Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

Move Tasks From One Site to Another With Merge Sites 🔥




Merge sites mockup.png

A highly requested feature was to be able to move or copy tasks from one website to another and we are super excited to include this functionality in our latest release, 3.3!

This is perfect for moving tasks from a staging website once you have moved to a live website.

By clicking on the new menu in the top right of the websites screen on your Atarim Dashboard, you can click on "Merge Sites". You can then select a website that has tasks you want to move, and select the website you want to move them to.

You have the option to either copy them over, which will keep the original tasks on the first website you choose OR move them entirely, which will remove them from the first website and put them on the second.

Please keep in mind this process is irreversible, so proceed with caution!

To learn more about merging sites, check out our help doc here.