Migrated to New Servers

Blidder.com has migrated to new servers, functionality should be more optimized.

New Update is coming!

We've been hard at work developing a new update to our software. The update is nearly finished and will soon be released. Stay tuned!

Facebook Features Release

We have now released Facebook features. You now can schedule facebook posts for profiles and groups and pages you have an admin role in.

Payment Issues Fixed

All payment issues have been fixed, if your PayPal agreement was cancelled during this period you will have to reactivate it by signing up for a monthly plan after your current plan has expired.

Instagram Post Error Fixed

Fix errors that kept users from posting to Instagram.

Oct 27, 2019 Update

Improved lots of designs and functions and finalized social media APIs. Must do a hard refresh to see new update.

New payment method added

Users can now pay by card, secured by Stripe.

New service added: Hypegrowth

We have recently added a new service, in which we'll grow your twitter account for you using Hypegrowth which enables faster organic growth on twitter, give it a try!

Added More Login Options

Added Google and Twitter to login options.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: a bug that didn't allow images to load on homepage

Fixed: a few template bugs

Improved: web experience