Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

Atarim 3.2 - Improved Collaborate Experience, MainWP Integration, Rich Text & More...






Our latest update brings a HUGE improvement to the visual collaboration on websites that are added via URL and a bunch of other features and changes, continuing to bring the experience of using Atarim to a new standard!

Agency Dashboard

Visual Collaboration On Websites Added Via URL

  • Improved Experience - Previously, tasks were added on top of the iFrame that pulls in the website. Now, tasks are embedded directly into the HTML, ensuring the position is always perfect!

  • Better Screenshots - Screenshots are now generated properly and consistently for every single task.

  • Responsive Views - You can now change the view of websites to Desktop, Tablet or Mobile, making it easy for your clients to give requests on mobile versions of their websites.

  • Collapsible Sidebar - To get a full view of a website, you now have the option to collapse and expand the sidebar.

  • New Cursor On Collaborate - We've added a snazzy new cursor when in comment mode.

  • Internal Tasks - You now have the option to create internal tasks to collaborate with your team on tasks your clients cannot see.

MainWP Integration

  • Open Tasks In Your MainWP Dashboard - Quick overview of the number of open tasks shown on the comment icon that I mentioned above - So that you can keep track of what needs to be done, directly from the MainWP dashboard.

  • MainWP Dashboard Widget - A new dashboard widget on MainWP that showcases the latest tasks from your Atarim account, for a deeper view into the tasks, the statuses and the urgency of these requests.

  • Tasks Inside Reports - Import tasks into your MainWP client reports, based on websites and the relevant time span that you choose.

  • Atarim Website Widget - Quick overview of how many plugins/themes are pending updating, the status of the website and how many security vulnerabilities there are right inside your Atarim Dashboard.

Other Agency Dashboard Additions & Changes

  • Google Signup - Your clients now have the option to signup as a collaborator via Google (and if you do not have an account with Atarim, you can signup with Google too!).

  • New Atarim Loader - We've added a nice new custom loader for when pages are loading on the Agency Dashboard.

  • Rich Text - When commenting on tasks, you can highlight the text to apply rich text to your comments, giving the option to create lists or make your comment bold.

  • Approve Page Additions - When a page is approved, you will now receive a notification, and a green check will show on all tasks that are on this page.

  • Minimize Timer - If you minimize the timer, it will now stay that way when you refresh.

  • Saving Filters - When you filter your websites or tasks inside the inbox or boards, it will save this filter on refresh so you don't need to keep choosing it.

  • Ad Blocker Dismiss Button - Collaborating on a website added via URL with ad blocker can cause problems, now though you can dismiss this notice if you want.

Agency Dashboard Bug Fixes

  • Filtering Projects - Previously, filtering projects was not working correctly, this has been fixed.

  • Tasks At The Bottom Of a Page - When adding tasks at the bottom of the page, sometimes the comment button would be hidden, this has been fixed.

Client Interface Plugin

Plugin Additions

  • Rich Text - You can now highlight your comments while adding to add rich text. You can also edit previous comments and add it too!

Plugin Bug Fixes

  • Tag Creation - Previously, you could not add tags to a task after creating it, you needed to refresh, this has been fixed.

  • Tasks At The Bottom Of A Page - Sometimes tasks at the bottom of the page caused the comment button to be hidden, this has been fixed.

  • Arrow On Pop-Over - After we removed bootstrap, we lost the arrow on pop-overs that connected the sticker, this has been fixed.

  • Removing Stickers - Previously, if you tried to create a task, and then create another one without finishing the first, you'd have two stickers. This has been fixed.

  • Automatic Screenshots Not Showing Images or Gradient - Sometimes images and gradients inside automatic screenshots were not showing, this has now been fixed.