ARTSVP changelog
ARTSVP changelog

V3. - New layout, Teams, 1 booking link ......

We are super excited about this latest release. A lot of hard work has gone into making sure we kept things simple to use whilst both improving the user experience and reducing workload.

Clean and easy to use dashboard

Probably the most striking difference is the new dashboard view. The main updates here are designed to improve navigation to your events, settings and other helpful shortcuts (like to this changelog).


Introducing Teams

All paid account now allow you to invite team members. You can control the permissions of users who may need different access levels. For example you may have volunteers managing the guest-list but you don't want them to edit the copy or booking settings of an event.

1 main booking link for all your events

Over the last 6 months we have helped many of our clients quickly and simply build event booking pages and take bookings. Now with the single booking link you only ever need to link to this once from your website. Having a single booking link also makes it easy for different departments to direct visitors to 1 link for all public bookings.


Private Events

Don't want your event to appear on your main public booking link? Simply make the event private and then only people with the specific link will be able to book that event.


Account level settings

We have now introduced a range of account level settings to save you time re-entering information each time you create an event. You can now customise sold out/fully booked message and add additional info top the top of your master booking page.


Hide/show availability

It is up to you if you decide to hide of show the availability of booking slots.

Some things to consider when making this decision:

  • Showing availability can provide additional information to visitors about how busy a slot is. Some visitors will prefer less busy slots.
  • Showing availability is more transparent

To hide the availability simply visit the edit page check the box at the bottom.

Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 10.35.20.png

Easy check in

It is now super simple and quick to check bookings in when they arrive.

On the bookings page (which works on all devices via any web browser) you can simply check the checkbox with a single tap as visitors arrive.

When someone is checked in the "tick" will appear green.

Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 10.31.33.png

Selling tickets

It is possible to charge for tickets. This can be done in two ways.

Charge per guest (tickets)

The most common form of charging is on a per person basis.

Charge per booking

Designed to handle group bookings. Example of this include deposits for tables, private tours and screenings.

We charge a small commission on processing payment. We can reduce these costs based on scale of bookings.

Please get in touch with to discuss payment details.

Except donations post booking

You can now redirect to optional donations page once a booking has been completed.

Simply change the redirect link and button text as desired.

You can also process payments (or donations in order to complete booking). We can process gift aid payments too. For this feature please contact to arrange a call to get your account set up to handle taking paid bookings.

Frequency of booking slots

It is now possible to adjust the frequency of booking slots show to the visitor whilst not effecting the length of the booking.

This is helpful for larger galleries and museums.

You might want to let prospective visitors book every 15mins but know that the average time spent at the venue is half an hour.

Our system will now automatically change the availability of all slots affected by a booking.

This feature can be helpful to spread the visitor arrival times and allow more flexible bookings


A gallery wants to let people book every 10 mins but knows that each visitor spend an average of 2 hours in the exhibition. This would mean that a booking at 11am would impact the availability of all booking slots in both the hour leading up to 11am and the hour after.

Adding bookings and guests to bookings

Account holders can also add in bookings directly from the bookings view.

Why would you need to add in a booking manually?

In order to provide flexibility we believe that it is important for the account holder to be able to add in bookings directly to the same system that visitors can.

Some cases where adding a booking in may be helpful

  • Walk in visitors. You want to know who was in the building at any time so if they haven't booked it is a good idea to add their details in. YTHis can be helpful should contact tracing be needed.
  • Phone/Email bookings. Although ARTSVP account holders see a huge reduction in time handling bookings in person occasionally you may have someone call or email asking to book an appointment.
  • Custom/large bookings. Should a large group (eg. School) want to book you have the ability to override the public facing caps on maximum tickets per booking.

How to add a booking

Simply click the add booking button at the top of the page. You can enter their details, the date/time of the booking and set a custom duration for their booking.

How to add a guest to a booking

Simply click on the booking and then you can add additional contact details to a booking.

Viewing all bookings

We have updated the account bookings view to make it easier to manage future bookings.

From the bookings view you can easily see all future bookings (including all happening on the date of viewing).

If you want to see past bookings then please download the csv (at the bottom of the booking page)

CSV downloads

We have introduced CSV downloads to help you save time exporting data to either add to your mailing list or send updates to booked in visitors.

There are two options:

1. Mailing lists

This allows you to download all emails of guests who have agreed to be added to your mailing list when making a booking.

2. Bookings

This allows you to download a full list of past and future bookings. You will be able to see the emails of guests who have future bookings and those that have had a booking within the last 21 days (for potential contact tracing).

Bookings older than 21 days will only show the email if they have agreed to be added to your mailing list.

Only email guests who have not agreed to be on your mailing list with transactional or important updates related to their booking. Never add anyone to your mailing list unless they have specified this (this is marked clearly in the csv download).

Simple, effective booking page

At ARTSVP we pride ourselves on keeping the interfaces that both the visitors and galleries use as simple as possible.

Based on feedback, we have added colours to the bookings page to indicated which time slots have bookings.

When a time slot is green it means there is a booking for that slot.

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 11.18.01.png