Massive overhaul of our compliance process

We did a major overhaul in our backend system to to improve and tighten up our compliance process.

The result is -- only legit users are able to use BirdSend to send out emails.

Some of the areas that were overhauled:

  • Import contacts process

  • Throttling process for newly imported contacts

  • Email validation process

  • Email distribution process

Forms now support single quote (') characters

Forms now support single quote (') characters for names.




Using only macros in hyperlinks now supported

Using only macros in hyperlinks are now supported.




Sequence stats load improvement

We've made improvements in the way Sequence stats load -- so that the overall experience is better, faster, and more intuitive.

Conversion URL now supports 5 different conditions

Previously... when tracking conversions/purchases, you can only set the "Conversion URL" as "equal to".

Which is not very flexible.

So we've went ahead and improved upon this. With this new improvement, you can now set the Conversion URL with 5 different conditions:

Conversion URL:

  • Equals
  • Contains
  • Doesn't Contain
  • Starts with
  • Ends with

This gives you more flexibility when setting up Conversions to track purchases.


New feature: Know WHO opened, clicked, converted in an email BROADCAST

Previously it was for email SEQUENCES...

This time it's for email BROADCASTS.

For an email broadcast, you can now know:

  • who opened a specific email in the sequence, and the time it happened

  • who clicked a link in a specific email, and the time it happened

  • who unsubscribed via a specific email, and the time it happened

  • which email addresses bounced, and the time it happened

  • who marked a specific email as spam, and the time it happened


- who converted (bought WHICH specific product/service from you for HOW MUCH) inside a specific email, and the time it happened

The last point is important and useful because:

1/ You'll know who actually spend money with you and for how much, not just taking you for a free ride. Make sure you treat them better than the free riders.

2/ You'll know which are your top performing emails. You can then mimic these emails and write more similar profit-pulling emails to increase your sales revenue.

On the SAME screen, you can also tag and segment contacts based on their behavior -- e.g. those who opened or clicked or converted.

New feature: Exclude certain contacts from receiving certain sequence emails

Setting up an email sequence is a nice (and most common) piece of email automation one can do.

A new contact/subscriber opts in to get your freebie, and an automated email is instantly sent to deliver the freebie.

Over the coming days and weeks, you continue to build relationships and provide value to them.

Sometimes though... inside your sequence... you only want to send certain emails to certain people.


Email #7 and #10 inside a sequence is promoting your product A.

You don't want these two emails to go out to contacts who have already bought product A.

With this "exclude contacts inside a sequence email" new feature, you can now easily set this up in 5 seconds.

No joke!

How to set this up

Inside your email sequence, click on the "filter icon":

From there, it's very straightforward and simple. Simply choose who you want to exclude from receiving that specific email.

Fixed sorting order for broadcasts

Previously there was a slight mistake in the sorting order of broadcast emails on the Broadcast Overview page. This has been fixed.

New Feature: Resend to unopens (broadcast emails)

More eyeballs for your your emails at no extra cost (again)

Same with sequence emails, now you can resend broadcast emails to those people who haven't opened your emails in a certain period of time.

E.g. Resend this email with a new subject line if contacts have not opened in 5 days.

This only takes a click of the mouse to set up -- 15 seconds!

For 15 seconds of work to get more exposure for your emails, why not!

Fixed links containing query string macros

Previously inside the email editor, when hyperlinking to a url containing macros, like this:

http: //

It wasn't saved correctly.

This has been fixed.

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