings. More detailed support can be found in How to manage listing inquiries as a team? article in the Help Center.

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Listing inquiries are also made more visible directly on the listing. Never miss an inquiry again! Screenshot 2021-02-12 at 11.40.58.png

Get a productivity boost with new Listing Assignment feature!





You can now manage your listings dynamically by assigning a member of your team to a listing. Only the responsible member will receive inquiry emails while everyone can view all messaged on Say good-bye to email overload! More detailed support can be found in How to assign listings to team members? article in the Help Center.

Screenshot 2021-02-12 at 11.19.10.png

You can also find better focus through new filters in my listing page, allowing you to only view listings assigned to you. Teamwork just got easier!

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Keeping the Boatim community up-to-date with more expressive News Feed





You're now able to emphasize key elements and organize your content better through improved editing features. It's now super-easy to add links to your posts too! Oh, and did we mention that posts are editable. Great for when you need to fix that little typo.

Create your next post, and keep an eye out for more new enhancements!

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Sharing posts from Boatim to external platforms





You can now easily share your posts on Boatim to your broader network with just a few clicks. Use the "Share" button on the bottom of your post to share with all your favorite channels, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Here's how your content could look like!

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Find your favourite dealers





You can find all of our top dealers easily now with our new "Dealers" page. Go and check out who's new to our community.

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All hands on deck with "Invite Your Team feature" for Dealers





As a Dealer, you can easily invite your team to join Boatim with our improvements to teams. With this update, you are able to add team members who are either already a registered user of Boatim, or completely new to the site.

To learn more about this new feature, you can check out the Help Center page on "How can I add team members to my account?"

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