Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

Integrating Basecamp With Atarim




basecamp front-end.png

To add to our growing list of native integrations, we are super pumped to introduce Basecamp!

If you are using Basecamp to keep track of the work you need to do, this integration makes it even easier for you manage all of your tasks.

  • Manually push individual tasks from Atarim To Basecamp - inside your Atarim Inbox, you now have the option to push singular tasks straight into a selected project and todo list inside Basecamp.

  • Deploy lists from Basecamp - Also inside your Atarim Inbox, you can pull in entire task lists from a selected Project and Todo list. This is great for non-related website tasks, for example all of the pre-website tasks like setting up hosting etc.

  • Automatically push tasks from Atarim to Basecamp - You can enable a setting to automatically push all tasks that are created across your websites inside your Atarim Dashboard to a specific Project and Todo list inside Basecamp.

To learn more about getting started with this integration, you can view our help doc here.