ARTSVP changelog
ARTSVP changelog





One of the most highly requested features is now live!

Take control of your events and offer unique experiences for your guests all with the help of invites!

Invites act as personalised booking links. You can pre-populate your guest invite with their name, email and any private internal data you may wish to remember. Once your guests receive the link there will be no need for them to enter their details, making the booking process even faster than before.

If you choose to personalise invites, guest's do not have the power to change the details you entered, making these links secure, only to be used by those intended!

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You also have the option to batch create a set of up to 1,000 unique invites, each with their own unique invite code. Merge them into your own personal event email or simply use them to retain greater control over your attendees.

Want to know exactly how they work? Learn more here.

Remember, we're always open to feedback so if you have any custom requests, drop us a message