Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

MainWP & Atarim Integration 🟢🟣





The Perfect Combo for Managing Your Clients Websites On Both Front and Back-end!

Since we started Atarim, a recurring request was to find a way to integrate with MainWP and we’re excited to announce that this is now LIVE! Your workflow has never seen such a unified flow or, well… work!

  • A New Way To Collaborate With Your Clients - Quick overview of the number of open tasks shown on the comment icon that I mentioned above - So that you can keep track of what needs to be done, directly from the MainWP dashboard.

  • Always Keep Track Of Your Tasks - A new dashboard widget on MainWP that showcases the latest tasks from your Atarim account, for a deeper view into the tasks, the statuses and the urgency of these requests.

  • Include Tasks In Your Reports - Import tasks into your MainWP client reports, based on websites and the relevant time span that you choose.

  • Keep An Eye On Your Website Vitals - Quick overview of how many plugins/themes are pending updating, the status of the website and how many security vulnerabilities there are right inside your Atarim Dashboard.

Find out more about how to use this integration here.

Also find a small walkthrough of this new integration here.