Birdsend updates
Birdsend updates

The Subscribers Preferences Page




When you have multiple topics and sub-topics to send emails about (which is common), some subscribers want to hear about some but not others.

Which is why we came up with The Subscriber Preferences Page.

The default setting in your BirdSend account when a contact wants to unsubscribe is to "unsubscribe from all topics/mailings".

With this new feature, your contacts can choose the topic(s) they still want to receive emails about and which topic(s) they want to unsubscribe from.

You do this via the "Subscriber Preferences Page" located under [Email Settings] -> [Unsubscribe Settings] -> [Let contacts choose which topics to unsubscribe from]:


When setting up the [Main Topic] and [Sub-Topic], this is what it looks like from the subscriber's perspective:

I wrote a comprehensive post about this — showing you the strategy (thought process) and action steps on how to set up an effective Subscriber Preferences Page.

Click here to see the strategy + action steps.