Boatim updates
Boatim updates

Boat rental and charter companies




We've added the eight most popular boat charter destinations. Now you can find the top boat charter operators in each of these regions and contact them.

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Marinas on Boatim




On our mission to connect 'everything boat', we are adding marinas to our platform. Now Boatim users can search through our extensive catalogue of ports and marinas across North America and Europe. On each marina page you can find their contact details and location, as well as the list of services.

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Boat model reviews




From now on, any registered Boatim user can share their review of any boat model. Do you own a boat or did you rent a boat last summer? Feel free to share your experience with that boat model, upload photos and rate it! This can help other Boatim users in their find a boat of their dreams.

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New search experience




We have listened to your feedback carefully and as a result we have come up with a brand new search & filter experience!

Now each search result is presented in a new and clearer way, making it significantly easier to find and compare boats.

We have also redesigned the filters, meaning that it is more accurate AND much easier to use on all devices.

We have developed an easy to use "one-click" solution for the most popular filter values. Meaning you can filter by the most popular: Locations, Brands or Hull materials quicker than ever!

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News management dashboard widget





As part of our dashboard for dealers we've added a new widget that enables you to publish new posts and manage all of your existing news items. Alongside the news management features, it also provides an overview of metrics for each of your posts, covering views, likes and comments.

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Current and discontinued boat models





We've added a visual separation between current and discontinued boat models for each manufacturer, to help you find the model you're looking for.

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Dealer metrics dashboard





We're excited to present our latest feature for boat dealers - the dealer's metrics dashboard. This new dashboard is the place where you can track your performance on Boatim, as well as get quick and easy access to manage your subscription, access your listings and more. Soon we'll be rolling out further updates for the dashboard, stay tuned!

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New look for the Listings Management screen





We've listened to your feedback and the new version of the Listings Management screen is here! With the new, cleaner design, managing your listings is now easier than ever.

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Boat dossiers in PDF





New feature is available for all the Dealers on Boatim - PDF Boat dossiers. No need to edit your listing brochures yourself or hire a marketing agency - now you can generate professional PDF dossiers for any of your boats in one click! We offer three layouts:

  • Full PDF brochure - perfect for sharing it with your clients over email
  • Broker-friendly brochure (no branding, no contact details)
  • One-pager listing card with a QR-code - ready to print and use in your office or at the boat shows

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New feature - boat financing





We've released a new feature that will help boat buyers get an estimation of how much it will cost to finance their boat of interest and also send a financing inquiry right away. To bring the best financing rates available to our customers, we've partnered up with Lightstream, one of America's leading online consumer lenders.

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For the moment, this functionality is only available for the US-based boat listings.