We'll now tell you how much you'll pay in taxes on top of your Avios

When you search for availability, we'll now show you how much you'll pay in taxes per person on top of the cost in Avios.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 15.23.38.png

Sometimes, it's cheaper to buy two one-way tickets than a return (for example from London 🇬🇧 to Tokyo 🇯🇵). When that's the case, we'll give you a heads up so you can save money. (This also happens sometimes for Reward Flight Saver, but we're not ready to flag that quite yet.)

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The date picker for setting up alerts now shows the day of the week

When you're setting up an alert, you select using a calendar what dates you're interested in.

Since the beginning of BA Redemption Finder, we've shown the weekdays on the availability calendar, but not when you're selecting dates for your alerts. Now, we'll show you the days of the week to help you pick the right day.

Thanks to Alexis for the suggestion 💌

It's not currently possible to search for BA's new route to Kos, Greece 🇬🇷

A couple of weeks ago, BA announced a new route from London to Kos, Greece 🇬🇷

Unfortunately, this destination isn't working in BA Redemption Finder due to an issue with BA's data. The cause is unclear - we have the same issue with Seychelles (SEZ), but other recently launched routes (for example Osaka) work fine.

I'll be looking into this, but until then, you'll get a warning if you try to look for redemptions to Kos. Sorry!

You can now search for BA's new route to Osaka, Japan 🇯🇵

Today, BA launched flights from Heathrow to its second Japanese city: Osaka! 🇯🇵

Starting from the beginning of April 2019, there'll be four flights a week in either direction using a Boeing 787-8.

The flights will operate to Kansai International Airport (KIX), but you'll need to use the city code OSA when searching on BA Redemption Finder.

Availability is wide open, meaning the possibility of grabbing a much sought after redemption for the cherry blossom season 🌸

Easier to use autocomplete when typing where you're flying from and to

We've made some small improvements to the autocomplete when you start typing where you want to fly from and to.

You can now type a country's name, and we'll show you places there. This is especially useful for places like Barbados and Jamaica, where you're probably more likely to be thinking about the island than the city you're flying to (Bridgetown and Kingston, respectively!).

We now also display Oakland and San Jose in California with their city names, rather than San Francisco (which is how BA slightly unhelpfully market them!).

We'll now take into account your Executive Club tier when searching availability

British Airways Executive Club members with Gold or Gold Guest List status can see additional redemption availability in Economy over and above the usual supply.

You can now tell BA Redemption Finder what status you have when searching, and we'll pull in this availability.

This can make quite a big difference - as an example, looking at London to San Francisco in Economy, there are 11 days with availability for a Blue member, but 29 for a Gold member.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 15.11.59.png

If you're already using BA Redemption Finder, you can tell us what status you have here. We'll remember your choice, and apply it to all of your alerts.

When using BA Redemption Finder for the first time, we'll remember the tier you specified for your first alert.

We now support BA's new routes to Cologne and Pittsburgh

BA have recently launched new routes from Gatwick to Cologne (running four times per week from 16th November until the end of March) and from Heathrow to Pittsburgh (operating four days per week, all year round, from 2nd April 2019).

You can now search availability on BA Redemption Finder - seats are wide open thanks to the guaranteed two seats in Business and two seats in Economy for each flight!

You can now use a credit/debit card to sign up for Elite in the UK

Until now, we've offered Direct Debit payments for customers in the UK and European Union, and credit/debit card for customers elsewhere.

You can sign now sign up for an Elite membership for £3 per month using your credit or debit card.

The site now works properly with older versions of Internet Explorer

For a little while, parts of the site haven't been working properly on older versions of Internet Explorer.

This is now fixed, so the site will work with Internet Explorer 10 onwards.

Peak and off-peak dates around the end of 2018 are now correct again

Since the weekend, peak and off-peak dates around the end of 2018 have been a little messed up due to some fat-fingered typing while adding 2019's dates.

Thanks to Steve for spotting this and letting me know ❤️

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