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Auto Fulfill changelog

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How vendors can use Auto Fulfill vendor link?

Once a customer places an order, the vendor will receive an order notification email, the email consists of order details, vendor link and packing slip if needed.

Email Notification Screenshot


Vendor can see the order details in the email as well in the vendor link. The vendor can bookmark the link and refresh the page to see new orders.

The orders will reflect in the vendor link within 2 to 3 minutes of the order placed. The vendor can enter the tracking number & tacking company URL in the vendor link.


The vendor has an option to enter the comments for unfulfilled orders which can be seen by the merchant.


Also, there is an option to download the excel file and update the tracking details and upload the file back.


Sample file preview-full-Screenshot_092419_025849_PM.jpg


1) Please use only 3 columns, "Tracking Number" "Tracking Company" & "Comments".
2) Use tracking company link instead of a tracking company name. 2) Modification of the excel sheet will not fulfill the orders in Shopify.

Packing Slip


If an order contains a packing slip, it will be included in the email and in the vendor link.