Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

Version 2.4 is LIVE 🚀

Version 2.4 of the Client Interface Plugin can now be updated on your websites where it's installed!

Here is the list of changes, additions and bug fixes:

✅ [Upgrade] **Translations **- We're ready to translate all the missing strings but we need your help! If you want to help with translating to your own language (30-45mins task) please reach out via live chat!

✅ [Back] General Task Badge - You can now see which tasks are "General Tasks" (not bound to a location on the page) inside the sidebar and within the plugin's Task Center

✅ [Upgrade] Naming Conventions on Activities - When you change status/priority/tags from the Agency Dashboard, we're now using the name of the Default Webmaster instead of the Internal Atarim user that made the change, so that we don't expose your freelancers/subcontractors to your clients.

✅ [Upgrade] Auto & Manual Daily & Weekly Reports - Are now going to the "Additional Email Addresses" that are set up within the settings screen, not only to the relevant people.

✅ [Upgrade] Email Notification Names - So far the email notification shows the "username", now they are showing the first name of the user that triggered the notification, this is IF a first name is set for that user within WordPress.


  • Hello theme compatibility fixes.
  • Tasks becoming orphaned - Added optimization.
  • Divi compatibility after their big update.
  • Task Center freezes if tasks are in some other language.
  • Support links changed taking you to our new support screen:
  • Fixed the video on the wizard.

Zapier Integration is LIVE 🤖





You can now officially integrate Atarim with Zapier! We are so excited for this release, and we cannot wait to see how you improve your workflow even further by linking Atarim to your other tools.

To get started, you need to click here to get invited to the beta. Once you have accepted the invite, you can then start building zaps using Atarim!

In the coming week, we'll have some templates built that you can copy and paste too.

Website Thumbnails 🌞




We removed the sync button from the Agency Dashboard as it is no longer required and fully automated. We did keep the option to re-generate the website thumbnail in the Websites screen though.

If you notice that the website thumbnail is not showing due to the server of the website not playing nice with our server, simply click this button and you can manually regenerate it!

File Uploads Directly 📂




You can now upload files directly to tasks inside your Agency Dashboard.

This is a great way to upload your client's assets or anything you want to have on your their website. Once uploaded you can then optimize and send it straight to the media gallery in WP with the click of a button.

Version 2.3 is LIVE - Responsive Mode 📲







Version 2.3 of the Client Interface Plugin is live with a brand new feature responsive mode!

By clicking on the new icons in the bottom bar, you can choose different screen sizes. This will enable you and your clients to discuss mobile/tablet aspects of the website, and repositions the task stickers in the correct place.

You can check out the full change log for 2.3, including bug fixes here.

Learn How To Use Time Tracking!





We held a live session in our Facebook Community where I went through how to use time tracking's features optimally, to ensure you are tracking your work accurately!

Tracking Time In The Task Center ⏳







Previously, you could track time on tasks but it was a very simple feature. Now, you can start timers for multiple tasks and provide detailed information about what's been done.

When looking at a task, you can add a timer by clicking the button highlighted in the above screenshot.


This allows you to track time on multiple different tasks which is great for ensuring you are accurately tracking the time it takes for you and your team to complete tasks.

When you are ready to log the time, a pop-up will appear. Here you can put a description to ensure you know what has been done on each task, change the status of the task to complete and mark whether or not this task should be billable to the client.

Now you will never be uncertain when a client asks you "why did this take 3 hours?" and "why am I being charged this amount?", it's all there in black and white.

Time Entries Page ⏲





You can now track time accurately per task! We've expanded this feature massively with the "Time Entries" page and on the "Task Center" (1).png

Here you can see a break down of the time tracked by day, you can see who the task is assigned to, a description of what was done, the website and whether or not a task should be billable.

By clicking on "Add Entries", you can add the time it took you to complete a specific task on a website, if for some reason you did not track time on it inside the task itself.

You can also export the time entries which are currently on the page by clicking on "Export PDF", to give you the option to send a detailed breakdown of what's been done to your client, saving you huge amounts of time and providing your client with the info they need about why it costs the amount it does.

Push to media folder 📂





When an image is uploaded to a task, it is hosted on our server in order to avoid the website's media folder getting clogged with images you don't need.

Now you have the option to pick and choose which images get stored in the WordPress website's media folder with the click of a button. This can be done on the front-end and back-end of the website, and your Agency Dashboard.

This is a huge time saver, as you no longer need to save the image to your PC, then upload it to the media folder and you get to pick and choose which images are saved to the website.

Approve page 🟢





Once you have finished all of the work on a single page and you want to complete every task, instead of having to do this manually, you can how complete all tasks on a page with the click of a button.

An email notification is also sent to make sure everyone is on the same page.