Birdsend updates
Birdsend updates

The Blank Line Preview Text




BirdSend already has the “Preview Text” feature — the text that immediately follows the subject line. This is used to tease subscribers to open your email.

To take this a step further, we implemented a “blank line” Preview Text, that looks like this:

Why a blank line?

Can you guess?

Yes! So that your email looks different than all the other emails in the inbox — i.e. your email stands out in a crowded sea.

Improve sequence creation and edit experience




We’ve made improvements to our 1-Page Sequence Builder to make the creation and edit of email messages in the sequence more seamless.

For example:

  • Previously when adding a new email to the sequence, the page would instantly refresh (which is a bit annoying). Now it doesn’t.

  • Previously when the user momentarily stops typing (because he’s thinking of what to type) and before the auto-save kicks in, he can switch to other emails in the sequence. Result is the latest work is not saved. We’ve fixed this so that user can only switch to other emails after the auto-save kicks in.

Stricter spam score checking




We’ve introduced stricter measures for our spam score checker.

While we can’t disclose the details for security purposes, this initiative is to further enhance our deliverability and mailing reputation.

Faster Preview emails




We’ve improved the sending speed of Preview Emails.

Previously, it was already quite fast. But we tweaked it to make it even faster.

Further categorized custom domain email addresses




We’ve further categorized groups of email addresses that use custom domains.

E.g. john[at], lisa[at]

First, we determine which mailbox provider they use (Google Workspace, Office 365, Yahoo, iCloud, etc).

Then we categorize them.

When we send email messages to these addresses, we further play by the rules of each provider to give us better delivery rates.

Change font color of email content




You can now change the font / text color of your email content. You're also able to highlight text:

BirdSend is now SuretyMail certified!




There are only 2 organizations in the world that provide comprehensive email deliverability services to the mailbox providers.

SuretyMail is one them. The other is Validity.

SuretyMail is the original email deliverability company founded in 2003. Its founder, Anne Mitchell, is the one who coined the term “deliverability”.

What does this mean for you?

This means BirdSend’s mailing IPs have been included in SuretyMail’s “good senders” list. This list is used by mailbox providers, ISPs, and spam filters to decide where to put your email messages — inbox or spam folder.

Our mailing reputation was already great before we were certified. It’s going to get even better now.

The Subscribers Preferences Page




When you have multiple topics and sub-topics to send emails about (which is common), some subscribers want to hear about some but not others.

Which is why we came up with The Subscriber Preferences Page.

The default setting in your BirdSend account when a contact wants to unsubscribe is to "unsubscribe from all topics/mailings".

With this new feature, your contacts can choose the topic(s) they still want to receive emails about and which topic(s) they want to unsubscribe from.

You do this via the "Subscriber Preferences Page" located under [Email Settings] -> [Unsubscribe Settings] -> [Let contacts choose which topics to unsubscribe from]:


When setting up the [Main Topic] and [Sub-Topic], this is what it looks like from the subscriber's perspective:

I wrote a comprehensive post about this — showing you the strategy (thought process) and action steps on how to set up an effective Subscriber Preferences Page.

Click here to see the strategy + action steps.

Email address scoring to identify possible spam traps




To constantly improve the tool, we’ve “profiled and scored” all email addresses in our database, based on their engagement with the email messages they receive.

This scoring helps us identify potential spam traps.

Moving forward, every email address is also going to be scored.

Make Sequences in Rules process faster




Many users activate our [Rules] feature to set up “if X happens, do Y” type of automation.

For example, an automation like this is pretty popular:

If contact is tagged with X, subscribe to sequence X.

We’ve improved the speed to make the automation faster in the backend → contacts receive sequence emails faster.