Save As New Search

Save As New Search allows you to take an existing search and duplicate its criteria and share settings into a new search, eliminating the need to start from scratch when creating a new search that is the same as or similar to an existing search.

To Save as New, run the search you want to duplicate and go to the details page. Click the Save As New button at the top right. Update the search name and description as you desire and click the save button. The copied search will now appear as a new search at the top of the search list page. You can run and edit it from there.

New Archive Dashboard

A much requested feature, the landing page of the archive will now be a dashboard providing you with critical information about the archive.

Information provided includes the name and creation date of your archive along with a storage summary that includes the email and file counts as well as the total storage size.

Additionally, the dashboard will monitor account journaling and inform you if no mail has been collected in the last 24 hours so you can confirm your journaling rules.

Single Sign-On Improvements

Two enhancements to the single sign-on functionality were introduced.

First, additional checks were added during the SSO set up process to ensure the Admin implementing the SSO method of login has the correct credentials to SSO into the system once the change is confirmed. This avoids situations where an Admin might enable SSO only to realize that the credentials they are using to authenticate do no match, thereby locking themselves out of the system.

Second, the ability to bypass the SSO login and access the archive vis direct credentials was added. This is an Admin only feature to be used on rare occurrences when SSO fails (ex. the authentication service of the SSO provider is down) to ensure an Admin can always access the archive.

Split Screen for Email Reviewing

The split screen layout for reviewing emails improves the ease and speed at which a user can review archive assets. The preview pane combines the familiarity of your email inbox layout with the convenience of being able to view email after email without returning to a table list view between each asset.

Controls for taking individual or bulk actions such as putting assets on legal hold as well as next and back buttons for quickly navigating through your email list, provide a better review process experience.

Random Search

Search users can now randomize their search results based on the percentage of of the search they want to review. Simply run a search and go into the details screen. From there, you can set the percentage, get an updated total number of search results based on that percentage, and save to randomize the results set.

Improved search result review

We're updating the look and feel of the search result list to provide faster access to viewing your archived content.

Improved Export Flow

Exporters can now not only filter down search results to export exactly what they need, but there are also several new options to be notified when the export completes (for those larger jobs) and customize the name for easier recognition.

Easy access to your archive from Outlook & O365

Administrators can now provide easier access to their archived content directly from Outlook or 0365.

You can learn more in our knowledge base:

Single Sign-on

Administrators can now activate single sign-on via Microsoft or Google for your users.

Learn more in the knowledge base

Updated system notification styling

All system notifications have updated styling to be more consistent with the application.

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