Improved form submission security

We're sure you want as little spam complaints as possible. So do we.

Hence, using a complex algorithm that we've developed… we've further improved the form submission process to make sure only legit humans are submitting their email address into your forms.

Compatibility of BirdSend forms with WordPress themes that shrink/enlarge

Previously when a WordPress theme shrinks the font size of your site instead of using a 100% or 1:1 ratio, BirdSend-designed forms also shrink/enlarge.

We've fixed this so that our forms don't shrink/enlarge even when used together with such a WordPress theme.

Know why your contacts unsubscribe

You can now see the reason why a certain contact unsubscribes from you.

Go to the broadcast or sequence email in question, go to [Unsubscribes] tab >> go to a specific contact >> hover the (?) tooltip and you'll see the reason for the unsubscribe:

SendOwl integration

We've released direct integration with SendOwl.

After someone buys your products in SendOwl, you can add them to your BirdSend account, tag them, add to sequences, etc.

To set it up, go to [Automation] >> [Rules] >> create a new Rule.

Under [Triggers] >> select [SendOwl].

The following Trigger options are available:

  • product purchased
  • product refunded
  • subscription canceled

Use Conversion NAME as Rule Trigger

For Rules Trigger, previously it was limited to only Conversion COUNT and Conversion VALUE.

Now you can also select Conversion NAME.

Referral Link attached with BirdSend branding

You can now turn on BirdSend branding with your Referral Link attached.

This means you'll get credited for commissions when people who clicked your link join BirdSend.

Here are the benefits of our referral program:

1/ Earn 30% recurring commissions.

2/ Get 500 BONUS contacts you can store in your account for each referral you bring.

3/ Your referrals also get 500 BONUS contacts they can store in their accounts.

Everyone wins!


You can turn on BirdSend branding in 2 places:


1/ In the footer of your email:


2/ On your BirdSend-designed form:

You can choose to turn on in both places or just one of them. The more exposure you give your Referral Link the higher the chance people are going to click on them


How To Turn On Your Referral Link


For #1 -- in the footer of your email

From inside your account >> [Settings icon] >> [Email Settings] >> [Attribution] >> turn on [Show BirdSend logo in email footer]


For #2 -- on your BirdSend designed form

Go to the form in question >> [Customize] >> turn on [Show BirdSend Branding] and [Use your referral link]


We look forward to sending you recurring commissions.

You win with the recurring commissions! We win by getting more customers! The people you refer also win by getting themselves on a strong email marketing tool to engage with their audience!

WooCommerce support for Cart Abandoned & Subscription Canceled

Our direct integration with WooCommerce now supports more Rule Triggers:

  • When subscription is canceled
  • When cart is abandoned

View & Customize your emails via html

You can now view the html code for your emails, and edit as you see fit.

This is for advanced users who know about html.

Inside the email editor, go to the rightmost icon (HTML) and click on that to switch to html mode:

Once you're done viewing/editing the html, click the icon one more time to switch to the normal visual mode.



Please don't go overboard with the styling/design of your emails as it impacts your email deliverability. This is one of the major reasons why we don't natively build fancy-designed email templates into the system. We use a simple email template to keep the backend html code as clean as possible, which email inbox providers like.

Also, we believe that as content creators, you should focus in creating GREAT CONTENT rather than worrying about fancy-designed emails. After all, your contacts subscribed to you in the first place because they expect your content to be great, not because they expect your emails to have fancy design.

Auto SET UP Conversion/Sales & Revenue (WooCommerce)

Now you can simply "connect" your WooCommerce store with your BirdSend account (only need to do it ONCE)… and all SALES/CONVERSION and REVENUE will show up automatically inside your BirdSend account, under the corresponding contact who bought the product.

This means your Contact's Number of Conversion and their LTV (lifetime value) will be updated.

Here's how it looks on the Contacts page:


Inside the individual Contact Details page, you can also see the product they've bought:


Click here for more info about Conversion/Sales tracking in BirdSend

Compress images for faster loading without sacrificing image quality

Images uploaded to the system to be used inside emails and on forms will be compressed using "Lossy" image optimization mode.

The result is that images will load even faster:

  • when your contacts open these images inside your emails
  • when these images are used on your forms