Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

Version 2.7 is LIVE - Projects, Clickup Integration & Grouped Notifications






In one of our biggest updates yet you can expect more integrations and some amazing new features that will make working with Atarim even better.

You can view the full post about 2.7 here

New Features & Improvements

  • Projects - You can now categorize websites inside your Agency Dashboard by adding them to a project. You can name the project, assign users to it and then add the websites which will sit inside it.

  • 15 Minute Grouped Email Notifications - Previously, if you had all notifications enabled, it could feel like you were being bombarded with notifications when tasks were being updated. With the new grouped email notifications, if a task is updated we'll wait 15 minutes, if another update happens before 15 minutes is up, the timer starts again.

  • ClickUp Integration - You can now link your ClickUp account to your Agency Dashboard inside the settings screen under integrations, by doing so, you'll unlock a bunch of amazing ways to keep your tasks insync.

  • Integromat Integration - Furthering your integration options even further, you can now use Integromat natively with Atarim. When creating a new automation, you can create new triggers and actions, choose Atarim as the app and enter your API key that can be found in your integrations settings inside the Agency Dashboard.

  • User Permissions On Global Settings - To save you even more time, we've added the user permissions table to your general settings on the Agency Dashboard. This means you can set them up once, and then apply them to all websites using the global settings, making the setup process even shorter. You can also keep these settings local too if you need to.

  • Edit & Delete Comments - By hovering over comments that are inside a task on the Agency Dashboard or the Client Interface Plugin, you can now edit and delete comments. If a comment has been edited, it will show an edited tag, and if a comment is deleted, it will show that is has been deleted. Now you can fix those pesky spelling mistakes on your comments.

  • Automatically Enabling Notifications - With our new 15 minute grouped notifications, we've decided to enable notifications by default for users. The risk with this previously was that you and your clients would receive too many, but now you'll get a single email that contains all updates, making them even more useful than before.

  • Websites Screen - You now have a few options when hovering over a website on the websites screen with 4 brand new icons.. You can go to your inbox with the website selected, go to the boards with the website selected, directly login to the WP admin of the site or access settings (you can ignore this one for now).

  • Plugin Installer Now Default Webmaster - When installing the Client Interface Plugin, the account that does so will be automatically assigned as the webmaster of Atarim inside the website. Previously you had to set this yourself, again making the setup process even smoother! We will also be improving the onboarding experience across the board for both you, your team and clients in a future update.

  • Settings Screen Restructure - As we continue to further the functionality of the Agency Dashboard with more and more features, the settings screen is expanding. To make it easier to navigate, we have restructured the design to make it easier for you to find what you need.

Bug Fixes & Notices:

  • Push to media folder - Previously, when uploading an image to a task on the front or back-end of a website, you would not be able to push to the media folder, it would only show the button after refreshing. This has now been fixed.
  • Notices - In some instances, notices were showing to activate even if a website was activated, this has been fixed.
  • User deletion - If a user was deleted, this would not be reflected in comments inside tasks. This has now been fixed and replaced with "deleted user"
  • Moving domain- Previously, if you moved a website to a different domain, it would be confusing when trying to activate this website on your Agency Dashboard. Now, if a website is migrated to a different domain, the website becomes invalidated, enabling you to activate it again and add it. Next step is to enable you to merge websites (more on that later).
  • Notification safe mode - In some instances, safe mode was being toggled when global settings were being turn on and off. Note that in the next update, we are removing unsafe mode altogether to ensure that notifications are always being sent!