Appointo changelog
Appointo changelog

New Feature: Appointment Subscriptions




Appointo now integrates with Shopify's subscription API. Manage and charge recurring Appointment subscriptions directly.

How it works

  1. Create Subscription Plan for a product in the Appointo app by clicking on the Appointo tab
  2. Once a subscription-related product is purchased, it will send them an update related to subscription details
  3. To complete the remaining booking, customers can login to customer portal and manage respective subscription bookings.

Checkout how an Appointment subscription works in Appointo:

New feature: Booking Logs




You can now keep track of booking history and activities through booking logs.

You can also view canceled bookings now by clicking on the 'Cancelled Bookings' section under the Bookings tab.

Through booking logs you can check if a booking was rescheduled to someone, rescheduled by a team member, admin or customer, and also calendar event,meeting link was created successfully or not

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If you have any questions or suggestions, do reach us out on our support chat or email us at

Admin UI Update




All the menu options will now appear on the left-hand side instead of the single tab. Do let us know if you have any feedback on the above!

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Appointo now integrates with PageFly




We are excited to announce our partnership with PageFly. Use the Appointment widget in PageFly to add an appointment widget to your store.

To install PageFly, click here

Appointo iOS & Android app is live now!




Access your bookings and appointments directly from your mobile. You can now download iOS or Android app and use Appointo through your phone seamlessly.

What you can do through the Appointo Mobile app:

  1. Configure appointment configurations and set your weekly availability from phone
  2. Check your Bookings and related details quickly

You can enable the mobile app by going to General Settings -> Mobile Settings. Mobile app is an addon which can be activated for + $10/m

New Feature: Surge Pricing




Now you can set dynamic pricing for a product based on the variant's available timeslots.


  1. To give discounts for certain timeslots. For example, give offers like morning slots are 10% cheaper than other slots or give off on a specific day of the year
  2. To increase pricing for a specific day or time so that you will have more control over the pricing and the available timeslots

If you have any questions on above, do reach us out at

Please check out this video on how it works:

New Feature: Calendar Invite Customization




We are super excited to release a new feature through which you can edit calendar invites as per your requirement. You can use variable names to add dynamic data related to appointments.

To customize calendar invite, Please click on General Settings -> Calendar Settings


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New Feature: Appointment Subscriptions




One of the most requested feature appointment subscriptions is live now!


  • If you are looking forward to giving a customer an option to book X appointments for free every week/month/custom days interval
  • If a customer purchases a product, they get an option to book it for the next X times for free (not recurring but till the limit gets exhausted).

Please check out the following video for more details:

Do let us know if you have any questions or need help with setup.

Integration with SignPanda is live now!




If you are looking forward to taking digital signatures for your appointments, SignPanda helps you integrate it seamlessly in a few steps. Now SignPanda also integrates with Appointo and you can view signed documents in Appointo too as below.

Do let us know if you are looking for something similar, we will be happy to help you setup.

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Create Shopify customer while manual booking if it does not exist




While using manual booking in App admin, you can quickly create a customer through Appointo if it doesn't already exist.

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