Artifakt updates
Artifakt updates

New runtimes : Ruby, VueJS and Angular





We have added 3 new runtimes to help you deploy your favorite application faster:

  • One new language: Ruby 2.7
  • Two Javascript Frameworks: VueJS 3 and Angular 12

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Java, Python & NodeJS are here





The Stack 5.0 powered by Docker enables us to support new application runtimes and move away from PHP based only applications, towards any-app instead.

We are pleased to announce release of : Java 8, Python 3.9, NodeJS 12, NodeJS 14

New Runtimes

Elasticsearch as an additional service





Are you using Elasticsearch to improve the user experience of your application? You can now add it as an Additional Service on all scalable environments. For more information have a look at our Docs.


Stack 5.0 with Docker inside





We can now containerize your application and deploy it using Docker without any further action needed on your side. We have created two jobs for that purpose : Build & Deploy and Deploy. To learn more about these new jobs have a look at our Docs

Better Insights Into Your Platform





We have added some useful information about your Projects and Environments. These tags are called Stacks and tell you more about the infrastructure that your platform is running on. Currently, they are read-only fields.

You will see them in your Project and Environment settings. You can read about Stacks and the version your platform is running on in our Docs.

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A New Platform Type Has Arrived





We are simplifying our offering, Artifakt now offers just two platforms; Starter or Scalable.

Our Starter platform is perfect for your development Environments, or perhaps a website with low traffic. Our new Scalable platform is for websites that need; resiliency, scalability and high performance.


If your Environment was running on a Professional platform, it has now been automatically migrated to the Scalable platform. You can now benefit from all of the features the Scalable platform offers like horizontal scaling and increased custom domain limits.

Former Enterprise platforms are now called Scalable and have the same features as before.