Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

Version 2.6 is LIVE - Internal Tasks, Email Upgrades and Bug Fixes






This update includes a feature that has been highly requested and we are super excited for it to be included (internal tasks).

You can view a full blog post about Version 2.6 here

New Features + Improvements

  • Internal Tasks - You can now create tasks that can only be seen by Webmasters on both the Client Interface Plugin and the Agency Dashboard making it super easy to talk internally with your team on tasks that do not concern your clients. You can toggle tasks between normal and internal with a new icon on tasks.

  • Email Redesign - All email notifications have been redesigned to include more information and white label settings, making them even more usefull.

  • Reply To Notifications - Replying to a notification email will now put that reply as a comment into the task that the notification came from, enabling your clients to easily respond to task updates.

  • Upgraded licensing system - We've completely moved functionality of website slots to the Agency Dashboard, meaning that now if you want to free up slots, all you need to do is archive a website.

  • Email Signature - You can now add an email signature to emails that are sent from inside the Agency Dashboard, giving you more customization and personalization.

  • Autologin to WP - On the your Agency Dashboard Inbox and Boards screen, you can automatically login to the WordPress Admin of a website by clicking the arrow next to the website name, saving you loads of time.

Bug Fixes & Notices

  • Email Limits - On some accounts emails were being spammed, clogging up our system. We've set a limit of 500 emails and 2000 emails for Agency plans per day as a fail safe.
  • Agency Dashboard Link Sharing - Sharing a link to the Agency Dashboard sometimes took you to the wrong place, this has been fixed.
  • Responsive fix - previously you could not see the open task button on tablet, this has been fixed.
  • Activity feed - Comments created in guest mode were showing on the activity feed of the Agency Dashbard, this has been fixed
  • General task tag - adding a general task was not adding the tag to the sidebar of the Client Interface Plugin, this has been fixed.
  • Timer Display Issue - The interface for a timer was showing the incorrect amount of time spent on a task (this did not affect the actual logged time), this has been fixed.
  • Graphics In Guest Mode - Sometimes graphics were not accessible even with guest mode turned on, this has been fixed.
  • WPML Bug - Activating a website did not work correctly if WPML was installed, this has been fixed.
  • Boards Tasks Bug - Tasks from archived sites were still showing on boards when clicking on "all sites", this has been fixed.
  • Open Task Button - When clicking this button sometimes tasks were not automatically opening when the page loads, this has been fixed.
  • Task Details - Sometimes task details were not loading when clicking a sticker on the front-end of a website, this has been fixed.