Fix experiences not loading sometimes when editing

.... also made it easier to get to your profile page when logged in!

Update to profile and completion

  • Add user image to nav bar
  • Added percentage complete to profile when logged in and styled it up a bit nicer
  • Add current role to page title
  • Style up the profile deletion page a little
  • Add link to upload a LinkedIn profile straight from the completion section on the profile page

Image from iOS.png

Bumper update to profile editing, export, and delete.

  • Added a new experimental feature to export all your data as JSON resume.
  • Merged all the profile actions to the main menu in the top right. We also added a sign out action for those people using a shared computer.
  • Added name and profile URL editing. Typos can be pesky things!
  • Added some more guidance around profile completion. Make it obvious what has been done, the impact, and how to fix it.
  • Added an example back into the era creation. Based on beta testing feedback people found this useful.
  • Added an example into the skills cloud if no skills have been tagged. Now you can see what you are missing! ;-)
  • Moved the profile delete action to the profile editing screens. All the profile management is now in one place.

We've made profile setup even easier

Get started on your profile straight away, choose how you complete it and when. The setup and edit pages are now combined. To celebrate this we have also given them a bit of a cosmetic refresh!

Minor profile bug fixed

  • In certain circumstances you couldn't create profiles were there was an empty social link, eek sorry about that!
  • Fixed profile structure so that they play nicer with search engines and screen readers
  • Fixed profile sharing to always use the correct image

Profile and SEO improvements

  • Add Portfolio experience type - not everyone's experience fits into "Work Experience" or "Education", so to supplement our site specific portfolio pieces like GitHub or Flickr we have added a general area for you. Use Markdown to style it your way for your story.
  • Add user links and description into the Google card for improved SEO. Tailor your appearance in search results to tell your story.
  • Added more social user links from IMDB to Google+, and Medium to Flickr we've added it to the abstract.

Texture, lense, and profile fixes

  • Add header texture to lense view too
  • Fix weird sharer style regression
  • Change share message depending on profile ownership
  • Added other social profile links to the "manage profile" screens

Change header colour and texture

Add a bit more personality to your profile!

More colours and options coming soon as we build up the personalisation framework. Let us know how you would like to personalise your profile.

New abstract format for profiles

We have added a new format for the summary abstract! This one is based around who you want to help and the goals that you can help them achieve

We have also updated the profile guide to reflect recent changes (along with all the obligatory performance and bug fixes people always do in releases :-))

Sharing profile lense now use correct URL

Oops! Social sharing now uses the correct URL no matter which page or tailored view that you are in

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