Birdsend updates
Birdsend updates

Plain-text style design




We’ve just released the “plain-text style” design for email messages.

Tho it’s not really much of a “design”, I still have to attach the word “design”.


Otherwise there’ll be folks who think the “plain-text” I’m referring to is really plain-text — as in: old-fashioned plain-text emails from the 1990s 📺

But it’s not. Because true plain-text emails aren’t able to contain images & can’t track opens & clicks either.

The goal of the plain-text style design is to make the email content design as personal as it can be.

Just like how we’d write to a friend & they write to us.

When we chat, we just type & don’t use any kind of silly or fancy “design”.

Wanna try it out yourself?

If you’re already a BirdSend user, simply login to your account & create a new broadcast → choose “plain-text style”.

If you’re not a user yet, click here to get your free 7-day trial.