Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

Atarim 3.3.3 📧 - Email Wizard, Edit & Delete Comments & Bug Squashing






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In an effort to make the Atarim Email Inbox a better experience, we have created a setup wizard! This takes you through each step to ensure you know exactly what's happening and how to get everything working.

To access the email wizard, you can get started on your settings screen here.

Dashboard New

  • New Email Wizard - You now get taken through an easy to use wizard to get your email inbox set up correctly, making it more steamlined.
  • Edit & Delete Comments - You can now edit and delete comments inside tasks that are on non WordPress websites.
  • Install WordPress Plugin - You can now install the WordPress plugin directly from the Atarim Dashboard, making it even easier.

Dashboard Bug Fixes

  • General Tasks On Non-WP Websites - Previously there was an issue with creating general tasks inside non-WordPress websites, this is now fixed.

  • Text Field On FireFox - Adding spaces inside the text box on pop-overs on non-WordPress websites wasn't working, this is now fixed.

  • Content Overflow - On the pop-over, inbox and boards, sometimes content overflowed, this is now fixed.

  • Email Signature - Sometimes, there was an issue with transparent pop-ups inside the email signature, this is now fixed.

  • Logging Time - There was an issue when trying to log time on tasks inside the boards, this is now fixed.

  • Creating Tasks - Creating tasks on some non-WordPress websites was not working, this has been fixed.

  • Internal Tasks - Switching a task to internal would sometimes be confusing due to tooltip in consistencies, this has now been improved.

  • CSS Issues - Some non-WordPress websites were not showing CSS properly due to conflicts, this has been fixed and is an on-going bug fix!

  • Inbox Task List - Previously if you had a lot of emails in your inbox it would take a while to low, we have now added pagination to fix this.

  • Editing Folders - There was a bug stopping the edit folder function from working, this is now fixed.

  • Email Signature Disappearing - Sometimes the email signature would disappear, this has now been fixed.

  • Links In Comments - Links would sometimes not work as expected, this has now been fixed.

  • Disabling Collaborate - Disabling collaborate on a non-WordPress website was not working properly, this has now been fixed.

Plugin Fixes

  • Secured SQL Query: - Fixed an edgecase security vulnerability inside the plugin.
  • General Tasks: - In some cases, you could not add text to a general task, this is now fixed.
  • Formidable Forms Plugin Conflict: - When this plugin was installed alongside Atarim, it was causing issues, this has now been fixed.
  • Uncode Theme Conflict: - Some styling issues with the Uncode Theme, which are now fixed.
  • Bootstrap JS conflict: - There were a few conflicts that have now been fixed with the JS.
  • Bootstrap CSS conflict: - There were a few conflicts that have now been fixed with the CSS.