Blurweb updates
Blurweb updates

Available for Safari 🌐




Blurweb App is now available for safari check to learn more

Manage Active Browser Got Easier




Now we save your license key when you visit ( so next time you visit no need to enter the license key it's already logged in

🦊 Firefox Addon is Live




Good News, If you wanted to use on firefox it's finally available

Download Now:

Improved User Experience and Bugs



  • When user install the extension for the first and submit licence key user can just enter to submit.
  • Account without email was not able to login fixed.
  • When open 2 blue border not visible and not able to click to blur bug fixed
  • When open 2nd time apply blur area button was not removing on apply click
  • On move blur area keep blur was not saving correct position and dimensions

version: 1.0.0

Hide title and logo






Screenshot 2021-05-05 at 10.14.07 AM.png

Do you want to hide the tab title, and icon? maybe sharing a instagram story and want to keep site identity anonymous or maybe sharing google ads web page and don't want to show the number give it a try and share your experience at

Update: 0.9.12

Page Visibility Issues Fix





So if you use basecamp or have used google images while being installed you may have faced a bit problem to reload on basecamp and not able to see on google images.

its now fixed Yay!

Update - 0.9.8

Added (+) Blur (-) and more..





  1. Pointer Problem Fixed
  2. Added + Blur -
  3. Blur area above the dashboard

Update - 0.9.7

Licence key input update, so now even if you enter extra ,, with your correct licence key we will take care of it for you.

UPdate - 0.9.6

Blur Area with






Blur area simplifies the process since now you are not dependent on the elements on the webpage to decide what to blur just start from where ever you like and blur it out.

Update - 0.9.5

Google Sheet Page Bug





So when you visit google docs it was not opening properly including few other sites because of so i fixed it will be live with approval from web store team.

Update - 0.9.4

Keep Blur Patch





So when you keep something blur on reload for some milli second the sensitive info was visible not anymore YAY!

Update - 0.9.3