New feature: Export contacts

You can now export your contacts from within your BirdSend account.

Go to [Settings] > [Export]:

Fixed zoom in issue in browser

Previously, if the Contacts page was zoomed in using the browser's "zoom in" feature, the number of contacts displayed couldn't automatically load beyond the first 10. This has been fixed.

Fixed broadcast page display and image issues

  • On the Broadcasts page, certain filter conditions (on the left pane) were preventing the full list of contacts to be loaded on the right pane. This has been fixed.

  • If a new DIFFERENT image is uploaded to the user's account (via email editor) but the image has the SAME name as a previously uploaded image, the old previous image will be used instead of the new image. This has been fixed.

Review the recipients of a past broadcast

Previously... once a broadcast has been sent, you weren't able to see the date and time it was originally sent, and the recipients it was sent to.

Now with this update, you're able to see:

  • the date and time the broadcast was sent
  • the recipients of the broadcast (which tags / segments / sequences were used and/or excluded)

Fixed "inserting email address into email editor" error message

We've fixed the following bug:

  • When inserting an email address into the email editor, previously the system gave an error message... even though the email address was saved into the email.

Know who your Unconfirmed Contacts are

We've added a new "Unconfirmed" filter on the Contacts page:

When you use Double Opt In, unconfirmed refers to contacts who have not confirmed their subscription

Checking this box allows you to instantly see who your unconfirmed contacts are.

New Feature: Bring over your LTV data to BirdSend

  • When importing contacts to your account, you can now assign "conversions" to these people.

This means you can bring over your LTV data to BirdSend.

E.g. You're importing a list of customers who have already bought Product A, which costs $100.

Each of these customers' LTV (lifetime value) will then increase by $100.

Then you import another customer list for Product B, which costs $250.

And then for Product C, which costs $500, etc.

You'll then have an accurate LTV inside your account.

Fixed imported csv file containing empty row

We've fixed the following bug:

  • Empty row in the middle of imported csv file (for importing contacts into your account) previously didn't work.

Fixed form stats bug

We've fixed the following bug:

  • Form stats were previously not correctly logged

Tell Us Your Ideas In The New Feedback Forum

We've created a new Feedback Forum for you to voice out your ideas and suggestions for improvements as well as new features you'd like to see.

Click here to go the new Feedback Forum

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