Know WHERE / which email a contact is in a sequence

You can now know where (which email) a contact is in a sequence.

E.g. Mary has received the last email in a sequence, or John is currently on email #6.

Like this:

This gives you context/data when you're trying to email a specific contact or when you want to know how far/deep you've communicated with him/her.

New Feature: Customize BirdSend Pixel Notification

For BirdSend Pixel, you can now insert hyperlink, bold, italicize, and underline the floating bottom bar text:

Plus you can also customize the button text:

New Feature: Current + Previous Tags & Sequences

Previously, there was only one type of tag and one type of sequence. So a contact is either tagged with this tag/sequence or not.

With this new feature, a contact can have 2 types of tags:

  • Current tag
  • Previous tag

And also 2 types of sequences:

  • Current sequence
  • Previous sequence

This is useful when you want to know the history or past behavior of a contact.

Use Case Example

John is currently tagged "Golf Monthly Membership Site".

Before this new feature, you have no idea how John joined your monthly membership site. Did he one day came across your sales page and then decide to join? Or did he got into your free email list first before being "nurtured" into a paying customer?

You have no idea because there is no "previous" tag or sequence data being shown to you. You only have the "current" tag or sequence data.

With this new feature, you'll be able to know data like...

Turns out John previous tag was "Golf Prospect" and his previous sequence was "Golf Freebie Follow Up".

Which means he was nurtured and converted from a free subscriber to a paid customer.

Or when he refunds your product, the tag "Golf Monthly Membership Site" changes from "current" to "previous" -- which means he is no longer a customer.

See this:

For more info about BirdSend, go here:

Image Resize, Broadcast Filters, & Conversion URL Improvements

We've made improvements to BirdSend:

  • For certain image dimensions inside emails, if user resizes the image, it might get distorted (not resized proportionately). This has been improved so that the image is always resized proportionately.

  • Broadcast filters have been improved for a more efficient stats display.

  • Previously for Conversion URL, the system differentiates between trailing slash "/" at the end of a url and one without "/". This has been improved so that regardless of whether user enters a "/" at the end of the conversion URL, they'll be treated the same.

Fixed Email Link & Conversion Date Filter Bug

We've fixed the following bugs:

  • Links inside emails were previously changed to all lowercase.

  • On "Conversions" page, the "Conversion Date" filter was not working properly.

Fixed BirdSend Pixel Notification Bar

Previously the BirdSend Pixel notification bar can't be disabled even after turning off the feature and saving it. This has now been fixed.

GDPR New Features

For an overview of what GDPR is, please see this.

To comply with GDPR, we've introduced these new features:

  • You can now export subscriber's data should they request a copy of their data that you have on them. Ability to delete your subscriber's data has always been there since our beta release.


  • Checkbox for opt in forms: this is found inside your form settings, where there is now a checkbox [ ] by the name of "GDPR Compliant Checkbox". This feature is optional, you can turn on/off.


  • Link to your privacy policy on opt in form: you now have the ability to link over to your privacy policy page right on the opt in form. This feature is also optional, you can turn on/off.


  • BirdSend Pixel "we're tracking your activity" notification bar: this notification bar lets first-time visitors know that their browsing activities are going to be tracked if they continue browsing your site. You can find this inside your "BirdSend Pixel" settings. This feature is also optional, you can turn on/off.

Fixed Form Design Bug

The form design shown inside the user interface was a little different from the public-facing BirdSend hosted form.

This has been fixed so that what you see in the user interface is exactly what visitors see.

Fixed 2 bugs

We've fixed the following bugs:

  • Image alignment wasn't working properly
  • Continue button on Set Up Broadcast page sometimes can't be clicked

Improve Broadcast Email Logic

We've made some enhancements to the way how our broadcast logic works.

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