New Feature: Higher earnings or # sales as winner criteria when split testing

When split testing (A/B testing) broadcasts, you're now able to choose the winning criteria as the email that has:

  • the higher earnings


  • the higher # sales (conversions)

These numbers are more important than just open or click rate, as ultimately you can deposit your earnings or sales in the bank! You can't deposit your high open or click rate right?

Improved Zapier integration

Improved Zapier integration to make it easier (and hence faster) to use with BirdSend.

Optimized Sequence overview page for faster load

Optimized performance for Sequence overview page so that it loads even faster.

Previously the page was not optimized.

Improved form submission performance

Improve form submission performance to make the opt in process for contacts/subscribers even faster.

Fixed free email address as sending domain bug

Previously, user was able to register free email (e.g. as sending domain under "Sending Domain", even though when the user tries to send a real email, the system won't allow it.

Now, user can't register a free email as the sending domain.

Improved conversion reports

Previously conversion reports were not sorted in descending order.

Now this has been improved so that they're sorted in descending order, to make it easier for user to see and track.

Fixed: GDPR checkbox issue

Fixed an issue with GDPR checkbox on forms.

New "Exclude Any" broadcast filter

Previously when broadcasting to contacts, there is only 1 type of "Exclude" filter available -- which is actually "Exclude All".

This means when you select...

Exclude" those who are:

tagged with A tagged with B

It means that it's excluding those contacts who are tagged with both A AND B.

If a contact is only tagged with either A or B, it won't be in this "Excluded" list.


Now with this improvement, you can choose to either select "Exclude Any" or "Exclude All".


E.g. 1

Exclude Any:

tagged with A

tagged with b

This means contacts who tagged with either A or B are included in this list.


E.g. 2

Exclude All

tagged with A

tagged with B

This means only contacts who are tagged with both A AND B are included in this list.

Avg open and click rate for a specific sequence

Previously open and click stats was only available for individual emails inside a sequence, but the sequence itself as a whole was lacking the open and click stats data.

With this improvement, on the Sequences overview page you'll now know:

  • Avg opens
  • Avg clicks

For any given sequence.

This gives you an idea of how any sequence is performing:

SPF and DKIM (Custom DNS) is no longer required

We've heard your opinions and feedback!

Now custom DNS (SPF and DKIM) is no longer required to send emails using BirdSend.

Some of you were having a hard time trying to configure these tech settings, even though we can actually set this up for you in 1 business day (no additional cost).

When setting your "from domain", simply don't tick the "custom SPF and DKIM" box:

Or you can simply write your email and in the email settings, enter your "from email".

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