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Upgrade Your Agency With The First All In One Solution For Hosting And Visual Collaboration

We’ve been working closely with Ben and his team from to create something that is very special 🚀. If you’ve never heard of Rocket, they offer the best WordPress hosting out there (so much so that we moved our main website, and the speed decrease was absolutely insane!).

With this new integration, you can connect your account to your Atarim Dashboard, which allows you to:

  • Create New Staging Environments From Atarim: Easily and quickly create staging websites on from your Atarim Agency Dashboard. And automatically install the Visual Collaboration Plugin on creation so you can get started straight away!

  • Manage Your Websites' Hosting From Atarim: With this integration you can manage all aspects of your website hosting directly from your Atarim agency dashboard. Dashboard.

  • One Click Collaboration From Inside your Dashboard, simply click one button to start collaborating on a website. This means no matter which Dashboard you are logged in to, you will always have access to your client requests and all of your hosting settings for your websites.

Find out more about this integration here and how to get started!

If you haven't already, we strongly recommend giving Rocket a try, you can get started for just $1 right now.