Atarim changelog
Atarim changelog

Version 3.4.3 is LIVE πŸš€- New Nav, Assets = Projects & Bug fixes!






We are kicking off 2023 with a bunch of small changes and fixes!

Dashboard New & Improvements

  • Minifying Images - Inside your general settings, you now have the option to turn off the automatic minifying of images.
  • Assets are now "Projects" - The idea to name items inside the dashboard to "Assets" actually confused more than it helped. We have now changed the name to Projects, to provide way more clarity!
  • New nav bar - The nav bar will now never refresh once you are inside the Dashboard, as there is no need for it to πŸ™Œ.
  • Saving settings on projects - Previously, when you saved any settings on a project, it would refresh the entire page, this no longer happens, the project updates in real time.
  • Changing white label settings - When you changed the logo on a project inside the settings, you would have to open the pop-up again to see the new logo, this now updates in real time.
  • Tasks when collaboration is disabled - Previously, when collaboration was disabled you could no longer see the tasks on the front-end of URL based projects, this has now been changed. You can see the pop-over and stickers of tasks even with collaboration disabled.
  • Filtering folders - Previously, when you filtered the projects screen to a specific folder, it would show all projects with the ones inside the folder at the top. Now you will only see the projects inside a folder when choosing one to filter by.
  • Icon for graphics - The icon for graphics was showing as the same as websites, this now has an appropriate icon.
  • Editing "others" folder in list view - You could edit the "others" folder inside list view and this would cause things to work incorrectly, this is now fixed.
  • Design upload dropzone - Now, on design projects the left sidebar has been changed to a dropzone so you can easily drag and drop new designs to upload them.
  • Deleting versions and designs - You now have the option to delete versions and designs inside a graphic project.
  • Adding new designs - When adding a new design or version inside a project, you now have the same options as when adding them from the start, where you can drag and drop multiple or take an automatic screenshot of a page via the URL.

Dashboard Bug Fixes

  • Naming on uploaded files - Sometimes when you upload an image to a task inside the inbox or boards, the name of who uploaded it would be incorrect. This is now fixed.
  • Clicking folders in boards - There was an issue with clicking on folders on projects inside the boards, this has now been fixed.
  • Editing "others" folder in list view - You could edit the "others" folder inside list view and this would cause things to work incorrectly, this is now fixed.
  • Zoom issues on collaboration - There was an issue with zooming in on URL based projects inside the dashboard, this has now been fixed.
  • YouTube links in comments - When posting a YouTube video, it would not show correctly. This has now been fixed.
  • Graphics versions not showing - There was an issue with showing the correct version when uploading a new one on a design, this is now fixed.
  • Hotspots with big images - If an image was too big, when creating hotspots it would zoom all the way in, this has now been fixed.

Plugin Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Blocked interface on Bricks theme editor mode - The plugin was showing when using the Bricks theme editor mode, this has now been fixed.
  • Conflict with Bricks quill classes - There was a class conflict with Bricks quill classes, this has now been fixed.
  • Mark as complete - We changed "Mark as complete" on the task pop-over to "Complete", to clear up some space.
  • Youtube video preview - Youtube video previews were not showing correctly inside tasks, this is now fixed.
  • Internal task icon toggle - There was an issue with the internal task icon on the pop-over, this has been fixed.
  • FluentCRM issue - There was an issue where the plugin was not loading inside FluentCRM, this is now fixed.
  • General CSS fixes - We fixed a few CSS issues and made some small changes to improve design

Version 3.4.1 is LIVE πŸ€– - Intro Animation, Bug Fixes & Improvements!







As we wind down for 2022, we're focusing on improving the experience of using Atarim as a whole, so we can go into 2023 and hit the ground running with new and exciting features!

Dashboard New

  • New intro animation - When you share an asset inside your Atarim Dashboard, when a guest comes to the link they will be shown this short animation to show them how to collaborate.
  • Help icon - You can open this pop-up again by clicking on the new "?" icon in the bottom right of the bottom bar.

