ARTSVP changelog
ARTSVP changelog

Bookings Upload - Guest Lists in a snap




Say goodbye to paper guest lists and hard to manage excel sheets!

With this new feature, you can upload your guest lists for events in bulk and utilize ARTSVP's sleek real-time check in functionality to make the on-the-door experience for your customers and staff a breeze.

How do I begin?

To get started, simply go to the event you'd like to upload your guest list for and navigate over to the bookings tab. Once there, click the green Booking button.

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In the new booking form, you should now see a link below the 'Confirm' button labeled 'Advanced CSV Upload', by clicking that link you'll be taken to the CSV Upload Form.

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Here you'll simply drag & drop or upload the CSV file with your guest/booking information. It is important to note, you'll need to conform to a specific format when you provide your guest list information. To make sure you're following the correct format a link to download a CSV template with example records are provided on the page as well as a useful help article found below:

Help Article

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Once you upload your CSV and press 'Confirm' the booking generation process will start and you'll be notified via a success notification when all of your bookings have been created. If something went wrong a red error notification will pop up letting you know what went wrong.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the 'Live Chat' button and we can help get you on your way!