New Feature: Resend to unopens (broadcast emails)

More eyeballs for your your emails at no extra cost (again)

Same with sequence emails, now you can resend broadcast emails to those people who haven't opened your emails in a certain period of time.

E.g. Resend this email with a new subject line if contacts have not opened in 5 days.

This only takes a click of the mouse to set up -- 15 seconds!

For 15 seconds of work to get more exposure for your emails, why not!

Fixed links containing query string macros

Previously inside the email editor, when hyperlinking to a url containing macros, like this:

http: //

It wasn't saved correctly.

This has been fixed.

Fixed BirdSend Pixel tracking issue

Some conversions were previously not correctly recorded. This has been fixed.

New Feature: Resend to unopens (sequence emails)

More eyeballs for your your emails at no extra cost.

You now have the ability to resend a sequence email with a different subject line to those who haven't opened your original email within a certain time frame (x days).

E.g. Resend email to those who haven't opened your original email in 5 days.

To active this feature, go to the Sequence in question, and under the original subject line field, you'll see a [Resend] checkbox.

Simply tick this checkbox and enter your new subject line and the number of days to wait before resending the email.

Done! As simple as that for more eyeballs at no extra cost!

Fixed minor form design bug

We've fixed a minor design bug with our hosted form.

Previously when the headline on the form was bold/italicized, it won't work. This has been fixed.

Conversion details now available on Contact details page

You'll now see a [Conversions] on Contact details page. This lets you know which offers a particular contact has bought or which campaigns he has converted.

New Feature: Output custom fields in your emails

You can now output your contact's custom field inside your emails.

E.g. You have the phone number and mailing address of your contacts stored inside your BirdSend account, using custom fields.

You want to send out a parcel to them and hence need to verify their mailing address and phone number.

You could write something like this in your emails:

I'm sending over this parcel to you.

Can you please verify that the data below is correct?

Mailing address: bla bla bla

Phone number: bla bla bla

Click here for more details

New Feature: Output contact's email address on Thank You page

You now have the ability to output a contact's email address on the thank you page right after he submits his email address.

From the thank you page, you can perform various kinds of automation.

Fixed sequence spam stats not showing up in Firefox

We've fixed a bug found only in Firefox browsers -- the sequence details page was previously not showing the Spam stats.

New Feature: Know WHO opened, clicked, and converted inside an email (sequence)

Inside an email sequence, you can now know:

  • who opened a specific email in the sequence, and the time it happened

  • who clicked a link in a specific email, and the time it happened

  • who unsubscribed via a specific email, and the time it happened

  • which email addresses bounced, and the time it happened

  • who marked a specific email as spam, and the time it happened


- who converted (bought WHICH specific product/service from you for HOW MUCH) inside a specific email, and the time it happened

The last point is important and useful because:

1/ You'll know who actually spend money with you and for how much, not just taking you for a free ride. Make sure you treat them better than the free riders.

2/ You'll know which are your top performing emails. You can then mimic these emails and write more similar profit-pulling emails to increase your sales revenue.

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