Dashboard Bug Fixes

  • Arrow on pop-over - Fixed an issue where the arrow to connect stickers to the pop-over was not showing on design assets.
  • Edit comment word break - Fixed an issue where words were not breaking correctly onto new lines in the comments feed when editing.
  • Sidebar on URL assets - Fixed an issue where clicking on tasks on other pages on URL assets was not taking you to the correct place.
  • Inbox assigning - Fixed an issue where some users were not able assign emails inside their inbox to assets.
  • Ampersand in emails - Fixed an issue where ampersands were not displaying correctly on emails inside the inbox

Plugin New

  • General task icon - We have changed the icon on the general task icon to make it more pleasing to the eye!
  • Comment text font size - We have updated the font size on comments to make it more readable.
  • CSS changes - Multiple small CSS updates and changes to make the design of the plugin more consistent.
  • Task center layout - We've changed the layout of comments inside the task center to match the new pop-over design comment feed.

Plugin Bug Fixes

  • Internal task icon toggle - There was an issue with the internal task icon on the pop-over, this has been fixed.
  • Author name alignment - Fixed an issue where the length of the author name could break the design if too long.

Version 3.4 is LIVE 🎨 - Image-Based Collaboration, Persistent Guest Login & New Filters






Ver 3.4 Atarim.png

As we continue down the route of making Atarim a full suite of tools for you to manage all of the work you are doing, we are super excited for the release of 3.4; with the release of the long awaited "Image-Based Collaboration".

We've also included some more quality of life additions with persistent guest login, and filters to help you find what you need even quicker.

Dashboard New

  • Image-based collaboration - You can now upload images to your Atarim Dashboard and visually collaborate on them, creating tasks directly on the canvas!
  • Unlimited designs - Inside each design asset, you can upload different designs to that single asset, perfect for showing all of the mockups for a new website or app in one place.
  • Design versions - As you iterate on specific designs inside an asset, upload new versions to show the journey of the design and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Hotspots - Create clickable sections on designs to link to other designs, empowering you to create the entire flow of your mockups!
  • New filters - As we increase the type of assets you can upload to the Atarim Dashboard (including WordPress websites, non-WP websites and images), we've made it possible for you to filter by type on a bunch of different screens.
  • Persistent guest login - Previously, people could enter their first name and collaborate as a guest, but they had to keep doing so when they came back to the page. Now, we save the first name and make it persistent, so they only need to do this once, making collaboration even easier.
  • Ad blocker notice - Having an ad blocker installed can mess with how sites are showing inside your browser on the Atarim Dashboard, however if you dismiss this notice, you will not see it again (use at your own risk πŸ‘).
  • Changed website to "Asset" - As we increase the type of things you can add to the Atarim Dashboard, we have changed the wording of "websites" to assets. Right now this includes, websites added with the WordPress plugin, websites added with a URL and designs uploaded.

Dashboard Bug Fixes

  • URL based collaboration - We are continuing to fix many small issues we've found (and reported by our amazing users) on websites added via URL, and will continue to do so every update!
  • Time entry counter - Time entries were not counting correctly inside the page, this has now been fixed.
  • Filtering list view - Filtering inside list view was not working as expected, this is now fixed.
  • Duplicate assets on list view - Some assets were showing twice in list view, this is now fixed.
  • Rendering non-English Characters - Non-english characters were not rendering correctly on websites added via URL, this is now fixed.

WordPress Plugin New

  • Pop-over design update - We've slightly updated the pop-over design for tasks, including the order of icons and color of the comment button.
  • Comments feed design update - We've changed the layout of the comments feed to make it more of a chat, by adding author images and aligning everything to the left.

WordPress Plugin Bug Fixes

  • Notes issue: Previously you could create a task with the first comment being a note, this has now been fixed.
  • Divi add-on conflict: There was a conflict with a Divi add-on that made page ID's incorrect, this is now fixed.
  • Warnings generated by plugin code: A warning was showing in the WP admin due to some code inconsistencies, this has now been fixed.

Atarim 3.3.3 πŸ“§ - Email Wizard, Edit & Delete Comments & Bug Squashing






Ver3.0 Launch.jpg

In an effort to make the Atarim Email Inbox a better experience, we have created a setup wizard! This takes you through each step to ensure you know exactly what's happening and how to get everything working.

To access the email wizard, you can get started on your settings screen here.

Dashboard New

  • New Email Wizard - You now get taken through an easy to use wizard to get your email inbox set up correctly, making it more steamlined.
  • Edit & Delete Comments - You can now edit and delete comments inside tasks that are on non WordPress websites.
  • Install WordPress Plugin - You can now install the WordPress plugin directly from the Atarim Dashboard, making it even easier.

Dashboard Bug Fixes

  • General Tasks On Non-WP Websites - Previously there was an issue with creating general tasks inside non-WordPress websites, this is now fixed.

