Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

Atarim 3.3 ✅- Merge Sites, Integrations, Permissions & More...






Atarim Dashboard

  • Merge Websites - You can now move or copy tasks from one website to another. This is perfect for when you are ready to push a staging website to live, and you need to move over all tasks.

  • Changed Projects to Folders - We have changed the name of projects to folders to make it clearer what the intended use is. Use them to group assets together, making them easier to manage!

  • Search websites when adding websites to Folders - You can now search for assets inside the create folder pop-up, making it easier to find the ones you want to add.

  • Trello & Basecamp Integration - You now have the ability to link your Trello and Basecamp accounts to your Atarim Dashboard, enabling you create an amazing workflow by being able to automatically push tasks that are created, deploy full lists from Trello and Basecamp to an asset and individually push tasks from Atarim inside the inbox.

  • Integration - You can link your account to your Atarim Dashboard to create an all-in-one solution for collaborating and hosting. It enables you to create staging websites from Atarim, manage your hosting on websites in Atarim and one click collaborate from Rocket.

  • Site permissions - For websites added via URL, you now have the option to fully customise what each type of user can do, giving you full control over everything!

  • Instant comments on tasks - As we gear up for instant updates inside websites on the Dashboard, adding comments to tasks has been sped up considerably, saving you more time!

  • Notes - Notes can now be added inside the pop-over on websites added via URL, perfect for when you want to speak internally with your team. Notes are only shown to admins on the dashboard.


  • Google signup - When you install the plugin on a WordPress website, you now have the option to sign up for a new free account with Google, making the signup process even shorter!

  • Graphic FeedBack Notice - We are planning to move the graphic feedback tool from the plugin to the dashboard, with this update you’ll see a notice to let you know about this.

Bug fixes

  • Default User Creation - Previously there was an issue with user selection when creating tasks from the dashboard, this is now fixed. Fixed site header checking to validate the site

  • Folder Load - Previously if you had a lot of websites on your dashboard, list view would struggle to load, this is now fixed.

  • Website Settings - Sometimes website name or folder change would not save, this is now fixed.

  • Internal Task Icon - Alignment on the internal task icon was a bit off, this has been fixed.

  • **Internal Task Icon Colour **- There were some issues with the colour of the icon, this has also been fixed.

  • Bottom bar - On some websites, the bottom bar had a problem with it’s width, this is now fixed.

  • CSS Conflict - There were some CSS conflicts on specific websites, this has been fixed.

  • Site Ordering - On the websites screen on the dashboard there was an issue with how the sites were ordered, this is now fixed.

  • Website via URL Cursor - Our awesome cursor doesn't work for all of the sites, so we added an additional layer of the cursor on top.