Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

New Feature: ClickUp Integration





You can now link your ClickUp account to your Agency Dashboard inside the settings screen under integrations, by doing so, you'll unlock a bunch of amazing ways to keep your tasks insync.

  • Pushing Tasks To ClickUp
    You can push single tasks from both the task center & boards screen into a ClickUp task list, with the option to keep them synced across both platforms. If a comment is made or the status is changed on either side, it will automatically update it on the other.
  • Deploying Tasks From ClickUp
    You can deploy a task list from ClickUp and assign them to a website with a new button on the top bar. When deploying you have the option to assign a user to all tasks if you wish, create them as internal tasks (which will not be visible to your clients), choose the website they are deployed to and turn on sync so changes are reflected on both sides.
  • Pushing Timer Entries To ClickUp
    On the timer entries screen, you can now deploy all entries that are currently visible on the page (these can be filtered via website or other attributes on the righthand side). You can also send single timer entries by clicking on the new icon which is on the right of each entry.