Bezala & GDPR

As part of the continued effort to process your personal data only in compliance with the applicable law Renance - Automated Financial Services Oy (The provider of Bezala) has been preparing its organisation and functions to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We at Bezala strive to make the process of creating, approving and accounting expense claims as easy as possible. We have provided you with information related to this process in various forms including email. We hope that you have enjoyed receiving emails regarding your Expense Claim Process and it is our privilege to provide you with meaningful emails even in the future. However, you can switch off the email notifications in your profile if you do not want to receive them in the future.

We have already updated the way that we process your personal data to better meet the new requirements provided in the regulation. Here are just a few examples of what we have done:

  • We no longer send personal information via Email
  • We've developed easy to use user-import tools in an effort to remove the need to send user details to us via Email when onboarding new clients
  • We've limited who can see a users personal information if the user is being invited from another Bezala company

Some of the specifics of how we store and process your personal data depends on the contract your company has with Bezala. Please contact us if you want to update your contract to include our new Data Protection Agreement.

If you have any questions about how we collect, store, process or use your personal data, you are welcomed to contact us

Yours sincerely,

Fredrik Teir CEO

Mobile update 4.1.7

This update contains mainly bug fixes:

  • it's now possible to insert costs lower than 1 EUR
  • images now have the right proportions after rotation
  • photos taken in landscape mode now have the right orientation
  • the company header now properly refreshes when switching between companies
  • the login screen is now always in English
  • the version number is now visible from the login screen

In the next release we'll add an "archive view", meaning that you can see your already accounted expenses.

Sign in with Microsoft or Google

Do you often find yourself clicking the "forgot password" button? Good news: We've added two new ways to sign in:

  1. Sign in with Google
  2. Sign in with Microsoft

Want to continue logging in with your password?

  • Thats not a problem, your password still works

Want to disable Password Authentication?

  • For security reasons, some clients have asked us to disable password authentication for the users of their company.
  • If you also want to remove the Password Authentication alternative from your users, just contact our support.

The Rightful Approver

Sometimes users might want someone other than their normal approver to approve a specific expense. We're happy to announce, that now you can give your users that flexibility.

Let the King of the North approve what he needs to approve.

Let's say that you have the "Dragon Queen" specified as your approver. You normally work in the southern offices and she's the queen of the south so that's fine. But recently you were asked to go to the north to fix a wall. A big wall. So you may wan't the expenses associated with the wall fixing to be approved by the King of the North? Like this: But what if your company has someone else who's in control of the money, lets call them "The Lannisters". Shouldn't they approve all expenses before the company pays for them?

Well lucky you, today we're introducing two new user roles in Bezala that will enable this:

  1. Fact Checker
  2. Money Checker

When giving the Fact Checker role to a user, that user will be shown in the list of approvers whom another user can ask to approve a specific expense. When giving the Money Checker role to a user, that user will always be the final approver for all expenses where the approval cycle has been manually changed.

This way, you can rest assured that none of your users can override the approval cycle, yet that they can still send their own expenses to their rightful approvers.

What if you work for both sides of the wall?

We have surprisingly many users who are in two companies. And it's fully understandable that the approval cycle will not be the same in both of these companies. Thats why we've updated the logic of our approval cycle, so that users can have different approval cycles in different companies.

Other improvements:

  • If you create expenses on behalf of other users, you'll notice that we now, upon expense creation, fetch the default settings of user on behalf of whom you are creating the expense.
  • Daily allowance and mileage accounting codes are now also shown in the export views
  • The users page now shows correct roles

It's Security Audit Time!

The stability of our service and the security of our clients data is of utter most importance to us. Hence we have employed Silverskin Oy to conduct a Security Audit on our behalf. Furthermore, we intend to continue having external Security Audits conducted on a regular basis.

During this week, Silverskin Oy will conduct penetration testing and try to see data they shouldn't. This will not affect usage in any way.

Credit Cards are meant to be used.

Missing Credit Card Receipts can be a pain. A pain to the Credit Card user, to the bookkeeper and to all others involved in the process of inserting receipts and reminding of missing ones. But suffer no longer, as Bezalas feature for reminding users of receipts that they need to send in has taken a big leap towards automating this process entirely.

