Artifakt updates
Artifakt updates

March releases summary




We are currently putting the finishing touches to brand new features, but we made several bugfix & cosmetic releases over the last three weeks.

We fixed more UI inconsistencies and delivered some UX improvements:

  • It is now possible to have longer project names with all the special characters that you want.
  • You can now have the infrastructure view inside of the Environment Resources page by clicking on Diagram view in Environment Resources.
  • We changed the deletion behavior of workspaces, projects and environments so that they match closer together.
  • We made the environment list page much faster, more improvements are coming.
  • System jobs are now launched by the "Artifakt System" user.
  • Acting on ressources now has a more uniform UX.

Give us your thoughts about our public roadmap there. You can vote for ongoing issues, and provide us with feedback! We read everything :)

See you soon for another update!