  • Text Field On FireFox - Adding spaces inside the text box on pop-overs on non-WordPress websites wasn't working, this is now fixed.

  • Content Overflow - On the pop-over, inbox and boards, sometimes content overflowed, this is now fixed.

  • Email Signature - Sometimes, there was an issue with transparent pop-ups inside the email signature, this is now fixed.

  • Logging Time - There was an issue when trying to log time on tasks inside the boards, this is now fixed.

  • Creating Tasks - Creating tasks on some non-WordPress websites was not working, this has been fixed.

  • Internal Tasks - Switching a task to internal would sometimes be confusing due to tooltip in consistencies, this has now been improved.

  • CSS Issues - Some non-WordPress websites were not showing CSS properly due to conflicts, this has been fixed and is an on-going bug fix!

  • Inbox Task List - Previously if you had a lot of emails in your inbox it would take a while to low, we have now added pagination to fix this.

  • Editing Folders - There was a bug stopping the edit folder function from working, this is now fixed.

  • Email Signature Disappearing - Sometimes the email signature would disappear, this has now been fixed.

  • Links In Comments - Links would sometimes not work as expected, this has now been fixed.

  • Disabling Collaborate - Disabling collaborate on a non-WordPress website was not working properly, this has now been fixed.

Plugin Fixes

  • Secured SQL Query: - Fixed an edgecase security vulnerability inside the plugin.
  • General Tasks: - In some cases, you could not add text to a general task, this is now fixed.
  • Formidable Forms Plugin Conflict: - When this plugin was installed alongside Atarim, it was causing issues, this has now been fixed.
  • Uncode Theme Conflict: - Some styling issues with the Uncode Theme, which are now fixed.
  • Bootstrap JS conflict: - There were a few conflicts that have now been fixed with the JS.
  • Bootstrap CSS conflict: - There were a few conflicts that have now been fixed with the CSS.

Move Tasks From One Site to Another With Merge Sites πŸ”₯




Merge sites mockup.png

A highly requested feature was to be able to move or copy tasks from one website to another and we are super excited to include this functionality in our latest release, 3.3!

This is perfect for moving tasks from a staging website once you have moved to a live website.

By clicking on the new menu in the top right of the websites screen on your Atarim Dashboard, you can click on "Merge Sites". You can then select a website that has tasks you want to move, and select the website you want to move them to.

You have the option to either copy them over, which will keep the original tasks on the first website you choose OR move them entirely, which will remove them from the first website and put them on the second.

Please keep in mind this process is irreversible, so proceed with caution!

To learn more about merging sites, check out our help doc here.

Integrating Basecamp With Atarim




basecamp front-end.png

To add to our growing list of native integrations, we are super pumped to introduce Basecamp!

If you are using Basecamp to keep track of the work you need to do, this integration makes it even easier for you manage all of your tasks.

  • Manually push individual tasks from Atarim To Basecamp - inside your Atarim Inbox, you now have the option to push singular tasks straight into a selected project and todo list inside Basecamp.

  • Deploy lists from Basecamp - Also inside your Atarim Inbox, you can pull in entire task lists from a selected Project and Todo list. This is great for non-related website tasks, for example all of the pre-website tasks like setting up hosting etc.

  • Automatically push tasks from Atarim to Basecamp - You can enable a setting to automatically push all tasks that are created across your websites inside your Atarim Dashboard to a specific Project and Todo list inside Basecamp.

To learn more about getting started with this integration, you can view our help doc here.

Integrating Trello With Atarim





As we continue to increase the amount of options you have to integrate Atarim into your existing workflow, the latest addition is Trello!

Here's what this integration enables you to do:

  • Manually push individual tasks from Atarim To Trello - inside your Atarim Inbox, you now have the option to push singular tasks straight into a selected Board and Column inside Trello.

  • Deploy lists from Trello - Also inside your Atarim Inbox,you can pull in entire task lists from a select Board and Column from Trello. Making it super easy to pull in your website project templates onto your client's live website!

  • Automatically push tasks from Atarim to Trello - You can enable a setting to automatically push all tasks that are created across your websites inside your Atarim Dashboard to a specific Board and Column inside Trello.

To learn more about getting started with this integration, you can view our help doc here.

Atarim 3.3 βœ…- Merge Sites, Integrations, Permissions & More...






Atarim Dashboard

  • Merge Websites - You can now move or copy tasks from one website to another. This is perfect for when you are ready to push a staging website to live, and you need to move over all tasks.

