ARTSVP changelog
ARTSVP changelog

Paid Tickets and Extras





We recently added the ability for ARTSVP clients to create their own paid tickets. We have worked hard to make the system simple and easy to create multiple ticket types. In addition you can also sell "Extras" such as tote bags, catalogues etc without effecting availability.

Creating Ticket Types

You can edit the name, description and price of tickets. You can also set a minimum and maximum quantity that each booking must include if necessary.

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Adding Extras

Adding additional items that can be pre-paid for when booking can increase revenue and provide a sleek experience when a customer is already making a purchase.

Adding in extras is very similar to adding a ticket but they do not count towards availability.

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Add admin notes to bookings





With a recent update all accounts can now add notes to their bookings and guest lists.

This feature is designed to help teams operate efficiently and delivery exceptional client service.

How it works

Any individual with an ARTSVP account and access to bookings on a specific event can add/edit the note attached to a booking. To do this simply click on a booking and add a note.


Any individual booking on the bookings view with a note attached is marked with a note icon to make it easy for the front of house team to quickly check notes when clients/visitors arrive.

Uses for notes

  • Letting front of house know of special requirements for certain clients.
  • Informing front of house which sales or clients liaison to get when certain clients arrive.
  • Marking special requests made by clients.

Visitors can now change their own booking

We secretly dropped a much anticipated feature a couple weeks ago that lets visitors change their booking slot if there are ones available.

You can disable this feature if you don't want to allow customers to make changes to their booking by going to the edit event page and scrolling to the bottom where you can uncheck a box.

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Custom logo on booking emails

We have recently pushed an update that uses the same logo show on booking pages in the booking confirmation emails your visitors receive.

To update this simply click on the Organisation Settings (from your dashboard).


'Check-in Only' membership role

You can now add a member to your Organisation or Event with a 'Check-in Only' role. This restricts these members to only being able to Check-in users on the booking list.

Check-in Only members will be unable to add new bookings, download booking data or access event level settings.

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Control your booking notifications

You can now control booking notifications at an organisational level. Notifications are currently all delivered via email. New channels coming soon!

Getting loads bookings and sick of the email notifications? Simple turn off Admin booking notifications under Settings -> Alerts

If you would like to disable the automated emails (confirmations, cancellations and updates) sent to users who book your event, you can also tunrn these off via User booking notifications


Search Bookings

You can now quickly search through all of your event bookings!

Click the Search button and enter a Name, Email or Booking Reference. Clicking on the '<' back button will clear the search and take you back to your previous view.

Let us know if you have any feedback via the feedback tab.

Happy searching!

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V3. - New layout, Teams, 1 booking link ......

We are super excited about this latest release. A lot of hard work has gone into making sure we kept things simple to use whilst both improving the user experience and reducing workload.

Clean and easy to use dashboard

Probably the most striking difference is the new dashboard view. The main updates here are designed to improve navigation to your events, settings and other helpful shortcuts (like to this changelog).


Introducing Teams

All paid account now allow you to invite team members. You can control the permissions of users who may need different access levels. For example you may have volunteers managing the guest-list but you don't want them to edit the copy or booking settings of an event.

1 main booking link for all your events

Over the last 6 months we have helped many of our clients quickly and simply build event booking pages and take bookings. Now with the single booking link you only ever need to link to this once from your website. Having a single booking link also makes it easy for different departments to direct visitors to 1 link for all public bookings.


Private Events

Don't want your event to appear on your main public booking link? Simply make the event private and then only people with the specific link will be able to book that event.


Account level settings

We have now introduced a range of account level settings to save you time re-entering information each time you create an event. You can now customise sold out/fully booked message and add additional info top the top of your master booking page.


Hide/show availability

It is up to you if you decide to hide of show the availability of booking slots.

Some things to consider when making this decision:

  • Showing availability can provide additional information to visitors about how busy a slot is. Some visitors will prefer less busy slots.
  • Showing availability is more transparent

To hide the availability simply visit the edit page check the box at the bottom.

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Easy check in

It is now super simple and quick to check bookings in when they arrive.

On the bookings page (which works on all devices via any web browser) you can simply check the checkbox with a single tap as visitors arrive.

When someone is checked in the "tick" will appear green.

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