Fixed: Very long link url not accepted

Previously if the link url inside the email is very long, the system won't accept it.

This has been fixed.

Improved the import contacts process

Improved the import contacts process to make it easier for user to import contacts, including cleaning empty rows in imported csv file.

Improved "last subscribed" filter on Contacts page

For the "Last subscribed" filter, we added "anytime" as an option so that you can easily see who have unsubscribed, regardless of date.

Form can't be saved on certain condition

Previously, form can't be saved when "post a custom message on current page" is selected.

This has been fixed.

Export multiple "contacts invalid emails" files

Previously when exporting "contacts invalid emails" on Imports page, you weren't able to export more than 1 file at a time.

This has been fixed and now you can export multiple "contacts invalid emails" files.

Sending emails backend optimization

Did some optimization to our backend system for sending emails, especially to further strengthen our compliance process to make sure only legit users are sending out emails.

New: Incentive email to auto-confirm contacts who download your lead magnet

You can now upload your lead magnet to BirdSend, and when your contacts download it... auto-confirm them (for double opt-in).

This means you don't even need to create a download page if you're feeling lazy. Just upload the file (lead magnet) to BirdSend and we'll take care of the rest for you.


How to set up Incentive Email


Go to the form in question >> enable [Double Opt-in / Incentive Email]


Then either upload your lead magnet to BirdSend or insert your lead magnet / incentive url

New: Create your own "do not contact" list

You can now create your own suppression list -- i.e. those people who you do NOT with to contact.

Remember to click "Update" at the bottom of the page.

Insert image from a url

Previously you can only insert images by uploading them from your computer to BirdSend. Now you can insert images from a url:

Numbering inside each individual email in your sequence

We've included numbering inside each individual email in your sequence:

This will quickly let you know:

1/ How many emails are in your sequence

2/ Where a specific email is in the sequence (e.g. email #4 out of 6)

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