Cover letter generator

We have now released into a public beta the Cover Letter Generator

https   bashfully staging herokuapp com manage cover letter.png

This is still pretty experimental and aims to help break writers block! We are doing that by using data, which you have already entered, to let us help you find the right experience to highlight. Get a start in telling your story from the Era descriptions from your profile.

How else can we help you with cover letters?

Updates to profile view and editing

As we enter Autumn here at Bashfully Towers, a bit of a refresh on the profile view to make the tag line of the abstract stand out more. We have also given the editing experience a makeover with more guidance about what to include. We have also added an estimated date range to the Era description.

We have also got a cover letter generator in closed beta, which we can't wait to share with everyone!

Fixes to mobile and profile views

  • Profile pages appear a bit better on mobile and screen space should be better used for editing
  • Homepage tweaked to fix a few issues with fonts and layout on certain devices/browsers
  • Editing experience has been improved
  • Design changes on "stackoverflow" PDF template layout to highlight skills
  • Tweaks to authorisation page

Profile display improvements for mobile

  • Improvements to edit era page to see the whole story
  • Profile display improvements for mobile
  • Display the profile view stats on the settings page

New express import from GitHub!

Import your repos to kick-start a portfolio based resume. This includes auto-tagging of skills, from GitHub topics, and suggestions based on the description

Tweak to profile display and SEO

  • Tweak to how the profile view displays on desktops
  • Fix to how search engines treat the profiles to go to the main profile
  • Added a new Resources page with helpful tips to craft an awesome CV
  • Added Markdown tips to the experience editing pages, to help your CV pop!

Suggestions for skills on import

When importing from LinkedIn, get suggestions from your skills listed to match with the relevant experience. This is great for giving recruiters and hiring managers more of an insight as to how you have gained and applied your skills

manage suggestions.png

Added a new PDF resume template

Added the Sceptile template to the export options, more info on our integrations page

Bumper update to import/export

  • Export as PDF - NEW!
  • Export as JSON resume - IMPROVED!
  • Add qualification based CV style for recent grads - NEW!
  • Added LinkedIn authentication - NEW!
  • Allow reassigning experiences on Era management page- NEW!
  • one-hit LinkedIn import - NEW!
  • Start recording profile views by day - UI COMING SOON!
  • Freshen up main landing page - IMPROVED!
  • Pages comparing Bashfully features to LinkedIn, VisualCV, and GitHUb - NEW!

Fix experiences not loading sometimes when editing

.... also made it easier to get to your profile page when logged in!

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Bashfully will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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