Babysittersclub.Co changelog
Babysittersclub.Co changelog

An end of an era to Babysitters Club

Babysitters club was our baby.

But as we all know, babies don't remain the same - they grow.

With enough nourishment, love, presence and experiences, our babies evolve into their own little people. Little people that work hard to show their gifts to the world. Little people that have a lot to offer those around them.

Babysitters club was our baby, but we've grown up now - we've changed.

From humble beginnings, to experiences gained, and with years worth of love, passion and commitment, we are ready to show you who we are now - who we have become.

Introducing our little one, all grown up.

Bright As the years have rolled by, Babysitters Club has evolved from a small bunch of women offering their time and skills to families in need, to a nationwide service that has supported thousands of children and families, day in, day out.

As time has gone on we wanted to capture a name and create a brand that not only reflected all that we have become, but one that allowed room for where we are headed.

Our team, our values and our dedication to child care remains the same, but there is so much more to offer, so much more to come.

We are here to provide Bright experiences and Bright futures for the children of New Zealand and their families. We are here to continue to live out our cornerstone philosophy that ‘each and every interaction contributes to the person that you become’. We are here to disrupt the current childcare industry, to create more meaningful, supportive and enriching experiences for all children under our care, and to make those experiences as accessible as possible.

As we proudly flourish into the company we have always aspired to be, we will always hold our loyal Babysitters Club community close to our hearts. We wouldn’t be who we are today without you and we cannot wait to bring you with us for the next chapter.

With care, Georgia and the Bright team