  • Changed Projects to Folders - We have changed the name of projects to folders to make it clearer what the intended use is. Use them to group assets together, making them easier to manage!

  • Search websites when adding websites to Folders - You can now search for assets inside the create folder pop-up, making it easier to find the ones you want to add.

  • Trello & Basecamp Integration - You now have the ability to link your Trello and Basecamp accounts to your Atarim Dashboard, enabling you create an amazing workflow by being able to automatically push tasks that are created, deploy full lists from Trello and Basecamp to an asset and individually push tasks from Atarim inside the inbox.

  • Integration - You can link your account to your Atarim Dashboard to create an all-in-one solution for collaborating and hosting. It enables you to create staging websites from Atarim, manage your hosting on websites in Atarim and one click collaborate from Rocket.

  • Site permissions - For websites added via URL, you now have the option to fully customise what each type of user can do, giving you full control over everything!

  • Instant comments on tasks - As we gear up for instant updates inside websites on the Dashboard, adding comments to tasks has been sped up considerably, saving you more time!

  • Notes - Notes can now be added inside the pop-over on websites added via URL, perfect for when you want to speak internally with your team. Notes are only shown to admins on the dashboard.


  • Google signup - When you install the plugin on a WordPress website, you now have the option to sign up for a new free account with Google, making the signup process even shorter!

  • Graphic FeedBack Notice - We are planning to move the graphic feedback tool from the plugin to the dashboard, with this update you’ll see a notice to let you know about this.

Bug fixes

  • Default User Creation - Previously there was an issue with user selection when creating tasks from the dashboard, this is now fixed. Fixed site header checking to validate the site

  • Folder Load - Previously if you had a lot of websites on your dashboard, list view would struggle to load, this is now fixed.

  • Website Settings - Sometimes website name or folder change would not save, this is now fixed.

  • Internal Task Icon - Alignment on the internal task icon was a bit off, this has been fixed.

  • **Internal Task Icon Colour **- There were some issues with the colour of the icon, this has also been fixed.

  • Bottom bar - On some websites, the bottom bar had a problem with it’s width, this is now fixed.

  • CSS Conflict - There were some CSS conflicts on specific websites, this has been fixed.

  • Site Ordering - On the websites screen on the dashboard there was an issue with how the sites were ordered, this is now fixed.

  • Website via URL Cursor - Our awesome cursor doesn't work for all of the sites, so we added an additional layer of the cursor on top. & Atarim Integration πŸš€πŸŸ£





Upgrade Your Agency With The First All In One Solution For Hosting And Visual Collaboration

We’ve been working closely with Ben and his team from to create something that is very special πŸš€. If you’ve never heard of Rocket, they offer the best WordPress hosting out there (so much so that we moved our main website, and the speed decrease was absolutely insane!).

With this new integration, you can connect your account to your Atarim Dashboard, which allows you to:

  • Create New Staging Environments From Atarim: Easily and quickly create staging websites on from your Atarim Agency Dashboard. And automatically install the Visual Collaboration Plugin on creation so you can get started straight away!

  • Manage Your Websites' Hosting From Atarim: With this integration you can manage all aspects of your website hosting directly from your Atarim agency dashboard. Dashboard.

  • One Click Collaboration From Inside your Dashboard, simply click one button to start collaborating on a website. This means no matter which Dashboard you are logged in to, you will always have access to your client requests and all of your hosting settings for your websites.

Find out more about this integration here and how to get started!

If you haven't already, we strongly recommend giving Rocket a try, you can get started for just $1 right now.

Improved Visual Collaboration βœ…







We are finally out of the beta stage of the visual collaboration on websites via the URL inside your Agency Dashboard πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

The experience has been improved massively, here's what we've done:

  • Improved Experience - Previously, tasks were added on top of the iFrame that pulls in the website. Now, tasks are embedded directly into the HTML, ensuring the position is always perfect!

  • Better Screenshots - Screenshots are now generated properly and consistently for every single task.

  • Responsive Views - You can now change the view of websites to Desktop, Tablet or Mobile, making it easy for your clients to give requests on mobile versions of their websites.

  • Collapsible Sidebar - To get a full view of a website, you now have the option to collapse and expand the sidebar.

  • New Cursor On Collaborate - We've added a snazzy new cursor when in comment mode.

  • Internal Tasks - You now have the option to create internal tasks to collaborate with your team on tasks your clients cannot see.

Note: This new experience will not apply to your previously added websites, as the task location is working in an entirely different way!