Birdsend updates
Birdsend updates

Evergreen sequence





We have released the [Evergreen Sequence] feature.

Please go here to learn more

Share your email message to the public





You can now share your broadcasts with non-subscribers (a.k.a. the public).

For example you could share a web version of your email message on social media, in a community, or anywhere you like.

Please go here to see how to set this up.

Quicker & easier way to know contact's status





We've improved the Contacts overview page with 5 preset filters:

  • Subscribed
  • Unsubscribed
  • Unconfirmed
  • Complained
  • Bounced


This gives you a quicker and easier way to know the status of your contacts.

When the Contacts page loads, the default filter is "Subscribed":

And of course you can disable any filter by selecting "All" which will display all contacts in your account.

Plus you can also add additional custom filters as you see fit by clicking [+ Add Filter] as many times as you want.

[New] Clean Contacts for better deliverability





After many requests, we've finally released the "Clean Contacts" feature.

This allows you to delete cold / inactive subscribers who no longer want to hear from you.

Please see this here

Manual form placement - "display trigger" is no longer required





Previously for forms, when using manual placement like WordPress shortcode or HTML snippet code, you still need to set up the [Display Trigger].

Now you don't have to.

Just paste the shortcode/html snippet into the desired location where you want the form to appear and it'll work.

Send first sequence email even faster





We've further improved the sending time for the first email in the sequence so that subscribers get it faster.

Faster email message arriving in their inbox = better experience for them.

Display contact's IP address & country





You're now able to know the IP address and country of your contact on the contact details page:

Mass unsubscribe contacts from all mailings





Previously, to unsubscribe contacts from all mailings, you'd need to do it on a contact-by-contact basis.

Now you can mass-unsubscribe contacts from all mailings

Go to your Contacts page:

1/ Filter the contacts that you want to unsubscribe.

2/ Select [Bulk Actions] -> [Unsubscribe]:


3/ Choose [Unsubscribe from all mailings] -> [Unsubscribe]:

Adds (previously unconfirmed) contact when he buys





Before this update, BirdSend will not add a previously unconfirmed contact to your account, even if he buys something from you in the future.

Now, BirdSend will add him to your account as a contact and confirm him.

Adds (previously deleted) contact when he buys





For whatever reason, sometimes you delete a contact from your account.

A few months later that same contact bought something from you.

Before this update, BirdSend will not add him to your account.

Now, BirdSend will add him to your account as a contact.