Minor profile bug fixed

  • In certain circumstances you couldn't create profiles were there was an empty social link, eek sorry about that!
  • Fixed profile structure so that they play nicer with search engines and screen readers
  • Fixed profile sharing to always use the correct image

Profile and SEO improvements

  • Add Portfolio experience type - not everyone's experience fits into "Work Experience" or "Education", so to supplement our site specific portfolio pieces like GitHub or Flickr we have added a general area for you. Use Markdown to style it your way for your story.
  • Add user links and description into the Google card for improved SEO. Tailor your appearance in search results to tell your story.
  • Added more social user links from IMDB to Google+, and Medium to Flickr we've added it to the abstract.

Texture, lense, and profile fixes

  • Add header texture to lense view too
  • Fix weird sharer style regression
  • Change share message depending on profile ownership
  • Added other social profile links to the "manage profile" screens

Change header colour and texture

Add a bit more personality to your profile!

More colours and options coming soon as we build up the personalisation framework. Let us know how you would like to personalise your profile.

New abstract format for profiles

We have added a new format for the summary abstract! This one is based around who you want to help and the goals that you can help them achieve

We have also updated the profile guide to reflect recent changes (along with all the obligatory performance and bug fixes people always do in releases :-))

Sharing profile lense now use correct URL

Oops! Social sharing now uses the correct URL no matter which page or tailored view that you are in

Build a resume your way!

You can now start a Bashfully profile completely from scratch! Now you get the choice to either use an existing profile PDF or a blank profile to add erese rience yourself for more control.

Previously we had limited profile creation to those who already had some data to import. Our builder is now ready for everyone!

Experience highlighting is here!

For the bits of experience that you really want to show off

As the screen shot above shows, the text is larger with a coloured background.

We have also been doing some cleaning up:

  • Adding some more guidance in the profile editing
  • Some other little tweaks to improve profile SEO

New product feedback function

See something that you like in Bashfully? Drop us a line!

Something you need not there? Or something not working quite right? Let us know!

Head on down to the bottom right of the page and click "PRODUCT FEEDBACK"

Introducing profile "lenses"!

This has been a larger update than normal, along with Christmas and TWO house moves, hence the delay ... but we think it has been worth waiting for.

  • Create and share tailored versions of your profile, we are calling these a "lense" as they focus attention where you want it.

Hide the experience, or entire eras, that are not relevant to the story that you want to tell.

  • For more control on the main profile you can now change the order of eras.

  • We have also spent time on framework updates, including the cosmetics including the icons that we use

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Bashfully will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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