Here's how to make this process easier:

  1. Send an email to and let us know that you want to start using our credit card bill reminders. And please mention if you also want us to import old credit card bills to Bezala.
  2. Bezala will automatically start importing new bills as they appear in your bookkeeping software.
  3. Once the bill is imported, Bezala will connect it to the receipts inserted to Bezala.
  4. Enjoy a hot beverage whilst we send a reminder to the Credit Card user with a list of the receipts that still need to be sent in.

Obviously, we can't guarantee that the receipts will be sent in by the user, but at least you can save some time by letting Bezala take care of the reminding.

Here's a list of how we improved this feature:

  • We now connect a Credit Card directly to a user, instead of connecting them to a payment method. This way connecting the receipts to the bill lines will be a lot more accurate.
  • We now connect the receipts to the Credit Card Bill Line based on the receipts sum, not the individual VAT lines. This way also receipts with multiple VAT lines will be automatically connected.
  • A new option called "No receipt needed" has been added to the dropdown in the credit card bill lines. When this is selected, we won't remind the credit card user of that receipt.
  • A direct link to the receipt can now be found on the Credit Card Bill Line.
  • + lot's of other small fixes

How Alfred does Batmans Expenses

Alfred wanted to use Receiptcamera for handling Batmans expenses, but was worried that Receiptcamera would clog Batmans inbox. Knowing this, we at Receiptcamera worked hard during the summer to help Alfred. And now Alfred can use Receiptcamera on behalf of Batman without Batman even knowing about it.

And the good news is that this isn't just for Alfred: This is for all the superheroes who do expenses on behalf of other people! Here's how to use this new feature:

  1. When adding Batman to receiptcamera, use your own email address, but add Batmans name before your email address, and combine his name and your email by using a "+" sign. Ex: (
  2. Now you start adding expenses on behalf of Batman through your account, or you can log in directly into his account.
  3. Batman won't get any emails from us, but we will of course send them all to you.

Other remarkable changes

  • You can now add negative receipts to Receiptcamera (returns and so on).
  • Receipts can now be copied to yourself or other users from the upper right corner of the receipt form. But please note that we do not copy the actual image, as that would be illegal.
  • Approvers who by accident disapproved a transaction can now send the transaction back to approval.

Smaller changes made to improve the life of our accountants

  • We increased image quality of the images we generate for emails forwarded to us, so that the price is easier to spot.
  • We made the PDF that we send to accounting a lot clearer & added cost centers to the transactions.

Pest control report (Bug fixes)

  • Finnish reference numbers are now properly generated for the e-invoice clients.
  • The sorting of transactions in the export views is now working properly again.
  • All images are now shown (even to users with small screens) in the export view.

Small improvements

In the export views, you can now:

  • Search for transactions of a specific price through the export view.
  • See who has created the transaction (if someone other than the user created a transaction for the user).

Other improvements:

  • The VAT code is now hidden for accountants of non-profit organisations.
  • Managers can now delete unwanted users who joined their companies through the self-service form.

Change the approval cycle

You can now change the approval cycle of a single transaction that has not yet been sent to accounting. The new approvers can be anyone in your company, but by default only managers and accountants can change the approval cycle.

Please contact our support team if you also want employees to be able to change the approval cycle.

Other improvements:

  • You can now save changes to a draft in the web app and get back to it later.
  • The account number to trigger reimbursements can now be changed to any account you wish.
  • Approvers can now see the transactions they have approved in the export views.

Bug fixes:

  • Sorting transactions in the export view now works properly again.
  • Emails sent from the iPhones mail app are now properly added to receiptcamera.

An easier way to add multiple mileage claims at once

We've just made the process of adding many mileage claims at once a lot easier by adding a new route field to the mileage claim form.

Other improvements:

  • The images in the PDF files we send to accounting are now properly organised.
  • The export views for mileages and daily allowances are now hidden from users whose companies have not activated the mileage and daily allowance features.

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