Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

Improved Visual Collaboration ✅







We are finally out of the beta stage of the visual collaboration on websites via the URL inside your Agency Dashboard 🎉🎉

The experience has been improved massively, here's what we've done:

  • Improved Experience - Previously, tasks were added on top of the iFrame that pulls in the website. Now, tasks are embedded directly into the HTML, ensuring the position is always perfect!

  • Better Screenshots - Screenshots are now generated properly and consistently for every single task.

  • Responsive Views - You can now change the view of websites to Desktop, Tablet or Mobile, making it easy for your clients to give requests on mobile versions of their websites.

  • Collapsible Sidebar - To get a full view of a website, you now have the option to collapse and expand the sidebar.

  • New Cursor On Collaborate - We've added a snazzy new cursor when in comment mode.

  • Internal Tasks - You now have the option to create internal tasks to collaborate with your team on tasks your clients cannot see.

Note: This new experience will not apply to your previously added websites, as the task location is working in an entirely different way!