Birdsend updates
Birdsend updates

Better Dashboard "At a Glance" tags view




Previously on the Dashboard page, you can only see a maximum of 1 tag for each new contact.

But a contact can have multiple tags.

E.g. John has these tags: subscriber, customer product A, customer product C.

Previously we’d only show you ONE of the tags, which was not ideal because you weren’t able to quickly glance through how many leads were gained for a specific tag.

With this new update, we show you all the tags.

Now you see a new black line that denotes the number of new contacts you got for a specific date. While the yellow bars represent the tags. If a contact has 10 tags, we’ll display ALL tags when you mouseover the bars.

So the line can be higher or lower than the bars. A lower line could mean a contact has multiple tags, and a higher line could mean some contacts don’t have a tag.